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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 577: I’ll Give You A Chance

Chapter 577: I’ll Give You A Chance

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Feng Feng stared at her coldly before he turned around and left.

He did not know why either. When he saw the bruises on Qiao Yaruan, an indescribable pain had burst into his heart. The pain could not be ignored and this was not the result he had wanted.

So he chose to escape.

Qiao Yaruan walked upstairs curiously but just as she entered the dormitory’s entrance, the dorm matron called out to her.

“Ah, Qiao Yaruan, there’s a delivery for your dorm mate, Shui Anluo. Bring this up for her.”

Qiao Yaruan curled her lips and looked down at the box which had a pharmacy’s name printed on it. Shui Anluo’s name really was printed on the label. She picked it up, shook it a little then brought it upstairs.

It must be the herbal salve for light injuries that Shui Anluo had ordered from an online pharmacy. This was the benefit of technological advancement.

Qiao Yaruan arrived upstairs and opened the box. Indeed, it was a salve and a medicine to reduce swelling.

Qiao Yaruan had just taken out the medicine when Xin Le walked in with some hot water. “You’re here. I thought you’d gone out with Shui Anluo?”

“Mm, I’d got back in the afternoon.” Qiao Yaruan remembered that she had not managed to bring her purchases back so she did not tell Xin Le about her present.

“I ran into Silver Screen King Feng again when I was heading upstairs, have you still not seen him?” Xin Le shook her head helplessly. She put her books down and picked up a cup to pour some water for herself.

Qiao Yaruan sent a message to Shui Anluo to tell her that she had received the medicine and that she had arrived at their dormitory.

A boiling sensation had risen in Qiao Yaruan’s body when she heard Feng Feng’s name. Qiao Yaruan’s mind kept recalling the scene when she had allowed him to treat her wounds at his dormitory and shivered. She said, “No.”

He was not here to look for her but he was leaving.

Shui Anluo relaxed after she received Qiao Yaruan’s message.

However, the next message sent her into shock.

F*ck, what the hell. Why on earth did you buy such expensive herbal medication?

Shui Anluo’s lips twitched. She wondered that if she had said that she chose the most expensive ones because she had not known which ones to choose, would she get strangled?

The answer was: Yes!

Shui Anluo thought for a moment then calmly typed her message.

Brother Chu will ask the madman to do a commercial. I’ve pushed the price of the commercial down to three times the original price, I’m sure you can understand!

Qiao Yaruan looked at the message and smiled mysteriously.

Give me half of the money.


After Qiao Yaruan put her phone down, she stared at the extremely expensive medicine and suddenly felt that it was not that expensive at all.

Let him act cool, he would be dead when it comes to Chu Ningyi.

Chu Ningyi looked up and saw the sinister smile on Shui Anluo’s face. “What’re you smiling about? You look like a fool.”

Shui Anluo’s smile immediately vanished. She turned around and glared at him in annoyance. “Brother Chu, you should pay attention to your work. Otherwise, I might lose control and hit you.”

“Hit me?” Chu Ningyi put his pen down and leaned back on his chair, staring at Shui Anluo with a forced smile. It was as if he was taunting her with this: I’ll give you a chance, hit me then.

Shui Anluo nodded, refusing to admit defeat. She was going to hit him.

Chu Ningyi nodded. “Come then, I’ll give you a chance. I won’t do anything. Hit me.”

Shui Anluo looked at the little darling who was dozing off next to her and gently took this keyboard away. The little darling immediately collapsed on his mommy’s lap, fast asleep.

Shui Anluo carefully placed his tiny body on the sofa before she got up and walked to Chu Ningyi.

If she was unable to beat him even when he did not retaliate, would she not be absolutely mediocre?

“You said it, you’re not allowed to do anything.” Shui Anluo walked to his side and looked at him from top to toe. He did not seem too trustworthy.

Chu Ningyi raised his brow, clearly saying: I said that I wouldn’t do anything so I won’t.

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