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The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel)


Many islands dotted the vast oceans of this world. However, some of the islands were a lot more sinister than the rest. Those islands, known as Nightmare Islands, were true nightmares to all but the strongest and most fortunate. Children were kidnapped and thrown on these isolated islands by the Nightmare Palace, forced to sign soul pacts with evil soul pets: Nightmares. These devils slowly devoured the souls of their trainers to grow stronger. If the children did not cultivate fast enough, their souls will be devoured whole, leaving only an empty husk behind.

Chu Mu, the protagonist, was an heir to the Chu Clan, but due to a plotted murder, he was thrown on the island, sentencing him to almost certain death. Dancing on the edge of life and death, he struggled to survive with a small Moonlight Fox he captured. When he finally escaped the devilish foremen on his island, he couldn’t help but let a breath out. But little does he know, the experience was only a beginning to a fated journey with his little Moonlight Fox…

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 721: Do you know whose fox demon is stronger now?2019-06-18
Chapter 720: Underground Palace Female Killer, Leng Lian2019-06-17
Chapter 719: Xing Hen, The Attack that Transcends Space2019-06-17
Chapter 718: The Mission of Summoning the Xuan Zhen Beetle2019-06-17
Chapter 717: Sacred Pet Immortal Bird Fights the Calamity Spider Emperor2019-06-15
Chapter 715: Demon Suppressing Monument, Awakening the Saint Pet – Immortal Ming Bird (2)2019-06-15
Chapter 715: Demon Suppressing Monument, Awakening the Saint Pet – Immortal Ming Bird (1)2019-06-14
Chapter 714: Heart Palpitating, the Calamity Spider Emperor’s Terrifying Perception2019-06-14
Chapter 713: Saving the World is Fine, but I Can’t Sacrifice Myself!2019-06-13
Chapter 712: The Coldness that Pierced Through Space, Blood Drenched Spring2019-06-13
Chapter 711: So This Fight Just Now Turned Out To Be So Important?2019-06-12
Chapter 710: Strength Once More Explodes, Emperor Spectral Dragon!2019-06-12
Chapter 709: Kill to One Heart’s Content!!2019-06-11
Chapter 708: Another Instant Kill, Shocking Reversal!2019-06-11
Chapter 707: The Fight that Surpasses the Peak of Humanity2019-06-10
Chapter 706: Spatial Reflection, Reflected Spring2019-06-10
Chapter 705: Only Exit, Demon Suppressing Monument2019-06-09
Chapter 704: Ghost Hidden Dragon, Instant Kill!2019-06-09
Chapter 703: Seven Star Demon Suppressing Monument, Immortal Guardian God2019-06-08
Chapter 702: The Chaos of Immortal City, the Dragon in a Sheep Disguise2019-06-08
Chapter 701: Soul Palace’s Female Majesty, A Cruel Choice2019-06-07
Chapter 700: Universally Shocking Conspiracy, Hunting Tianxia2019-06-07
Chapter 699: Run Through Everything, Stepping on Frightening Large Seals2019-06-07
Chapter 698: Upheaval in Immortal City, Chaos of the Seals (2)2019-06-07
Chapter 697: Upheaval in Immortal City, Chaos of the Seals (1)2019-06-06
Chapter 696: Cry of a Hundred Ghosts, Sinister Land2019-06-05
Chapter 695: Immortal City Ancient Residence, Ghost Emperor Breaking Seal2019-06-05
Chapter 694: Prison princess, Jin Rou2019-06-04
Chapter 693: The Female Prisoner Unable to Reveal Her Identity2019-06-04
Chapter 692: Underground Palace, The Labyrinth Prison2019-06-03
Chapter 691: The Guilty Hearted Chu Mu2019-06-03
Chapter 690: War, Hundred Year Hibernating Desolation2019-06-02
Chapter 689: Chu Mu, the Defector Young Woman, a Fight Between Mediocre and Outstanding2019-06-02
Chapter 688: 20 Year Old Spirit Emperor, Don’t Steal His Talent2019-06-01
Chapter 687: Liu Binglan, Embarrassing Reunion2019-06-01
Chapter 686: Controlled High Class Emperor Rank2019-05-31
Chapter 685: Unknown Enemy, Mysterious High Class Emperor2019-05-31
Chapter 684: Flower Type Soul Pet Trainer, Xiang Yiyun2019-05-30
Chapter 683: Silent and Remote Forest, Seducing Scent2019-05-30
