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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 588: He’s The Small Dog!

Chapter 588: He’s The Small Dog!

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Maid Yu opened the door once she saw that Shui Anluo was seated properly.

“Why did you take so long to open the door?” He Xiaoran frowned at Maid Yu as she entered the door.

Maid Yu chuckled as she held the bowl. He Xiaoran noticed the steamed egg custard in her hand and did not say anything else. She simply assumed that Maid Yu had been feeding the little darling.

The little darling was currently patting his mommy’s leg, asking her to pick the chopsticks up for him. When he heard the commotion outside, he babbled and squealed as he turned his little head to take a look.

Shui Anluo was not as calm as Maid Yu and her smile was a little strained. “Auntie.”

He Xiaoran stared at her and Shui Anluo felt uncomfortable. She wanted to reach up to cover the bruises on her neck.

“Where’s Ningyi?”

“The Young Master had left first thing in the morning,” Maid Yu hurriedly replied.

He Xiaoran looked at the breakfast on the table. “No chopsticks?”


Maid Yu and Shui Anluo looked at each other. Maid Yu then chuckled as she said, “Look at me, I actually forgot about the chopsticks.”

Shui Anluo laughed as she got up, trying her best to calm herself.

He Xiaoran was no fool. She turned around and saw that the television was still turned on and a pair of chopsticks was on the floor. She immediately knew what had happened and her expression changed. Chu Mobai quickly reached out and grabbed her hand.

“Let Luoluo eat her breakfast first,” Chu Mobai said. He then bent down to call out to the little darling, “Come to Grandpa.”

The little darling cocked his tiny head to the side as if he was wondering who this old man was.

Shui Anluo looked down at the little darling who continued to hold onto her leg. She stroked his head and said, “Go to Grandpa.”


Chu Mobai was shaken. He looked up at Shui Anluo as he asked, “He can talk now?” He remembered that Chu Ningyi had first called him ‘Papa’ when he was around twelve months old while this grandchild of his was not even nine months old yet.

Shui Anluo nodded gently. “He can greet people now.”

Chu Mobai stared as his little grandson ran toward him and reached out to scoop him up from his walker. “Mm, you’re better than your dad.”

When He Xiaoran heard that her grandson could say ‘grandpa’, she forgot about the matter regarding Shui Anluo and played with the little darling as well. She was trying to get her little grandson to say more greetings.

Shui Anluo patted herself on the chest. Maid Yu then handed a pair of chopsticks to her, hinting at her to eat.

Chu Ningyi saw the two playing with his son when he got home. He frowned and looked at Maid Yu.

The little darling turned around abruptly when he heard the door open. He reached his little arms out and cried in a crisp voice, “Baba…”

“He can even recognize people now.” Chu Mobai chuckled and watched as Chu Ningyi put the things in his hand down and scoop the little darling into his arms. The little darling had not seen his daddy the entire morning and he immediately snuggled into his father’s arms.

However, He Xiaoran caught sight of his wrist which was still bandaged and had traces of blood on it.

“How did that happen?”

Shui Anluo’s heart thumped as she ate. If her former mother-in-law ever found out that she had bitten him, perhaps she might come over and bite her to death.

Chu Ningyi looked at it nonchalantly before he finally replied, “I was bitten by a small dog on my way out.”


Shui Anluo struck her own teeth. How dare he! He’s the small dog!

Chu Mobai shook his head helplessly and saw the bags on the table. If his guess was correct, those were anti-swelling medication and painkillers, not for dealing with his wound.

Chu Ningyi looked at Shui Anluo who was eating in the dining room and his expression was as ugly as ever. He said a few words to his parents before he carried the little darling upstairs.

Shui Anluo looked down and ate as she secretly thought, ‘Does he want me to forgive him this time? Impossible!’

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