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The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel) - Chapter 973: Dominator Rank, Star River

Chapter 973: Dominator Rank, Star River

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The Nightmare Ruler and White Nightmare Emperor were abnormally angry. In their hearts, Ning Maner was like a goddess, and they would do anything to guarantee her safety.

They never expected that these extremely repulsive humans would dispatch demons to steal away their Young Lady when they were resting!

The Nightmare Ruler and White Nightmare Emperor were the first to react. As they chased them down, they had Second White notify Ye Qingzi.

However, they never expected the opponents to be so fast. Not long after the situation occurred, the group of four had already existed Wanxiang City and were fleeing south!

When the Nightmare Ruler and White Nightmare Emperor discovered them, they were already located over 500 meters outside the city in a field forest.


“Haha, those Soul Palace people are incurably stupid. Did they really think we would take a rest at their place?” loudly laughed the young man, Ning Changqing.

“The barrier in the courtyard just now was a bit special. If it wasn’t for that, they wouldn’t even know about this tomorrow.” Ning Dong cracked a smile.

“The barrier should have been erected by Young Lady Ning’s guardian. He seems to not be weak.” said the leader woman.

“He’s greatly lacking compared to Master Yun. Those people truly don’t know what’s for their own good. If it wasn’t because grandfather instructed us not to engage in conflict randomly, we would have slapped some face into them already!” sneered Ning Changqing.

“Master Yun, there seem to be two White Nightmares chasing us.” at this point, Ning Dong spoke up.

Master Yun turned around and glanced back. She indeed discovered two white figures chasing them from the horizon. Their bodies had fiendish devil flames; clearly, they were targeting them.

“Ignore them and continue onwards.” Master Yun seemed to have confidence in their own speed so she decided to continue forwards.

“Being chased like this isn’t very comfortable. How about I get rid of them first.” said Ning Changqing.

“Let’s leave Wanxiang City’s Kingdom first. If we are delayed here, the woman in the conference hall will catch up to us. If that happens, it will be difficult for us to escape.” said Master Yun.

“Why is Master Yun afraid of that person?” asked Ning Dong, confused.

“Her soul remembrance is above mine. She definitely has a dominator rank soul pet.” said Master Yun.

The other three showed shocked expressions. They never expected someone would have soul remembrance higher than Master Yun. This meant that that person had already broken through the spirit emperor realm and had reached an even higher realm!

“Why would a person of that rank be in this place?” remarked Ning Fengying.

“Don’t worry. From what I can see, it hasn’t been long since she’s broken through, and she should only have one dominator rank soul pet. Let’s meet up with the others as quickly as possible and then immediately leave.” said Master Yun.

Master Yun’s words caused the three of them to not dare look down anymore. Indeed, that was a dominator rank expert and if they were delayed here and that expert caught up, it would be impossible for them to return to the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World.

However, before they had traveled far, Master Yun creased her brows.

In the darkness, a gorgeous shooting star flew through the air in a beautiful arc, rapidly nearing these people. The speed of the star was much faster than their group!

“That woman is chasing us.” Master Yun’s heart sank.

The only person in Soul Palace who made her afraid was the icy beauty and proud woman who sat in the lead seat of the hall. It was because of her that Master Yun decided to use this method to take away Ning Maner. Otherwise, a simple shake of her head would cause their everything they had achieved to be wasted.

“You guys take the young lady and continue south. I’ll delay her.” said Master Yun.

“Yes.” the three others nodded their head.


Passing through the night fog, as the biting wind slapped against her face, Ye Qingzi felt slightly chilly.

Ye Qingzi looked at the serious faced Liu Binglan. As they were chasing, Ye Qingzi had explained Ning Maner’s situation to Liu Binglan. Yet, Ye Qingzi hadn’t expected that Liu Binglan would be riding on a dominator rank starlight soul pet!

The number of dominator rank experts could be counted with her fingers. Now that another one had appeared, the ranking of strength would probably change!

Most importantly, she was the only person to have broken through humanity’s soul remembrance limit. It would be much easier for her to breed other dominator rank soul pets than people who hadn’t broken into this realm. If she were able to obtain other fortuitous encounters, her strength would soon be able to suppress the Four Heroes.

“She’s flying towards us.” Liu BInglan swept her eyes over the rather quiet woman.

“She seems to be the strongest of the four.” said Ye Qingzi.

“You continue chasing.” Liu Binglan could see that person was definitely targeting her.

Liu Binglan had no idea what was hidden on the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World. However, the female soul pet trainer in front of her clearly knew she had a dominator rank soul pet yet still dared come alone. This couldn’t help but make Liu Binglan wonder whether the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World was an even stronger region than Wanxiang City. Otherwise, why did only one of the four people dare try and fight against her?

Ye Qingzi didn’t say anything. She summoned her Purple Robe Dream Beast and quickly passed through the area where Master Yun and Liu Binglan would fight, as she chased after the two White Nightmares.

