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The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel)


Many islands dotted the vast oceans of this world. However, some of the islands were a lot more sinister than the rest. Those islands, known as Nightmare Islands, were true nightmares to all but the strongest and most fortunate. Children were kidnapped and thrown on these isolated islands by the Nightmare Palace, forced to sign soul pacts with evil soul pets: Nightmares. These devils slowly devoured the souls of their trainers to grow stronger. If the children did not cultivate fast enough, their souls will be devoured whole, leaving only an empty husk behind.

Chu Mu, the protagonist, was an heir to the Chu Clan, but due to a plotted murder, he was thrown on the island, sentencing him to almost certain death. Dancing on the edge of life and death, he struggled to survive with a small Moonlight Fox he captured. When he finally escaped the devilish foremen on his island, he couldn’t help but let a breath out. But little does he know, the experience was only a beginning to a fated journey with his little Moonlight Fox…

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1088: White Nightmare Rank Advance!2020-01-15
Chapter 1087: Slaughterfest, Slaughter Beast2020-01-15
Chapter 1086: Seven Sacred Kings Descend2020-01-15
Chapter 1085: Good vs Evil, Source of Energy2020-01-15
Chapter 1084: Evil Slaughter Beast2020-01-15
Chapter 1083: A Fierce Battle Comes2020-01-15
Chapter 1082: Evil Good Illusion2020-01-15
Chapter 1081: Dangerous Rank, Middle Class Dominator!2020-01-15
Chapter 1080: Evil King Half Devil vs Evil Good Queen (2)2020-01-15
Chapter 1079: Evil King Half Devil vs Evil Good Queen (1)2020-01-15
Chapter 1078: Flower Type Ancestor, Evil Good Queen2020-01-15
Chapter 1077: The Second Soul Pact’s Evil Remembrance!2020-01-15
Chapter 1076: Eradicating the Flower Demon Army!2020-01-09
Chapter 1075: Flower Demon Empire? Nightmare Empire!2020-01-09
Chapter 1074: Sacred Flower Devil Flame Duel2020-01-09
Chapter 1073: I’ve Said Before That You Will Become A Slave2020-01-09
Chapter 1072: Empress Concubine, Chu Mu’s Soul Pet?2020-01-09
Chapter 1071: This Demon Must Be Retracted2020-01-09
Chapter 1070: Hundred Thousand Army of Soul Alliance? Million Strong Fairy Butterfly2020-01-09
Chapter 1069: Kill me? You’re Thinking Too Much2020-01-09
Chapter 1068: Bai Yu, Ice Pupil Unicorn2020-01-09
Chapter 10672020-01-09
Chapter 1066: Defeat Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist2020-01-09
Chapter 1065: Zhan Ye That Drives Enemies Mad (2)2020-01-09
Chapter 1064: Zhan Ye That Drives Enemies Mad (1)2020-01-09
Chapter 1063: Monument Tear, Ancient Power Awakening2020-01-09
Chapter 1062: The King of Blood Pool, Blood Devil Buddhist2019-12-24
Chapter 1061: Blood Hourglass2019-12-24
Chapter 10602019-12-23
Chapter 1059: Only Want to Kill One Person2019-12-23
Chapter 1058: The Strongest Three Enemies2019-12-22
Chapter 1057: Instakilling the Tai Mountain Giant Part 12019-12-21
Chapter 1056: Ten Minutes, One Drop of the Axe2019-12-21
Chapter 1055: Bloody Path!2019-12-20
Chapter 1054: Bloody Flag!2019-12-20
Chapter 1053: Destroying an Army of Ten Thousand, Species Calamity (2)2019-12-19
