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The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel) - Chapter 972: The Captured Ning Maner

Chapter 972: The Captured Ning Maner

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Ye Qingzi walked into the supreme palace, and was quickly received.

Under the lead of the servant girl, she walked into the courtyard, and slowly neared the small lake aside the courtyard garden.

The lake wasn’t large. Ahead of Ye Qingzi was a wooden walkway across the lake that was connected to a small wooden pavilion at the center of the lake.

Ye Qingzi didn’t know that soul palace had such a refined place. Looking over, she saw the cold beauty standing alone in the pavilion, eyes gazing at the reflection in the rippling water, seemingly lost in thought.


Liu Binglan looked tired. After she left the Six Star Space, she didn’t return to Tianxia City, instead flying straight to wanxiang realm main soul palace.

Originally, breaking through the bottleneck that had troubled her for a decade was a cheerful matter, but when she returned to the familiar Wanxiang City and main soul palace, she felt as if the entire city were hollow and empty.

In the past, she always convinced herself to put down her mortal emotions and focus on training. However, she finally reached the state that all the senior elders hoped she could reach, yet she didn’t feel any joy.

Staring at the rippling water, Liu Binglan’s mind seemed to see a worn figure. He had long been covered in wounds, but he still had to pick up what seemed impossible, walking onto a frigid path, blinded by hatred and resentment.

Slowly, this worn figure dissipated and was replaced with an unfamiliar and detached face. He was wary, careful, and even slightly scared. He hid somewhere and watched her from afar but never dared to get close…….

Yet, just when she felt that their familial connection was melting away this cold outer layer, he became a devil, leaving behind a string of untraceable footprints as it walked into the unknown.

When Liu Binglan had been looking for the Wordly Immortal Ice, she worried night and day for this moment. She had countlessly blamed herself for throwing her emotions away just to cultivate, yet when the time came, she couldn’t even find the simplest heavenly immortal ice. And, when the day really came, the grief of loss hit her like a tidal wave, nearly knocking her off her feet.

Liu Binglan chose to lock herself up for cultivation to avoid the grief she was experiencing. However, after she started, all those emotions were just piled up in a deep corner of her heart. If anything accidentally touched it, it would come welling out like a flood until it consumed her whole mind.


“Your majesty, Lady Ye had been waiting for a while now.” a servant girl’s voice from afar interrupted Liu Binglan’s wandering thoughts.

Liu Binglan looked at the lady silently waiting for her outside the pavilion. Discreetly wiping away her tears, she told the lady to come forth.

“Her majesty invites you forward.” The servant girl didn’t go forth with Ye Qingzi. She took a bow at the wooden walkway and told Ye Qingzi to continue without her.

Ye Qingzi slowly walked forward until she was right aside her. Seeing that she didn’t seem to speak, Ye Qingzi didn’t know how to start.

“What do you come to me for?” After a moment, Liu binglan asked.

Liu Binglan had just returned to Soul palace. She didn’t know Ye Qingzi that well, but heard diagram supreme give her a brief description. She seems to be the fiancee of an outstanding young man called Chu Fangchen, and was a very talented soul teacher herself.

As for the situation of the overseas people taking away the little girl, Liu Binglan just wanted to meet the overseas person. The actual situation naturally didn’t need her handling.

Ye Qingzi stood aside, but felt very out of place and thought to herself, “Chu Mu’s mother truly doesn’t seem easy to get along with.” Even if she didn’t come for Ning Maner, Ye Qingzi should out of courtesy greet her husband’s mother, but her cold tone caused Ye Qingzi to feel as if she were an unrelated person.

“Maybe she doesn’t know my relationship with Chu Mu?” Ye Qingzi suddenly realized.

So, Ye Qingzi reintroduced herself, “Mom, I’m Chu Mu’s fiancee. I came to talk with you about Ning Maner’s situation, since it’s a pretty special case…..”

After Liu Binglan heard this, she furrowed her brows. Looking over Ye Qingzi more closely, she said coldly, “Diagram supreme told me that you’re the fiancee of Chu Fangchen…..”

“……” Ye Qingzi opened and closed her mouth, swallowing back everything else she was about to say.

Did she not know Chu Mu is Chu Fangchen yet??

Why is this? Ye Qingzi knew that Elder Liu knew of Chu Mu’s identity, so there was no reason his mother didn’t know of Chu Mu’s nickname.

“Chu Mu woke up a year after, but she locked herself up for cultivation right after Chu Mu became a devil. Did she miss something?” Ye Qingzi quickly realized the possibility.

After hesitating, Ye Qingzi felt the need to make things even clearer.

“Mom, have you not heard of the news of Chu Mu?” ye Qingzi asked.

Liu Binglan didn’t reply and looked back confused at the lady. After a moment, she asked, “You’re called Ye Qingzi?”

“En.” Ye Qingzi nodded.

Liu Binglan remembered now that back in Great Chu Family, Chu Mu had a girlfriend named Ye Qingzi that was the disciple of Ying Long.

