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The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel) - Chapter 976: Lightning Desolation Ground, Diagram Valley

Chapter 976: Lightning Desolation Ground, Diagram Valley

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“Brother Chu, couldn’t you tell me that your little fox could break seals earlier?” Teng Lang laughed helplessly. Why did he even bother go and analyze it so in depth, when a little swipe of the fox’s claws could solve any issue.

Little Mo Xie’s seal break could break through all types of seals. As long as the rank wasn’t too high, seals were just like paper to Mo Xie.

After entering the diagram valley, Chu Mu finally knew why Mu Qingyi described the route as not simple.

Because this diagram valley was in fact the name they gave for the entire valley covered in diagrams. This meant that this diagram valley was a mountain range that connected countless mountains, valleys, peaks, cliffs, rifts, abysses, and countless troughs without end.

When they were gathered in a massive piece of land, the rolling landscape invoked sighs from many of them!

Mu Qingyi explained that every mountain, cliff, valley, and abyss had a sealing diagram that sealed an unknown organism. The guardians of these sealed organisms were the sleeping organisms. If they wanted to unleash an unknown organism in a seal, they had to first wake up the organism, and kill them all to break the seal.

This seal format reminded Chu Mu of the blood beast sacrificial plaza a long while ago.

At that time, the stone guards were sleeping but once they neared, they would wake up. And if they killed them all, the blood beast altar’s blood beast emperor would be unleashed from the seal.

These seals were clearly higher level than the blood beast altar plaza. Just the sleeping organisms’ ranks alone signified that even a dominator rank could lose its life in this diagram valley.

Maybe it was because this diagram valley was too old, many of the organisms that guarded the seals had already awakened. Since these organisms couldn’t wake up, they became patrols that roamed the diagram valley.

The diagram valley was massive, and had countless seals constructed within it. Steep cliffs, abysses, and all the rocks were all affected by the energy of the sealing diagram and form natural crystals. The organisms that woke up from their slumber didn’t have to worry about food because the crystals were already the purest form of food.


Purple red lightning struck through the grey sky, crackling onto the mountain ahead!

The lightning energy blew up, and caused the cliff to become powder and countless rocks to fly over.

Walking at the front, Shen Mo glanced at the dusted cliff and took a few steps back involuntarily. He said with a palpitating heart, “This is a lightning desolation ground!”

“In reality, the entire demon realms’ lightning element is very active.” Mu Qingyi said.

Just as he finished, the between the rolling mountains suddenly flashed a dazzling purple light. Purple snakes of lightning crackled terrifyingly through the sky, flying through the mountains into each other like a dozen dragons, leaving blackened rocks in their wake!!

The ten lightning bolts appearing at the same time caused everyone to suck a breath in. The lightning energy probably wasn’t easy to deal with. If they stood in that valley, they probably would have turned into powder like the mountain rocks!


On the way, if they met roaming organisms, they always chose to circle around. Their main purpose here was to reach the phoenix species lost grounds. If they wasted their time on meaningless battles, they would add danger to their journey without reason.

After passing through a long valley, Mu Qingyi took out a yellowing document, and furrowed her brows as she tried to figure out the next step.

The entire valley was like a massive maze. Without the document, they could easily get lost in the valleys.

After finding the right direction, Mu Qingyi brought everyone towards the region where lightning was rampant before.

Mu Qingyi, Shen Mo, and Pang Yue all had lightning type soul pets, respectively top tier emperor rank Thunder sword winged lion, top tier emperor rank chaotic thunder sprite, and high class emperor rank Delayed Lightning.

Thunder Sword Winged Tiger, and Chaotic Thunder Sprite were common soul pets. Pang Yue’s Delayed Lightning was a purely support elemental world soul pet and wasn’t a fairy species.

The valley ahead often had lightning flying around. No matter if man or soul pet gets hit by it, they would be heavily injured. At this time, having Thunder Sword Winged Tiger and Chaotic Thunder Sprite and Delayed Thunder had to be lightning rods for everyone. Or else, after all of them passed through, they probably would get fried by the patternless lightning.

“Mo Xie, go back to sleep.” Chu Mu knew Mo Xie couldn’t do much in this region, so he put her back into his soul pet space.

After retracting Mo Xie, Chu Mu summoned ghost monarch king.

