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The Captivating Crown Prince (Web Novel)


After getting betrayed and killed by the only person she’d loved, Miss Shang wakes up in the body of the cowardly crown prince Shang Wuxin, who, due to her own circumstances, was actually a girl cross-dressing as a boy. After inheriting the crown prince’s memories, Shang Wuxin has three things on her agenda:

1. Clean up the house

2. Gather loyal followers and soldiers

3. Get the throne

281 • 2019-11-18 14:32:22


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 69: Great Physician’s Hostility to Prince Qian2019-12-17
Chapter 68: Ye Yizhe Stole a Kiss2019-12-16
Chapter 67: Great physician, what do you want from me?2019-12-10
Chapter 66: All in Worries2019-12-09
Chapter 65: Crown Prince Shang Was Poisoned2019-12-03
Chapter 64: Emperor Shang’s Past2019-12-02
Chapter 63: Have You Ever Hated Me2019-11-26
Chapter 62: Suspicion From Nangong Qian2019-11-25
Chapter 61: Meeting Nangong Qian for the First Time2019-11-20
Chapter 60: Leng Zishi Was Punished2019-11-19
Chapter 59: Snow Fox’s Grievance2019-11-18
Chapter 58: Teasing Leng Yufeng2019-11-18
Chapter 57: Eldest Prince Shang Chenzhao’s Scheme2019-11-18
Chapter 56: The Protection from the Crown Prince2019-11-18
Chapter 55: Nangong Lian’s Embarrassment2019-11-18
Chapter 54: Leng Tiantian Realized Something2019-11-18
Chapter 53: The Real Purpose of Wu Wei (2)2019-11-18
Chapter 52: The Real Purpose of Wu Wei (1)2019-11-18
Chapter 51: The Girl Who Broke Into the Carriage2019-11-18
Chapter 50: Take off Your Clothes.2019-11-18
Chapter 49: Predicted Rewards2019-11-18
Chapter 48 - Leng Tian Tian’s Infatuation.2019-11-18
Chapter 472019-11-18
Chapter 46 - The Beautiful Man Han Xuan Hao2019-11-18
Chapter 45 - Back to The Capital, The Emperor’s Unclear Attitude2019-11-18
Chapter 44 - Unexpected Kiss2019-11-18
Chapter 43 - Hero Leng Yu Feng saves Beauty2019-11-18
Chapter 42 - General Leng’s Hand-made Food (1)2019-11-18
Chapter 41 - Two Honest Brothers2019-11-18
Chapter 40 - Awkward Situation In The Carriage.2019-11-18
Chapter 39 - Pick Up A Gifted Carriage (1)2019-11-18
Chapter 38 - Leng Yu Feng Not Happy2019-11-18
Chapter 372019-11-18
Chapter 362019-11-18
Chapter 352019-11-18
Chapter 342019-11-18
Chapter 332019-11-18
Chapter 322019-11-18
Chapter 31: Gathering Followers2019-11-18
Chapter 302019-11-18
Chapter 29 — The Crown Prince’s Plan2019-11-18
Chapter 28 — Mountain Lodge2019-11-18
Chapter 27 — Leng Yu Feng’s Change2019-11-18
Chapter 26 — Han Xuan Hao’s Blushing Face & Palpitating Heart2019-11-18
Chapter 25 — Leng Yu Feng’s Solicitude2019-11-18
Chapter 24 — Han Xuan Hao’s Plans2019-11-18
Chapter 23 — The Crown Prince Reaps Benefits2019-11-18
Chapter 22 — Special Birthday Commemoration2019-11-18
Chapter 21 — The Crown Prince’s Impermanence2019-11-18
Chapter 20 — The Birthday Feast in the Great Hall2019-11-18
Chapter 19 — Kun Ning Palace’s Beauty2019-11-18
Chapter 18 — First Meeting With Leng Yu Feng2019-11-18
Chapter 17 — Huan Mo Che Hits a Wall2019-11-18
Chapter 16 — Top Gongzi Huan Mo Che2019-11-18
Chapter 15 - Han Xuan Hao’s Embarrassment2019-11-18
Chapter 14: Wu Wei & Wu Ju2019-11-18
Chapter 13 - Eunuch Hai’s Concern2019-11-18
Chapter 12 - The Unfathomable Crown Prince2019-11-18
Chapter 11: Shang Chen Zhao’s Provocation2019-11-18
Chapter 10: Emperor Shang’s Summons2019-11-18
Chapter 9 - Crown Prince, are you awake?2019-11-18
Chapter 8: Punishing the Servants2019-11-18
Chapter 7 - The Loyal Servant Chief Hai2019-11-18
Chapter 6 - Han Xuan Hao’s Change2019-11-18
Chapter 5: Treatment in the Cave2019-11-18
Chapter 4: A Deal With Han Xuan Hao2019-11-18
Chapter 3 - Encounter at night2019-11-18
Chapter 2 - Crown Prince Shang Wuxin2019-11-18
Chapter 1 - The witch’s fiery death2019-11-18