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The Card Apprentice (Web Novel)




Fang Xiang, 方想


Action Fantasy Sci-fi

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Claimed to be the greatest team in the history of the card film industry — “Mu Lei” is born. With even the elites of the academic world unable to decipher these cards’ structure, his powerful cards were able to unnerve even the federation, causing the greatest Card Creators and Card Fighters to grow frantic, triggering open battles and covert maneuvers among various interest groups — all behind the silhouette of Chen Mu. Although he was not the originator of the federation’s unrest, he was definitely the number one reason for continuously escalating it.

Through his exceptional intelligence and toughness, he evolved from the weak to the mighty. From a solitary life of survival to his collaboration with his friend to the team’s business of fantasy stories: As card films full of fantastic oddities flowed from Chen Mu’s hands like an unending stream, his own fighting strength rapidly grew. Fame, wealth, beauties, dangers gathered all around from far and near until finally, he became a paragon of inspiration to all.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 611: The Grand Finale (End of Book)2019-09-22
Chapter 610: Prelude2019-09-22
Chapter 609: Letter of Challenge!2019-09-21
Chapter 608: Fatalism2019-09-20
Chapter 607: I Am Back!2019-09-19
Chapter 606: The Clarion!2019-09-18
Chapter 605: Feast Before Meeting2019-09-18
Chapter 604: King2019-09-17
Chapter 603: Powerful Andrew2019-09-16
Chapter 602: Encountering the Enemy at the Ash Stratum2019-09-16
Chapter 601: The Gift2019-09-15
Chapter 600: Hedrat’s Death2019-09-14
Chapter 599: Foggy Gauze2019-09-14
Chapter 598: Wesley2019-09-13
Chapter 597: The Third Commander2019-09-12
Chapter 596: Hustling Wind2019-09-11
Chapter 595: Boundary Kill2019-09-11
Chapter 594: Bipolar – The Black and White Boundary2019-09-10
Chapter 593: The Ultimate Shield Skill2019-09-09
Chapter 592: Gammick2019-09-09
Chapter 591: Sword and Shield Sect2019-09-08
Chapter 590: Kill!2019-09-07
Chapter 589: Fayes2019-09-07
Chapter 588: Aguda City2019-09-06
Chapter 587: Eye-catching2019-09-05
Chapter 586: The Comparison2019-09-04
Chapter 585: In the Name of the Murderer (2)2019-09-04
Chapter 584: In the Name of the Murderer (1)2019-09-03
Chapter 583: Supervillains2019-09-02
Chapter 582: Kill!2019-09-02
Chapter 581: Unsheathing2019-09-01
Chapter 580: His Appearance2019-08-31
Chapter 579: Plan B (II)2019-08-31
Chapter 578: Plan B(1)2019-08-30
Chapter 577: Comprehensive Concerns from the Four2019-08-29
Chapter 576: Eastern Wei2019-08-28
Chapter 575: Sapphire Crystal2019-08-28
Chapter 574: Shadow Bee2019-08-27
Chapter 573: The Painted Graphistemma2019-08-26
Chapter 572: The Blue Tantra2019-08-26
Chapter 571: A Choice2019-08-25
Chapter 570: Cold Crystal Storm2019-08-24
Chapter 569: Their Irrevocable Pasts2019-08-24
Chapter 568: The Crack of Fortune2019-08-23
Chapter 567: The Transit Windows2019-08-23
Chapter 566: The Cave2019-08-23
Chapter 565: Ready For Departure2019-08-20
Chapter 564: Ask2019-08-19
Chapter 563: Sneak Attack2019-08-19
Chapter 562: Battle!2019-08-18
Chapter 561: Unexpected Occurrence2019-08-17
Chapter 560: Stay in Touch2019-08-17
Chapter 559: Goodbyes2019-08-16
Chapter 558: Breakout2019-08-16
Chapter 557: Cardless Sect Artisans2019-08-14
Chapter 556: An Accident2019-08-14
Chapter 555: The Battle Begins2019-08-09
Chapter 554: A Diversion2019-08-08
Chapter 553: Further Happenings2019-08-07
Chapter 552: Capability2019-08-07
Chapter 551: Wei-ah’s One Step2019-08-06
Chapter 550: A Twist of Fate2019-08-05
Chapter 549: What Brought Her Here?2019-08-05
Chapter 548: Copper’s Concerns2019-08-04
Chapter 547: The Eternal Night!2019-08-03
Chapter 546: Gong Liang2019-08-03
Chapter 545: Reunion2019-08-02
Chapter 544: Confusion2019-08-01
Chapter 543: Reunion2019-08-01
Chapter 542: Kirkley2019-07-31
Chapter 541: The Harvest2019-07-30
Chapter 540: Shoot to Kill2019-07-29
Chapter 539: The Last Lap!2019-07-29
Chapter 538: The Fog of War2019-07-28
Chapter 537: Some Talent!2019-07-27
Chapter 536: A Bold Plan2019-07-27
Chapter 535: Luck and Victory2019-07-26
Chapter 534: The Stubborn Cang Jiang2019-07-25
Chapter 533: The Firepower of The Four Teams2019-07-24
Chapter 532: Offense Is the Best Defense2019-07-24
Chapter 531: Copper’s Troubles2019-07-23
Chapter 530: A Taste of Wei-ah’s Hell2019-07-22
Chapter 529: Hunt and Kill!2019-07-22
Chapter 528: Trouble2019-07-21
Chapter 528: Trouble2019-07-21
Chapter 527: An Earth-Shattering Breakthrough2019-07-20
Chapter 526: Unraveled the Mystery2019-07-20
Chapter 525: Forest Pigeon2019-07-19
Chapter 524: Thorn Removal2019-07-18
Chapter 523: The Flow2019-07-17
Chapter 522: The Complete Change2019-07-17
Chapter 521: Wood Word Camp2019-07-16
Chapter 520: The Wolf is here!2019-07-15
Chapter 519: Turning the concept into reality2019-07-15
Chapter 518: All Out2019-07-14
Chapter 517: Su Hanhao2019-07-13
Chapter 516: Tactical Regulations2019-07-13
Chapter 515: The Fist2019-07-12
Chapter 514: Snow Thorn Bear2019-07-11
Chapter 513: Su Heiming2019-07-10