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The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel) - Chapter 975: He Will Come Find You

Chapter 975: He Will Come Find You

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Ning Maner didn’t even get to cry out, before she suddenly saw another ghost scythe appear in the night sky!

Ning Maner’s heart shook and she yelled out, “Stop!!!!!”

The ghost scythe disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. At this moment, the man riding the ghost bird in the night finally appeared.

He stood before the thousand white nightmares, yet the entire army seemed like just a slightly brighter burning flame, not terrifying or imposing at all.

He didn’t even take an extra glance at the white nightmare. He simply turned around and smiled darkly, “Now you’re willing to come back with me?”

Ning Maner was nearly breaking her teeth from biting. The anger in her heart made her want to instantly kill the person in front of her, but she could only swallow these emotions and nod her head with tears.

“Good, then things are much simpler. The distance is rather far, so if Lady Ning doesn’t cooperate, it’ll be a lot of trouble for us.” Border Commander said.

After speaking, Border Commander glanced at the group of white nightmares and said with disdain, “Tell the protector that, if he wants to take revenge for his useless white nightmares, come to the other end of the dark sky ocean world and find me- I’m called Zhen Wu!”

Ye Qingzi gazed coldly at the man named Zhen Wu, the anger in her heart already burning through her pupils.

Not only was this man vicious and merciless, he was also utterly arrogant. How dare he use such a way to force Ning Maner, it was truly unforgivable!

However, Ye Qingzi knew very clearly that this person was incredibly powerful. If they continued fighting, the thousand white nightmare army would probably all die.

As for the two hostages in their hands from Zhen Wu’s gaze, Ye Qingzi could tell that he didn’t care at all about these two people’s lives.

“Zhen Wu. I will remember this name!” Ye Qingzi said coldly.

Zhen Wu only glanced nonchalantly at Ye QIngzi, as if he didn’t care if people had a grudge against him. He slowly flew back to Ning Maner’s side.

“Let them go.” Ye Qingzi knew that leaving Ning Dong and Ning Changqing around was meaningless and told White Nightmare to let the two leave.

“Lady Ye, it’s best if you don’t have any resentment towards Senior Border Commander. You may not know what the name Zhen Wu means yet, but once you get to the other side, you will realize how stupid of an idea it is to hold a grudge.” Ning Changqing said in a friendly manner as persuasion.

Ye Qingzi glanced at the young man and spit out coldly, “Get out!”

Ning Changqing immediately went red. He didn’t expect his well-intended warning to be taken so poorly by this woman.

However, seeing all the white nightmares around him, Ning Changqing didn’t dare to show his anger as he instead quickly ran away from the white nightmare army.

Seeing Ning Changqing and Ning Dong run away safely, white nightmare emperor let out an angry call. Fifty white nightmare lives were lost and white nightmare commander was nearly dead too. How could he bear such a crime? If he couldn’t beat the ghost birdman, he could at least kill Ning Changqing and Ning Dong!

“Letting them leave is just giving them a few more years to live.” Ye Qingzi said to the white nightmare emperor.

Ning Changqing and Ning Dong’s lives were utterly worthless. However, one day Chu Mu will get to the other side of dark sky ocean world and step over these people’s corpses to take Ning Maner back. Then, their arrogant and disdained faces will realize just how foolish today’s actions were!

“Sister Ye…..” Ning Maner’s face was full of tears from anger with Zhen Wu, from guilt for the dead white nightmares, for Ye Qingzi, for Chu Mu……she dind’t know what to say in the moment, simply choking back tears.

Ye Qingzi knew there was no way around it anymore. Seeing this little girl always full of attachment, she felt a pang go through her heart and said, “Take care of yourself well.”

“En, en, en.” Ning Maner nodded heavily.

The border commander Zhen Wu did nothing about this and said, “Let’s leave, I don’t want to waste too much time here.”

Ning Maner turned around and looked at Ye Qingzi. She didn’t say much more and only gazed at her with her eyes full of tears.

Seeing the poor Ning Maner get taken away, Ye Qingzi didn’t feel good either. She used her remembrance to say to Ning Maner, “Don’t worry, no matter how powerful the person is on the other side of dark sky ocean world, no matter how many obstacles he has to overcome, he will come find you!”

Ning Maner nodded heavily and tried to wipe off all the tears on her face to no avail. It seemed as if she made a determined decision in her mind and finally, she said back to Ye Qingzi, “Then…….I’m leaving now. Tell brother that I….. I will learn….. I will!”


