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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 586: You’re Mine

Chapter 586: You’re Mine

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Shui Anluo waited for the little darling to finish sobbing and go to sleep before she got up and headed to the bathroom to shower.

However, she jumped in fright when she saw her reflection in the mirror. She reached up to touch the bloody corners of her lips, this was his blood.

As far as she could recall, she had probably bit him very hard.

Forget it, who cares. It was not like she had been in the wrong.

Shui Anluo cleaned herself up and changed into her pajamas but she was still unable to conceal the huge amount of hickeys on her neck.

“Young Madam, I’ve warmed up a cup of milk. Drink it before you go to sleep.” Maid Yu spoke through the door in a heartbroken voice.

Shui Anluo shuddered. She took a deep breath before she turned around and walked out.

Shui Anluo reached out and opened the door. The first thing she saw was the anxious look in Maid Yu’s eyes. Shui Anluo forced a smile, reached out and accepted the milk from Maid Yu. “Thank you, Maid Yu. I’m fine.”

Maid Yu stroked Shui Anluo’s arm and muttered, “Don’t worry, I’m on your side.”

Maid Yu had just spoken when the master bedroom’s door opened. Shui Anluo looked up and shot an icy, knife-like glare at him before slamming the door shut again.

Chu Ningyi frowned. This damned little girl. She had been clearly in the wrong but she was throwing a tantrum at him.

Maid Yu looked at Chu Ningyi and shook her head. Finally, she turned around and headed downstairs. She thought that the Young Master had become enlightened but how had he become so foolish after realizing his feelings?

Chu Ningyi watched Maid Yu as she left and his expression soured. Maid Yu was getting increasingly daring.

Chu Ningyi walked downstairs and brought out some alcohol from his bar. Maid Yu had initially wanted to give him some advice but after some thought, she turned around and returned to her room instead.

Shui Anluo’s chest heaved as she carried the milk inside. She thought about the events that had transpired tonight and looked down at the little darling who closely resembles a certain someone. She reminded herself again: You had given birth to him, you!

That was the only way for her to avoid hitting him.

She had met her senior brother by accident but Chu Ningyi had flown into a rage before asking further. This had angered Shui Anluo the most.

He had asked her to meet her senior brother like a hypocrite. And after the fact had happened and he saw it, he had flown into a rage again.

No one else but him could have conceived of such an abnormal method.

She had left her phone at school so she could not talk to Qiao Yaruan about this. Her computer was downstairs but Chu Ningyi was there too. She might as well go to sleep.

At midnight, Chu Ningyi used a key to unlock the guestroom door[1].

She had not drawn the curtains. She had probably been too angry so she did not care about closing the curtains.

The moonlight shone on the mother and son’s faces like an unreal vision.

Shui Anluo was lying on her side. She had kept a distance from the little darling this time, probably afraid that she might squash him again.

The little darling’s tiny hand was lying boldly outside of his little blanket.

Chu Ningyi leaned against the doorway but did not step inside. His wrist was still in pain and it was more obvious than it had been a while ago. However, he did not care.

Chu Ningyi stood there for an unknown amount of time until his legs began to feel numb. Then, he walked in.

The stench of alcohol on his body caused Shui Anluo frown but she did not awaken.

Strangely, Chu Ningyi heaved a sigh of relief. He had actually felt a sense of fear, afraid that she would awaken, afraid that she would say something to indicate that she had nothing to do with him again.

He was even afraid that she would say that Mo Lusu was better than him.

“You’re mine. From the day that I’ve made my decision, you’re mine alone,” Chu Ningyi softly murmured as if he was talking to himself. Finally, he lowered his head and kissed her forehead before he turned around and left.

[1] God, you creep.

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