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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 607: Why’re You Hating On Him?

Chapter 607: Why’re You Hating On Him?

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Shui Anluo blinked and she seemed to be instantly riled up.


“Your Brother Chu has money. He won’t care about that ten million plus, just ask him to fill in the rest for you. Do you have any idea how much your daily show of conjugal love has hurt me? This is compensation for the spiritual loss you’ve cost me.” Qiao Yaruan explained deservingly.

Shui Anluo’s small, exquisite face immediately looked constipated as if she really could not accept this.

She had just lost ten million plus dollars. This was unacceptable.

Shui Anluo tried to imitate Chu Ningyi’s flying ice dagger glare but she missed her mark because Qiao Yaruan was not afraid.

“Alright, seeing you like this means that I can relax. Fair game, no cheap tricks. We’ll be fine this time.”

“Who’re you calling cheap?” Qiao Yaruan smacked her over the head and the pair laughed.

The word ‘cheap’ was rather mystical. It was not a word that everyone can use.

Because it was usually reserved for scolding others.

However, when two people could casually say this to each other and the recipient could return the word in jest, that was the sign of the truest friendship.

For example, these two ladies here.

The front door opened. Chu Ningyi was the first to walk in and who should follow behind but the glittering Silver Screen King Feng?

Chu Ningyi had just entered the house when Shui Anluo leaped over. Chu Ningyi immediately held her. “What’re you doing?”

“Welcoming the Silver Screen King Feng. This way, Silver Screen King Feng,” said Shui Anluo as she grinned.

Chu Ningyi immediately scooped her into his arms. “You should get a hold of yourself.”

Upon entering the living room, Feng Feng’s gaze immediately landed on the girl who was playing with the toddler. Her back was toward him as if she had no idea that he was here.

She had thoroughly ignored him!

Feng Feng would only see Qiao Yaruan show this kind of attitude toward him!

However, Feng Feng shivered just as Shui Anluo spoke. The tone in her voice gave him a ‘Feast at Hongmen'[1] vibe.

Qiao Yaruan finally turned around. However, she did not look at him. “If you flaunt your conjugal love too much, it’ll lose its meaning,” she spat.

Shui Anluo did not think that it was excessive. Ever since she had hurt her leg, Chu Ningyi would always carry her upstairs and downstairs. Although she could hop on one leg, this usually only happened when he was not around.

Since everyone has arrived, Maid Yu served dinner with a chuckle.

When the little darling saw that his mommy was being carried, he immediately stood on the spot and cried for his ‘baba’ to carry him too. His dad should not only carry his mommy all the time.

Chu Ningyi placed Shui Anluo on a stool by the dining table. He then went back to pick up the little darling who was close to tears. The little darling was only satisfied after he was carried. This looks right, his dad should not be biased.

Qiao Yaruan watched the scene in disbelief. She slowly walked to Shui Anluo’s side and whispered into her ear, “Good job, girl. I never thought you’d be so skilled at controlling your husband.”

“Of course.” Shui Anluo felt complacent. “Wait, that’s not right. He isn’t my husband, we haven’t remarried,” Shui Anluo replied softly.

“Pretentious,” Qiao Yaruan sat next to her friend as she spoke. She then finally looked directly at the man who was sitting across from her.

“Junior Sister, long time no see.” Feng Feng leaned back against his chair and flashed her with a killer smile.

Qiao Yaruan slowly picked up the glass of juice on the table and her eyes carried a hint of helplessness as she stared back at him. “That’s really too bad, I didn’t hope for this ‘long time no see’ talk.” Once Qiao Yaruan said this, Shui Anluo kicked her below the table and shot her friend a look.

Shui Anluo: ‘Big Sister, the money! Why’re you hating on him for? We haven’t gotten the money!’

[1] refers to a famous episode in 206 BC when future Han emperor Liu Bang escaped attempted murder by his rival Xiang Yu.

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