Ghost monarch king’s defense was rather thick, so even getting hit by thunder a few times probably wouldn’t faze it.

“Brother Chu, have your souls still not healed?” Seeing Chu Mu still only using one soul pet, Teng Lang asked.

“I was wounded rather heavily, I probably have to heal for a while longer.” Chu Mu replied.

Mu Qingyi aside glanced at Chu Mu, and remembered that this fellow seemed to constantly be using only one soul pet. She had never seen him summon two soul pets at once.

Mu Qingyi wasn’t stupid. She had never heard of a soul wound that took longer than a year to recover. And, three palace still had a decent amount of Soul Healing Stamen in their reserves. There was no reason they couldn’t give him some to heal his soul.

However, this man was always very mysterious, so even if she asked him, she probably won’t get the truth.


Before, when the lightning dashed around from afar, they already were surprised. Now that they were in the region themselves, hearing the massive roars of thunder as well as some flying mere meters away from them, they felt the danger of the thunder and caused them to be jittery at the terror.

If it were anyone else, if they were in a region ravaged by thunder equivalent to a high class or top tier emperor rank’s attack, they may not even have the courage to move forward.

“This place is so scary, it feels like emperor rank is the lowest level organism here.” Pang Yue said in a low voice.

Just now, Pang Yue still saw an emperor rank get hit by a bolt of thunder when running and getting shocked into a mush of flesh.

Human soul pet trainers started as spirit disciples controlling servant rank soul pets. They constantly increased their strength until they reached emperor rank, where they were finally viewed as true experts of humanity.

However, when they walked out of the realm of humans and reached an unknown forbidden realm, they would realize that experts of human realm were just like servant rank soul pets in this world, easily able to lose their lives.

If it were before, seeing an emperor rank organism getting disintegrated by a bolt of lightning would cause Chu Mu to be shocked as well. Now, it only made him slightly skeptical.

His perspective had long since grown from before. Every time one moved out of one’s strength realm, they must root their beliefs in a different way.

When one reached a certain level, reaching higher ranks and becoming stronger was always a process where one would only meet organisms of the same or higher rank.

When one originally thought that the tip of the organism pyramid were emperor rank soul pets, it was because he was still the bottom of emperor rank. The large mountain of emperor rank was enough to blot out anything else.

Now that he was above emperor rank, he saw yet another wide world. The path he had once walked, the enemies that he defeated, the experts he surpassed, they were no longer unreachable targets and instead became proof of his new strength and eventually even footprints that slowly went further away……

Chu Mu never felt lost or sad because of discovering a new world. To him, the highlights in life were never to reach a certain height. Instead, it was to constantly find new soul pets and challenge stronger organisms.

He knew that maybe one day he would get stuck in a certain realm and stop moving forward.

However, the blood in his bones hadn’t cooled down yet. And as long as the deeply rooted belief in his mind hadn’t faded, as long as his insatiable desire to grow stronger remained, he will continue climbing!

Unless his blood cooled and his belief faded, or if he became satisfied by being sure he truly reached the peak of all organisms, he would never stop going forth!


“Can you see that stroke of red?” Within the lightning, Mu Qingyi rode her thunder sword winged lion and pointed ahead at the grey sky.

Chu Mu glanced through two tall mountains and looked into the further grey sky. Within the sky, there was a weak red that could easily be missed unless watching carefully.

However, being able to see it didn’t mean it was close. A good example would be the moon in the sky.

Chu Mu could feel that the red was very far away from where he was right now. There was no telling how many days and nights he would need to reach it.

However, remembering that reaching there meant he would soon have a new soul pet, dead dream, Chu Mu would get excited and his blood would start boiling!

Maybe it was this blood boiling that caused Chu Mu to completely forget the bitterness and pain of cultivating, allowing him to feel his own liveliness.

Anyone may get easily lost in the sea of lives, losing themselves in the tides of time. Some want to leave their eternal legacy or laugh at the tip of the pyramid and set them as goals, but many of them just walk forth down the path in their heart.

In reality, if one used human realm to measure Chu Mu, he was already at the tip of the pyramid and had left his eternal legacy. However, he only wanted to continue walking down the path in his heart!

At this moment, his heart was pointed right at this smear of red, pointing towards where he would get his new soul pet Dead Dream!

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