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The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel) - Chapter 974: Territory Unification, Spectral Slaughter Bird

Chapter 974: Territory Unification, Spectral Slaughter Bird

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After adding the effects to the White Nightmare Emperor, Ye Qingzi immediately had the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil add the dark fire attribute to the Nightmare Ruler.

The Nightmare Ruler was innately a paragon emperor, and had been stuck at this barrier for numerous years. Within the emperor rank, it was ostensibly impossible to find an opponent!

With the addition of the supportive effects now, it was the equivalent to putting a fish back into the water. The Nightmare Ruler would be able to deal with three to four normal peak emperors without any pressure.

Ning Dong’s expression was unsightly. He had already summoned three peak emperors which were surrounding the White Nightmare, but unable to take it down. Once the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil’s effects were added, the White Nightmare became more imposing and his three soul pets were not able to keep up.

“These things aren’t easy to deal with. It seems like I need to take out a bit of strength!” harrumphed Ning Dong as he chanted an incantation.

The incantation quickly finished, and a Stepping Cloud Beast appeared next to him!

Once the Stepping Cloud Beast appeared, white clouds began to unendingly congealing under its feet. Gradually, it formed a piece of ice-like land in midair!

“Hou Hou!!!!!!!!”

The Stepping Cloud Beast was moving through the air as if it was on land. With each step, cloud gas would form a cloud circle that hovered in the air before spreading outwards!

Once the paragon emperor rank Stepping Cloud Beast entered the siege, the Nightmare Ruler’s fight became exceptionally strenuous. Each time it just finished creating a ball of fire, it would be knocked away by cloud circles; the devil flames lost all damage capacity.


Just as the Nightmare Ruler reached the end of its defense against the four soul pet siege, an extremely angry devil cry rang out from afar.

Hearing the sound of support, the Nightmare Ruler immediately cracked a smile.

In a four against one, the Nightmare Ruler was obviously being sullenly beaten back. Indeed, it would be hard for him to defeat four while alone. Nonetheless, since the opponent wanted to engage in a group fight, the Nightmare Ruler would accompany them to the end!


The Nightmare Ruler’s voice became more imposing. After letting out its devil cry, countless other devil cries rang out from the distance!

Ning Dong had believed that this White Nightmare was going to retreat in the face of difficulty. But when he looked at the horizon, he immediately trembled and his face went pale!

A large group of White Nightmares had appeared on the horizon!

White devil flames were burning in the distance, forming a line of enormous flaming clouds. A cold aura struck their faces and while breathing in, the air carried the smell of fire!

“Changqing, quickly retreat!’ Ning Dong loudly yelled at Ning Changqing.

Ning Changqing was still wearing an arrogant smile as he methodically controlled his three soul pets to siege the White Nightmare Emperor. When he heard Ning Dong’s shout, he thought it was nothing and said: “Don’t worry, I’m just playing. I haven’t taken out my full strength yet.”

“Even if you take out your full strength, can you deal with an entire White Nightmare army?!” Ning Dong angrily spoke as he silently cursed why Ning Changqing didn’t know how to behave reasonably. He was still being carefree at this time, believing that his strength was just that powerful!

“What White Nightmare army…” Ning Changqing raised his head with confusion and saw the army of enraged flames burning in the horizon. He exclaimed: “Heavens, what is that?!”

A moment later, Ning Changqing realized that an entire White Nightmare army was charging at them!

There were so many White Nightmares, and each technique used would be able to burn them until not even their bones remained!

Ning Changqing didn’t dare continue fighting. He recalled his soul pets with an unsightly expression and hastily retreated.

But the White Nightmare Emperor and Nightmare Ruler naturally wouldn’t let them escape after they were in their reaches. Ye Qingzi and the two White Nightmares combined strengths to block their routes of escape.


Ning Fengying continued forward. When he turned around and saw the fire cloud burning in the distance, his face immediately changed.

“Young lady, what is the need for this? We are only complying with orders.” Ning Fengying realized that it wasn’t wise for them to have provoked that group of people. Promptly, he began to speak in a discussive tone.

“I don’t want to go there.” said Ning Maner.

“Ever since the accident happened to the Messiah Tree, grandfather has continuously dispatched people to find your whereabouts. It wasn’t easy to find you here…” Ning Fengying spoke as he looked a bit apprehensively at Ning Dong and Ning Changqing.

The two of them seemed to have been stopped by the White Nightmare army. It wouldn’t be long before he was caught. He also didn’t know where Master Yun was; nor did he know what to do.

Ning Maner resolutely shook her head. Although she knew that the grandfather he was talking about was her own grandfather, Ning Maner hadn’t seen this grandfather more than a few times. The only grandfather in her heart was the Messiah Tree. Yet, she had watched with open eyes as the Messiah Tree was destroyed by a few deranged people. Even the kings that guarded the Messiah Tree were slaughtered one by one…

When that had happened, her blood-related grandfather hadn’t appeared. The only ones that had ever helped her were kindhearted people that she couldn’t say the names of, and those wild soul pets…

Ning Maner had no sentiments towards her actual grandfather. She had a true place to stay in now and enjoyed living there. She didn’t want to leave to a strange place.