However, since it was her son’s woman, why was she now that Chu Fangchen’s fiance? Though Chu Mu already became a devil, and nothing would be possible between them, she felt that Ye Qingzi still shouldn’t fall into someone else’s embrace so quickly. This caused Liu Binglan to feel very uncomfortable.

Liu Binglan didn’t hide the displeasure in her heart, and Ye Qingzi saw that. Realizing that her mother-in-law had probably mistaken something, she quickly explained, “Mom, Chu Fangchen is Chu Mu.”

Hearing this, Liu Binglan’s expression instantly changed. “What did you just say?”

“Chu Fangchen is Chu Mu’s nickname. After he woke up, he realized some people may want to harm him, so he used a new name.” Ye Qingzi explained.

“You……you mean he woke up??” Liu Binglan’s body shook slightly.

This was the news that Liu Binglan wanted to hear the most. Even though she wasn’t sure if the woman in front of her was speaking the truth, simply hearing it from someone else caused her hope to flare back up like a wildfire!

Seeing Liu Binglan’s reaction, Ye Qingzi was now sure that she didn’t know of Chu Mu’s situation.

It was truly unfortunate that this mother had to withstand a year of grief for nothing.

Liu Binglan had already pulled Ye Qingzi down to take a seat. She wanted to hear everything in detail without anything missing.

Ye Qingzi started with her journey with Chu Mu to a heaven boundary monument.

The initially anxious Liu Binglan naturally felt that there was no connection between Chu Mu getting a monument tear and waking up from being a devil. But, when Ye Qingzi got to the part where Chu Mu reached a monument, and saw his own soul through the purest and most sincere tears he had collected, recreating his deepest memories, Liu Binglan’s eyes were tearing up.

“He got eight total tears, and the seventh was his mother’s tear.” Ye Qingzi looked at Liu Binglan.

“Mine? Liu Binglan stared blankly.

Legend of the monument tear was something Liu Binglan had heard of before. She even knew someone else who had a monument tear. It was also the first time Liu Binglan ever saw that unbelievably strong and hardy man fall into tears, crying like a sobbing child at the feet of the heaven boundary monument……

It was at that moment that Liu Binglan understood how precious the monument tear was. They were truly tears of the soul, without any insincerity…….

And when Ye Qingzi mentioned that Chu Mu’s seventh tear was hers, Liu Binglan didn’t remember shedding a tear like that.

Of this, Ye Qingzi naturally knew nothing more. When Chu Mu mentioned the monument tears, he only said that the seventh tear was his mothers and didn’t elaborate. Ye Qingzi, of course, knew Chu Mu didn’t just pop out of a rock, but she thought Chu Mu had a horrible relationship with his mother, so she didn’t dare ask further.

The appearance of monument tears usually comes naturally without noticing. Liu Binglan thought back carefully, and finally remembered that when Chu Mu became devil for the first time in tianxia realm, she shed a tear for him when helping him nurse back to health. It was at that moment that Liu Binglan felt the divide between them truly disappeared, and they were no longer strangers to each other.

Taking in a deep breath, Liu Binglan felt that all the negative emotions in her heart were swept away by the heartening news Ye Qingzi brought. Her feelings after regaining what she lost was indescribable.

Ye Qingzi could tell that this mother really cared about Chu Mu, but things in their earlier years caused the mother and son to fall apart. After a few times of losing him and regaining him, her feelings were definitely sincere.

Thinking about them seeing each other again, Ye Qingzi couldn’t help but feel slightly sad. It seemed that she was the one that really popped out of a rock, only having memories of a strict teacher, and a new form of soul arts.

After Ye Qingzi comforted Liu Binglan for a while, she noticed that this young mother no longer had the cold aura she had before, instead actively asking her about Chu Mu’s experiences after becoming Chu Fangchen.

Ye Qingzi knew that Liu Binglna would love to hear about it. Speaking about Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi always felt a warmth well up as well, especially the matters in soul city.


Liu Binglan was entrapped by Ye Qingzi’s stories. Though she seemed tired before, she was radiant now, and didn’t even let Ye Qingzi pause to rest.

“Your majesty, a white nightmare made its way into our palace, and is flying over quickly.” At this moment, a female elder came over quickly.

“Whose soul pet?” Liu Binglan said somewhat displeased.

Liu Binglan didn’t even want to rest tonight, meaning to hear everything her son had done from Ye Qingzi.

“This, it’s the one that always stays in lady Ye’s courtyard.” The female elder said.

Liu BInglan immediately looked over to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi only then realized and said, “It’s one of Chu Mu’s white nightmare followers.”

Liu Binglan was just listening to the part where Chu Mu brought a group of nightmares and stirred up trouble within Xiangrong City, so she naturally knew of Chu Mu’s ten loyal white nightmares.

After a moment, the white nightmare went through the supreme palace and flew straight towards Ye Qingzi.

“White two, what’s wrong?” ye Qingzi asked.

“Nie!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!” White nightmare emperor bared his teeth and angrily shouted.

This time Ye Qingzi understood what it was saying and her expression drastically changed.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Binglan asked.

“Maner got secretly taken away by the four overseas people!” Ye Qingzi became furious!

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