Chapter 1052: Destroying an Army of Ten Thousand, Species Calamity (1)2019-12-19
Chapter 1051: Main pet Returns!2019-12-18
Chapter 1050: Death Document2019-12-18
Chapter 1049: Even If I am Alone, I Must Fight2019-12-17
Chapter 10482019-12-17
Chapter 1047: Final Supreme Spot, Underworld Supreme2019-12-16
Chapter 1046: Summoning the Seven Diagram Saint Kings2019-12-16
Chapter 1045: The Alliance Master Appears2019-12-15
Chapter 1044: Massive Army Rendered to Dust2019-12-15
Chapter 1043: Life and Death Unforeseen2019-12-14
Chapter 1042: Crown Prince, Chao Lengchuan!2019-12-14
Chapter 1041: Traitor!2019-12-13
Chapter 1040: Surprising Change, Wanxiang City Falls!2019-12-13
Chapter 1039: Capture Hero Aide Xia Zhixian2019-12-12
Chapter 1038: Snow City Falls2019-12-12
Chapter 1037: Sealed Mouth Event2019-12-11
Chapter 1036: Awoken Wood Type Xuan Item2019-12-11
Chapter 10352019-12-10
Chapter 1034: Devil Tree Empire, Ten Thousand Eyed Treant2019-12-10
Chapter 1033: Ancient, Lost Desolation Garden2019-12-09
Chapter 1032: Life Fruit, Saving in Heal2019-12-09
Chapter 1031: Alliance Master Ling Chan2019-12-08
Chapter 1030: Legend of the Seven Sins Fox2019-12-08
Chapter 1029: Ten Thousand Year Curse!2019-12-07
Chapter 1028: The Hermit in Eastern Wild Forest.2019-12-07
Chapter 1027: Burial in the Sky (2)2019-12-06
Chapter 1026: Burial in the Sky (1)2019-12-06
Chapter 1025: Fight Between Dragon and Phoenix2019-12-06
Chapter 1024: Who was more elusive?2019-12-05
Chapter 1025: Fight Between Dragon and Phoenix2019-12-05
Chapter 1023: King of Prison Island2019-12-04
Chapter 1022: Random Islands, Big and Small Enormous Dragons2019-12-04
Chapter 1021: Tianxia King Chu Mu?2019-12-03
Chapter 1020: Little Dead Dream Battles Heavenly Thunder Snake2019-12-03
Chapter 1019: Take Down Spring City2019-12-02
Chapter 1018: Group Revival Technique?2019-12-02
Chapter 1017: Encountering an Ambush2019-12-01
Chapter 1016: Ambushing Spring City2019-12-01
Chapter 1015: Go towards East Side2019-11-30
Chapter 1014: Wanxiang Realm’s War2019-11-30
Chapter 1013: Declaring War, Incompatible as Fire and Water2019-11-29
Chapter 1012: Alliance Master’s Soul Pet!2019-11-29
Chapter 1011: Stepping on Two Corpses (2)2019-11-28
Chapter 1010: Stepping on Two Corpses (1)2019-11-28
Chapter 1009: One vs Two2019-11-27
Chapter 1008: It’s Already a King, Zhan Ye2019-11-27
Chapter 1007: Done saying your last words?2019-11-26
Chapter 1006: White Nightmare? Silver Devil?2019-11-26
Chapter 1005: Ancient Beast Soul Power2019-11-25
Chapter 1004: Another Dominator Rank2019-11-25
Chapter 1003: Fighting Tai Mountain Giant Again2019-11-24
Chapter 1002: Icy Death King2019-11-24
Chapter 1001: If You Want Someone to Die, It Will Be Difficult2019-11-23
Chapter 1000: Sacred Region, Black War Tiger2019-11-23
Chapter 999: Shedding all Pretenses2019-11-22
Chapter 998: Invitation to Fight2019-11-22
Chapter 997: Son of Heaven, Wu Kuang2019-11-21
Chapter 996: Mo Ling, I’m here to take your life2019-11-21
Chapter 995: Blood Dyed Queen Palace (2)2019-11-20
Chapter 994: Blood Dyed Queen Palace (1)2019-11-20
Chapter 993: Stronger Feelings After a Long Time Away2019-11-19
Chapter 9922019-11-19
Chapter 991: Birth, Little Dead Dream2019-11-18
Chapter 990: A New Life Force, Phoenix Egg2019-11-18