“She is the person we are looking for?”

Suddenly, a ghostly voice rang out in Ning Maner and Ning Fengying’s ears.

Ning Maner and Ning Fengying jumped in fright.

Ning Fengying turned around, and saw a man coldly standing behind him on a pure black spectral bird in the shadow of the night!

Ning Fengying immediately showed respect and flusteredly bowed.

“Senior Border Commander, this woman is the person we are looking for. However, the guardian of Young Lady Jiang here isn’t too willing to let us take back Young Lady Jiang. Ning Dong and Ning Changqing are currently being surrounded by a few White Nightmares.” as if he had seen his saviour, Ning Fengying hastily explained the situation.

However, from his eyes, it could be seen that he ostensibly both respected and feared this Senior Border Commander.

“Also, Young Lady Jiang doesn’t want to return.” added Ning Fengying.

The man called Border Commander glanced at Ning Maner. His gaze was like stagnant water, giving those who looked at them a blood running cold feeling.

“Those people are your friends? Including the White Nightmare army?” calmly asked Border Commander.

“Yes.” nodded Ning maner.

“Senior Border Commander, they’ve come.” said Ning Fengying.

Border Commander ignored Ning Fengying and said to Ning Maner: “I want you to stay stop. Say stop when you’re willing to come with us.”

“I won’t go with you!” stubbornly said Ning Maner.

Border Commander cracked a smile and said in a strange tone: “You will.”

After speaking, Border Commander disappeared from Ning Maner on his Spectral Slaughter Bird. Ning Maner, even with her soul remembrance, could only see a faint shadow silently approach the White Nightmare army!


Ye Qingzi didn’t have the White Nightmares kill Ning Dong and Ning Changqing. The two of them were probably related to Ning Maner. Ye Qingzi didn’t want the situation to enter a deadlock. Therefore, she had them restrict Ning Dong and Ning Changqing before immediately pursuing Ning Fengying.

After the White Nightmare Emperor informed Ye Qingzi that Ning Maner had been kidnapped, it had immediately grabbed a White Nightmare army stationed in Nightmare Palace. It didn’t care about the consequences of a group of White Nightmares flying over the sky of Wanxiang City. The most important thing was to take back their Young Lady.

There were about 1000 White Nightmares pursuing, and they could be considered elites in the Nightmare Empire.

Right now, the White Nightmare Emperor that had picked up Ning Maner was the leader of this army as he surged aggressively at Ning Yingfeng!

All of the White Nightmares followed closely behind the White Nightmare Emperor, emitting angry cries. Those people from the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World had caused all of their anger!


Suddenly, as the army of flaming clouds swept up, a distinct spectral wing blade peculiarly appeared in the night sky!!

The group of white devil flames distinctly illuminated the silhouette, the sharpness and the length of the spectral wind blade as it swept across like the death god’s scythe!!

The White Nightmare Emperor flying at the very front didn’t sense the attack coming. However, Ye Qingzi that was using simple healing on the Nightmare Ruler raised her head and abruptly witnessed a shocking scene.

The spectral blade was terrifying and powerful. The White Nightmare Emperor at the front was sliced at its stomach!

Upon being sliced, the upper half of its body was chopped off!

Even more terrifying, the spectral blade passed through the Nightmare army. The other White Nightmares weren’t able to react. All of them were struck by the spectral blades before splitting in half!!

The devil flames seemed to instantaneously extinguish. The tens of White Nightmares at the very front, including the White Nightmare Emperor were split into two by the spectral blade!


It was unknown how many White Nightmare bodies the spectral blade passed through before the energy reached Ye Qingzi, passing by her and leaving a light bloody scar on her face.

Ye Qingzi couldn’t feel the pain. She was staring in horror at the 50 something White Nightmare instantly killed and the 100 injured White Nightmares. A cold feeling of having a brush with death arose within her!


The Nightmare Ruler reacted extremely quickly. It let out a cry, ordering all White Nightmares to protect Ye Qingzi in the very center. They all entered a defensive formation!

However, the Nightmare Ruler itself used two Displacement Specters as all of the White Nightmares were stunned and grabbed the White Nightmare Emperor’s two corpse pieces, bringing them back to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi saw the White Nightmare Emperor which devil flames were completely extinguished. Her heart trembled before she returned to her senses. She hastily chanted an incantation, attempting to save the White Nightmare Emperor’s life!


In the distance, Ning Maner saw the White Nightmare Emperor get chopped into two and over 50 White Nightmares instantly losing their lives. She was completely stunned!!

A bitter feeling rose in her heart, stopping at her throat, leaving her incapable of shouting out. Only the tears could flow out of her eyes…

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