Chapter 682: Ten Thousand Spirits, Heavenly Immortal Ice!2019-05-29
Chapter 681: Mysterious Female Expert, Liu Binglan2019-05-29
Chapter 680: Great Banquet, Fang Li’s Provocation2019-05-28
Chapter 679: Four Month Seclusion, Reach Spirit Emperor!2019-05-28
Chapter 678: Princess Only In Name2019-05-27
Chapter 677: Unlimited Reward, The Missing Princess2019-05-27
Chapter 676: Caught by a Trap, Beautifully Stealing the Treasure (2)2019-05-26
Chapter 675: Caught by a Trap, Beautifully Stealing the Treasure (1)2019-05-26
Chapter 674: Neglecting the Greater Threat Behind2019-05-25
Chapter 673: Shocking Appearance of A Million Manned Devil Insect Legion2019-05-25
Chapter 672: Throwing a Brick to Get a Jade Back, Infant Pet Trap2019-05-24
Chapter 671: Yuan Kingdom Master, One of Five Peaks Lu Zideng2019-05-24
Chapter 670: With Souls as Food, Strengthen Ghost Dragon2019-05-23
Chapter 669: The Little Hidden Dragon’s Fight, Powerful Self-Healing2019-05-23
Chapter 668: Mysterious and Unknown, Birth of a Spectral Dragon2019-05-22
Chapter 667: The Taken Fourth Soul Pact2019-05-22
Chapter 666: Frightening Hit, Instantly Kill Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor2019-05-21
Chapter 665: Heavenly Devil Insect, Devil Maggot Legion2019-05-21
Chapter 664: Rebirth, Ancient Strength Reawakening2019-05-20
Chapter 663: Wuling Cave, Compressed Glazed Ice Crystal2019-05-20
Chapter 662: Step into Forbidden Realm, Ten Thousand Valley2019-05-19
Chapter 661: Numerous Experts Congregated in Wogu City2019-05-19
Chapter 660: The Little Hidden Dragon’s Specter Type Technique (2)2019-05-18
Chapter 659: Little HIdden Dragon’s Ghost type Technique (1)2019-05-18
Chapter 658: God-like Young Man, Chu Mu2019-05-17
Chapter 657: Surpassing Emperors, Not Unattainable2019-05-17
Chapter 656: Searching for an Expert from the Last Century, Half Human Half Pet?2019-05-16
Chapter 655: New Region City, New Seven Color City2019-05-16
Chapter 654: An Expert, A Nomad2019-05-15
Chapter 653: Dying Without Pity, Ruthless Kingdom Lord2019-05-15
Chapter 652: Pursuit Through Half the City, The Kingdom Lord that Must Die2019-05-14
Chapter 651: Kingdom master? Sect Master?2019-05-14
Chapter 650: Purgatory, Incinerate the Pool Beast Emperor2019-05-13
Chapter 649: Chu Mu Fighting Two Spirit Emperors (2)2019-05-13
Chapter 648: Your death date is here2019-05-12
Chapter 647 Inside Barbarian Valley2019-05-11
Chapter 646: Emperor, White Nightmare!2019-05-11
Chapter 645: Confrontation of Souls2019-05-10
Chapter 644: Strengthen Emperor Rank White Nightmare2019-05-10
Chapter 643: Seething with Anger, Chu Mu2019-05-09
Chapter 642: Nightmare Palace’s Female Soul Teacher, Jian Qin2019-05-09
Chapter 641: Kingdom Lord’s Scheme, the Chu Family’s Predestined Fate2019-05-08
Chapter 640: Natural Disaster, Barbarian Valley’s Danger2019-05-08
Chapter 639: The Disappearing Spirit Source2019-05-07
Chapter 638: 30,000 People All Must Die2019-05-07
Chapter 637: Western Kingdom VS Western Marsh2019-05-06
Chapter 636: Beyond Kingdom capital, Chu Tianheng’s Excitement2019-05-05
Chapter 635: Human’s Westmost Territory2019-05-05
Chapter 634: 30,000 Spirits, Struck it Rich!2019-05-05
Chapter 633: Paradise Under the Moonlight, Rich Spirit Source2019-05-04
Chapter 632: The First Emperor Slain2019-05-04
Chapter 631: Paradise Under the Moonlight, Rich Spirit Source2019-05-03
Chapter 630: Barbarian Mountain Leopard Emperor, Emperor vs Emperor (2)2019-05-03
Chapter 629: Barbarian Mountain’s Leopard Emperor, Emperor vs Emperor Part 22019-05-02
Chapter 629: Barbarian Mountain’s Leopard Emperor, Emperor vs Emperor (1)2019-05-02
Chapter 628: Meet Panther Species Head On (3)2019-05-01
Chapter 627: Facing the Panther Species Tribe (1)2019-05-01
Chapter 626: Levelling the Mountain Range, Fox Monarch Totem2019-05-01
Chapter 625: Barbarian Valley, The Life and Death of Seven Color City (2)2019-04-30
Chapter 624: Barbarian Valley, The Life and Death of Seven Color City (1)2019-04-29
Chapter 623: Seven Color City, Great Migration (2)2019-04-29