Watching the elegant figure slowly leave, Ye Qingzi felt an aching in her heart. She glanced at the white nightmare emperor that wanted to chase back Ning Maner despite nearly being dead, as well as the other nine white nightmares.

They were just a group of wild soul pets that walked out of south forbidden realm, but their loyalty and emotions weren’t any less than a human soul pact……

Even the white nightmares were sad. One can only wonder how Chu Mu would react after he found out that the wild little girl was taken away when he comes back.

“Let’s leave.” Ye Qingzi sighed and said to white nightmare.

Nightmare commander knew that it was extremely weak and couldn’t protect the lady’s safety. He could only bring the dead bodies of the white nightmares and go back to Wanxiang City with Ye Qingzi.

On the way back, Ye Qingzi met Liu Binglan. After Liu Binglan wounded Master Yun, she immediately came over but only got to see the sad Ye Qingzi as well as the grieving white nightmares. Without even asking, Liu Binglan knew what had happened.

Hearing Ye Qingzi’s description, Liu Binglan furrowed her brows.

For a little girl, they sent Master Yun who wasn’t weaker than end hero Mo Ling, but also sent an unfathomably powerful dominator rank expert. Just what did Ning Maner mean to the other side of dark sky ocean world?


Near the north end of the forbidden realm, Chu Mu was already nearing the demon realm.

The demon realm is a special space. If Mu Qingyi’s ancestors didn’t leave some documentations, she never would be able to find it!

The reason this space is called the demon realm was mainly because of its protector, a supreme demon – Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch!

In reality, it isn’t a demon world. The true place for demons is the western part of eternal ocean, where the demon home resided.

Since Chu Mu heard of the forgiven fox thunder monarch from Mu Qingyi, Chu Mu really wanted to see it because, as the owner of another seven sin fox, Chu Mu wanted to know just how powerful this forgiven fox could become!

However, after considering it carefully, Chu Mu felt that he could only find an opportunity in the future to meet this forgiven fox Thunder monarch.

The demon realm had two entrances. The first one was the spatial tunnel itself, similar to a sacred realm gate. Normally, one should enter from there.

The second entrance was, in reality, a gap in the space. This gap connected to an inner valley within demon realm.

“This valley should be sealing or hiding something. To not let powerful organisms break this valley, anything beyond dominator rank appearing in the valley will trigger the restrictions and awaken the beasts from their slumber. The documents estimated that there were around 30,000 organisms in slumber in there, all of them very high level. The moment they wake up, none of us will be able to escape.” Mu Qingyi reminded everyone.

30,000 sleeping organisms, though unsure of their ranking, is definitely not an easy obstacle to overcome, especially considering that they could live in such a space without a problem. Once they wake up, even dominator rank organisms could easily get dismembered by them.

“So as long as we don’t summon dominator rank organisms, we can pass through safely?” Shen Mo asked.

Mu Qingyi shook her head, “There are a bunch of organisms roaming around within the valley too that are hard to deal with.”

“Then where is the phoenix species lost grounds within this demon realm?” Chu Mu asked.

“After the valley, we just have to climb another volcano.” Mu Qingyi replied.

“That simple?” Chu Mu was slightly surprised.

Mu Qingyi gave Chu Mu a white eye and said, “Once you’re there, you’ll know.”

The spatial gap had a certain resistance, and at the part where this gap connected to the valley, there was a sealing barrier. If this barrier wasn’t broken, they couldn’t enter the actual valley.

“I’m good at sealing barriers. Let me see what kind of seal it is. “This moment, Teng Lang walked ahead and planned on finding the weakness within the barrier and directly break it.”

Teng Lang rubbed his chin and started thinking.

“En, it’s purplish red, so it should be a thunder type barrier. This barrier’s rune lines are in a mesh-like pattern, so it should be a rhombus type seal. However, every rhombus pattern had an arced rune of dark blue, meaning its a water type incantation too…… It might be slightly troublesome to break through this barrier, give me some time to think……Ai, what are you doing?”

“Enter.” Shen Mo glanced despicably at Teng Lang as he bowed down to enter the barrier from a crack in it.

“Where did this crack come from?” Teng Lang was shocked.

That’s not right, he didn’t see the gap just before. How did a gap appear before he could even finish analyzing?

“Mo Xie, rip the barrier open a little wider.”

Teng Lang was just staring blankly when he heard Chu Mu say this. Looking down at Mo Xie, his eyes went wide!!

The cute little fox casually waved its small claw and ripped open the damned barrier even more!

This was a sealed barrier, how did this little thing rip it open as if it were just rags!

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