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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 579: Go And See Him

Chapter 579: Go And See Him

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This ‘certain someone’ slammed herself onto his desk. She looked at Chu Ningyi as he walked over to scoop the little darling into his arms and quickly followed him to say, “I didn’t allow Senior Brother to send me off today.”

“Heh, high praise for you.”

Shui Anluo grabbed her bag and slouched along behind him but she cursed him in her heart. It was likely if he had run into Yuan Jiayi along the way, he would not even speak to her.

Shui Anluo had just entered the elevator when her phone rang. She pulled it out and saw the display screen. She looked at Chu Ningyi as she asked, “Senior Brother?”

Chu Ningyi frowned as he used one arm to hold the little darling against his shoulder. He then snatched her phone away and answered the call.

“Luoluo, do you have some time?”

“No!” Chu Ningyi immediately rejected him.

Mo Lusu, who was sitting in his car, heard the voice on the other end. His slightly hunched body gradually straightened up. “Chu Ningyi.”

Chu Ningyi did not reply. Just as he was about to end the call, the person on the other end spoke again. “Chu Ningyi, she hasn’t remarried you yet. Are you saying that she doesn’t even have the right to see her friends?”

Chu Ningyi chuckled. “I’ve never limited her freedom but this doesn’t include those who harbor improper desires for her. Mo Lusu, stop doing things that are insignificant. Instead of doing all this, why don’t you figure out the matter concerning your mother?”

“Shut up, don’t talk about my mother. She had died because of all of you but, in the end, how many of you still remember her?” Mo Lusu suddenly raised his voice and shouted.

Chu Ningyi listened to his rant but he did not get angry. It was true that no one in the Chu family would mention Chu Anxin but that was because they were avoiding Chu Mobai’s taboo, the man who had given up his dreams because of Chu Anxin.

“Are you quite finished?” Chu Ningyi asked indifferently.

His voice was much too calm which steadied Mo Lusu’s ruffled emotions.

“Chu Ningyi, do you think that limiting her freedom will make her stay by your side? I believe you haven’t even told her about her father. You’re just like the rest of the Chu family, all you like to do is to keep secrets.” Mo Lusu sneered.

Chu Ningyi did not reply and immediately ended the call instead. He then returned the phone to Shui Anluo.

The elevator arrived on the ground floor. Chu Ningyi carried their child out with an ugly look on his face.

Shui Anluo followed carefully behind them. She was completely unaware of what had just happened.

When they arrived outside the office, Uncle Chu was already waiting for them. He opened the door when he saw them emerge. “Young Master.”

Chu Ningyi carried the little darling, bent down and got into the car. Shui Anluo followed suit.

However, before she could get into the car, Chu Ningyi said, “Go and see him.”

“What?” Shui Anluo paused as she bent down, staring at him in confusion.


‘Mo Lusu?’

‘Was he giving me permission to see Mo Lusu?’

To Shui Anluo, this was more terrifying than Mars crashing into Earth.

Chu Ningyi stared darkly at Shui Anluo and finally, as if he was talking to himself, he said, “Go. Maybe he has something to tell you. Something that you’ve wished to know about concerning the Chu family.”

Shui Anluo rested her hand against the car door as she stared at the man in the car.

Mo Lusu’s story of the Chu family to her would be biased.

Yet why would whatever Chu Ningyi tell her be the truth too?

Shui Anluo pursed her lips. “Your aunt’s death?”

The thing that Mo Lusu had wanted to talk to her about.

Chu Ningyi did not reply but asked Uncle Chu to start the car instead.

Shui Anluo shut the car door and watched them leave. She looked down at the phone in her hand.

Chu Ningyi was probably afraid that she would not believe his one-sided story, that must be why he had asked her to go see him.

However, was the Chu family’s past really all that important to her?

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