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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 598: Do You Have Any Reason?

Chapter 598: Do You Have Any Reason?

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A cold aura rose around Chu Ningyi, causing the doctor to shiver.

Shui Anluo held her breath. She tried her best to relax her foot so the doctor could slowly take her shoe off.

The nail on Shui Anluo’s big toe had almost flipped over entirely. It was a bloody-looking mess.

Chu Ningyi’s heart ached even more and he held her head against his chest. “Don’t look.”

The doctor frowned when he saw this. “The wound is too serious. I don’t have anesthesia here so I can only deal with it as much as I can. You’ll still need to go to the hospital.”

Shui Anluo was in deep pain. Her small hand clung tightly onto Chu Ningyi’s clothes as her body trembled in his arms.

Chu Ningyi held her tightly. He called someone to get the nearest ambulance and asked the doctor for painkillers so that it would help her with the pain.

“It’s all your fault, all your fault.” Shui Anluo sobbed with a wobbly voice.

Chu Ningyi’s entire heart was aching at the moment so how could he have the heart to object to her? All he could do was agree with her. “It’s all my fault, all my fault.”

He had asked Luo Xuan to take his car mainly because he was afraid that she would not open the door for him if she saw that his car was still there. However, who would have thought that she would kick Luo Xuan’s car so childishly?

He had even betrayed his own cousin to get Luo Xuan to leave.

The little darling’s lips wobbled as he sat on the sofa and he was close to tears. What was wrong with Mommy and Daddy? Why were they ignoring him?

The doctor gave Shui Anluo some painkillers and Uncle Chu arrived before the ambulance.

Soon, someone picked the little darling up. His large eyes were glued to his mommy and his bun-like face was full of anxiety. He was worried about his mommy. What happened?

After the ambulance arrived, Chu Ningyi carried her into the vehicle. The doctor immediately dealt with her wound in the vehicle. Because this had been an order from Director Chu, they had not dared to neglect her.

Shui Anluo’s commotion led to her foot being wrapped into the shape of a dumpling.

She had received a new wound before her old wounds could even heal.

When Shui Anluo woke up, it was already the morning of the next day. She was not in pain at the moment because of the anesthesia. However, she was counting very seriously.

It has not been three months since she returned to Chu Ningyi’s side yet she continues to get injured.

So, it was clear that she and Chu Ningyi’s eight characters[1] were incompatible.

“You’re awake. Does it still hurt?” Chu Ningyi’s low voice rang out suddenly in Shui Anluo’s ear as she was counting. His voice was still as chilly as ever.

Shui Anluo turned around and stared serenely at Chu Ningyi. “I must’ve killed you in my previous life, that must be why you keep torturing me in this life. Nothing good will come to me if I stay with you.”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Chu Ningyi frowned as he sat on the side of the bed and helped her up. He then helped her to fix the drip.

Shui Anluo secretly thought, ‘We’re definitely not from the same generation!’

How could she have been so unlucky to fall for an old man?

“Don’t think that I’m going to forgive you just like that,” Shui Anluo scoffed. Her foot did not hurt now so she could move vigorously. Shui Anluo scanned the room and could not find her son. She could not help but ask, “Where’s the little darling?”

“Maid Yu is taking care of him at home,” Chu Ningyi replied and glanced at her foot which was wrapped like a dumpling. He could relax now that it was no longer bleeding.

After Shui Anluo heard Chu Ningyi’s reply, she turned aside and stubbornly refused to speak to him again.

Chu Ningyi, however, did not let her off. Instead, he frowned and said, “Do you have any explanation for meeting him behind my back?”

[1] birthdate characters used in fortune-telling

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