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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 623: Fire The Entire Tech Department?

Chapter 623: Fire The Entire Tech Department?

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However, Mo Yin had threatened him while they were out so it probably could not have been him.

Chu Ningyi held his son with one hand as he helped Shui Anluo to the sofa so she could sit down.

Shui Anluo noticed that Chu Ningyi had remained silent ever since she had spoken. She could not help but curl the corner of her lips as she asked, “It can’t be true, right?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Chu Ningyi gently smacked her on the forehead.

“That’s hard to say. You’ve got such a venomous tongue and you must’ve offended a lot of people. You’ve caused the little darling and I to fall into misfortune because of you!” Shui Anluo scoffed.

Chu Ningyi glanced at her coldly and did not reply.

Shui Anluo tactfully shrunk her neck back. Fine, let us just pretend that she had not said anything.

Ding dong… The intercom suddenly rang.

Shui Anluo quickly got up and hopped over. “Hello.”

“Mrs. Chu, shall we send your order to the door?” The person on the other end asked.

“Yes, yes,” Shui Anluo quickly replied. Ordering ingredients was certainly faster than going to the store.

Chu Ningyi watched as the delivery man brought the groceries inside. He stayed on the sofa as he watched. He then watched Shui Anluo as she sent the delivery man away.

Shui Anluo turned around and smiled at Chu Ningyi. “Aren’t I smart? This way, even if someone wants to poison us, they won’t have the opportunity to do it.”

Chu Ningyi held his son and looked up at the ceiling. He hoped that it was not one of his enemies because they would have been completely blindsided by his wife’s less-than-stellar wit.

Shui Anluo smiled as she sorted the vegetables. Chu Ningyi watched her but did not stop her. All he could think about was the person who was behind it all.

Uncle Chu returned with an answer within half an hour. It was a laxative but its effects were at the bare minimum. That meant that the bout of diarrhea would only last one night.

So the person behind it had a very clear reason — it was to stop them from leaving the house.

“Luoluo, I’m going out for a bit,” Chu Ningyi said. He carried his son as he rose to his feet.

“Ah?” Shui Anluo exclaimed but he had already shut the door. “That was quick.”

Chu Ningyi stepped out but did not walk out from the condominium’s compound. Instead, he headed to the control room to look at last night’s surveillance footage from when Maid Yu had got back.

“Director Chu, it’s all in here,” the manager said with a slight tremble, unsure about what was going on.

The little darling cooed and squeaked when he saw Maid Yu on the screen. He would get very excited whenever he saw someone who was familiar to him.

Maid Yu had gone out for groceries and had run into a neighbor on the way home. She chatted for a little bit before she went to wait for the elevator. Nothing peculiar had happened along the way.

“Rewind it,” Chu Ningyi suddenly ordered. They repeated the scene of Maid Yu entering the elevator more than ten times and Chu Ningyi’s gaze darkened.

“Did something happen, Director Chu?” The manager was becoming more terrified. After all, Director Chu had personally come. One careless mistake and he could forget about his job as the manager.

Chu Ningyi slowly rose to his feet and straightened his clothes with one hand. He then turned to the trembling manager and calmly said, “Fire the entire Tech Department. It’s no use having them around,” Chu Ningyi said before he walked away.

What was the use of having a Tech Department who could not even discern between tampered surveillance footage?

The manager was so shocked that his jaw dropped, what did the director mean?

He did not want to fire him but he wants to fire the entire Tech Department?

Chu Ningyi walked into the elevator. The little darling was still smiling away and imitating the best word in his daddy’s sentence, “Fire, fire…”

Chu Ningyi raised his brow at this son. He has not mastered any other word better than this one. He looks to be shaping up to be a boss who was particularly good at firing people when he grows up.

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