Ye Qingzi alone was certainly not the opponent of those three. She had to combine forces with the Nightmare Ruler and White Nightmare Emperor.

Moreover, the other three were not slow. By the time Ye Qingzi caught up to the Nightmare Ruler and White Nightmare Emperor, they had pursued for over a thousand kilometers but still hadn’t shortened the gap. They could only ensure that they wouldn’t be shaken off their tail.

Ye Qingzi naturally wouldn’t give up. From late at night until dawn, they continuously tried to near them.


“Young Lady Ye, could you have taken a fancy to me so you are continuously chasing after me?” suddenly, a frivolous voice rang out from afar, entering Ye Qingzi’s mind.

Ye Qingzi was in a state of anger and coldly responded with a mental voice: “Leave Ning Maner then scram!”

“What’s the need for that? Since you can’t part with her, why not just follow me to the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World? I can guarantee you that once you come to our place, you won’t want to return. Hahaha.” Ning Changqing’s voice drifted over.

Ye Qingzi suppressed her anger and coldly glanced at the Nightmare Ruler which was berserk with anger.

“Continue to chase!” Ye Qingyi was not willing to give up. They were not as fast as the enemy, but Ye Qingzi could not lose them. They just had to wait for Liu Binglan to get rid of that woman and they would be able to take back Ning Maner.


They chased for an entire three days before Ning Dong and the others finally realized that the other party wasn’t actually intending to catch them. Instead, they just didn’t want to lose track of them.

In this situation, how could they let Ye Qingzi continue to do this.

“The two of us will deal with them.” Ning Dong glanced at the adjacent Ning Changqing.

Ning Changqing laughed: “I was thinking the same.”

At this point, the bounded Ning Maner transformed into a small wild cat who bared her fangs and said: “You aren’t allowed to harm them; otherwise when I go back to yours, I’ll have grandfather execute you!”

“Young lady, don’t worry; we only want them to give up on chasing us.” hastily smiled Ning Dong.

As he spoke, Ning Dong and Ning Changqing shot out on their soul pets!


The Nightmare Ruler’s heart was already filled with anger. Seeing the two bastards coming towards them, it charged forwards, resentment devil flames instantly blazing the surrounding space, forming a gaudy sea of fire!!

Amidst the torrential flames, the Spiked Armor Hidden Panther quickly flew through. It wasn’t targeting the Nightmare Ruler but rather Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast.

“Don’t worry, you deal with the other one.” Ye Qingzi said to the Nightmare Ruler. She then quickly retreated and had the White Nightmare Emperor deal with Ning Changqing.

The White Nightmare Emperor cared about Ning Maner the most. If it wasn’t for her spirit aura, it would probably still be dithering at the high emperor rank.

Now that the enemy that had captured the young lady had appeared, it berserkly met it head on. It launched a series of imposing and disordered claws towards the Spiked Armor Hidden Panther.

Seeing the White Nightmare Emperor attack, Ning Changqing looked contemptuous. He quickly chanted an incantation, summoning a dragon creature covered in ice scales!

Glacier Dragon!

This was a peak emperor rank Glacier Dragon. No matter how powerful the White Nightmare Emperor’s devil flame aura was, in the face of an attribute counter, its aura was visibly suppressed. This made it even more angry!

The Spiked Armor Hidden Panther and Glacier Dragon launched attacks simultaneously. The White Nightmare Emperor was unable to stop a few of their attacks and it was injured.

However, in the short time the White Nightmare Emperor fought these two soul pets, Ye Qingzi had summoned the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil and Bell Noise Concubine in front of her.

“Dark Fire Heart!”

Ye Qingzi gave her Dark Fire Heavenly Devil an order.

The Dark Fire Heavenly Devil waved its hand and a ball of flaming shadowy energy appeared next to the White Nightmare Emperor. It wrapped around the White Nightmare Emperor, seeming as if a dark fire cloak had been draped on the White Nightmare Emperor!

Ye Qingzi’s Dark Fire Heavenly Devil was also a support soul pet; since its attribute was the same as the White Nightmare, the techniques it used on the White Nightmare could multiply in effect. Thus, this technique amplified the White Nightmare’s fire and darkness attributes.

Indeed, the addition of a simple technique caused the White Nightmare Emperor’s aura, suppressed by the Glacier Dragon, to instantly soar. The imposing Glacier Dragon was also forced back, much more so the weaker Spiked Armor Hidden Panther!!

As for the White Nightmare Emperor’s wounds, the Bell Noise concubine chanted an incantation, instantly healing it. It also added a life force resistance effect, stimulating its hidden potential.

“She’s unexpectedly a support soul pet trainer.” Ning Changqing creased his brows.

He knew that the moment a pure support type soul pet trainer was able to add buffs onto a soul pet, that soul pet trainer would be able to create a creature with extremely terrifying fighting capabilities!

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