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Chapter 580:

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Has Your Director Chu Dumped You?

Uncle Chu drove the car very slowly because the little darling was asleep.

“Young Master, are we really not going to wait for the Young Madam?”

Chu Ningyi held the little darling’s tiny body with one hand as he supported his little head with the other. He looked up and saw the woman in the rearview mirror. She was still standing at the same spot.

“There’s no need, I want to see if I’m more important to her or if that part of the past is more crucial to her[1],” Chu Ningyi replied indifferently.

Uncle Chu paused. He immediately understood his Young Master’s intention.

Hence, he did not say another word.

Shui Anluo stayed on the same spot and did not move until a gentle breeze brushed across her face. Only then did she return to her senses and she walked to the bus stop.

Xin Le had brought Qiao Yaruan’s dinner for her as she was still injured.

Qiao Yaruan thanked her as she read her book. She had not intended to eat immediately.

Xin Le sat down to eat then looked up at Qiao Yaruan. “I heard that Silver Screen King Feng is leaving the school when I was heading up just now.”

Qiao Yaruan mindlessly replied, “How wonderful.” She was consciously irritated.

“He’s not teaching anymore.” Xin Le continued in a serious tone.


Qiao Yaruan returned to her senses and looked up at Xin Le. “Who told you that?”

“I heard it on the way back. Apparently, Silver Screen King Feng told the school that superstars are indeed not suitable to become teachers because the students’ focus won’t be on the lesson,” Xin Le explained again.

Qiao Yaruan was shaken. She slowly turned around and continued her reading.

IT was good that he has left. Now that he was gone, her world would become peaceful again.

“Aren’t you going to eat? It’s getting cold,” Xin Le asked as she ate.

“I’ll eat,” Qiao Yaruan replied and threw her book aside. She no longer thought about the thing that had just flashed across her mind.

Just as Qiao Yaruan sat down, the room’s door burst open and Shui Anluo sauntered in weakly. She then sat by the table and plonked her chin on the surface. “Leave some for me.”

“What’s up with you? Has your Director Chu dumped you?” Qiao Yaruan picked her food container up and walked to Shui Anluo’s bedside. She sat down and stared at her friend who was still sprawled on the table.

Shui Anluo’s face twisted and she narrowed her eyes at her.

“I’ve been made a fool.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, with your IQ, all you’ll get is to be made a fool of,” Qiao Yaruan quipped as she fed her some pork ribs from her container.

Shui Anluo bit into it and chewed. “Are you okay? How’re your injuries?”

“They’re all just flesh wounds, it’s fine,” Qiao Yaruan replied, seemingly unperturbed. “What’s up with Wei Yuanyuan? She must be sick.”

“Who knows what’s up with her? Back then, when she had tagged along with Shui Anjiao, she’d always caused trouble for me.” Shui Anluo spat the pork rib bone into the bin and looked up at Qiao Yaruan. “I heard something on my way back to the dormitory, has the madman left?”

“It would seem so.” Qiao Yaruan sat on the bed and ate as she spoke. “Don’t you want to get some food from the cafeteria? There’s still time.”

“No, I’m too lazy to move,” Shui Anluo said as she took Qiao Yaruan’s chopsticks and ate her food. “Had Senior Brother said anything when he sent you back?”

“What could he have said?” Qiao Yaruan scoffed. After she finished speaking, she looked at Shui Anluo who had slumped on the table again, half-dead. “Who’s made a fool out of you? Director Chu?”

“Who else?” Shui Anluo laughed icily. She had finally understood the situation after standing there for a long time. Chu Ningyi had always refused to let her see her senior brother and would even atop her from answering his call. Now, he had suddenly given her permission to meet her senior brother. Most importantly, he had not even given her the address where they should meet.

Was he not just toying with her?

Does this not mean that he just wants to know whether he or the past was more important?

She would rather not elaborate.

[1] I reeeeally don’t think you are in any position to test her loyalty to you, Director Chu, seeing as you’ve been keeping information about her dad from her.

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