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The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel) - Chapter 977: Thunder Giant

Chapter 977: Thunder Giant

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Thunder flashed and lightning roared, making the air smelled burnt. Occasionally, one would have to guard against sudden lightning striking down because one small mistake and one would shatter horribly like a piece of rock!

The further they went, the more lightning there was and the more powerful it became.

Normally, they would only need three lightning type creatures to be able to avoid the lightning. However, this lightning wasteland clearly wasn’t that easy to traverse.

As the lightning elements scattered, a huge amount of lightning type crystals appeared. These crystals would fetch a price that was worth a city. Indeed, human territory didn’t have this type of lightning danger ground.

The more lightning type crystals that appeared, the more creatures would be roaming around. This was a serious obstacle to the party of six.

Most of the creatures roaming this area were lightning type. Among them, the majority were from the fairy species, followed by the giant species.

Presently in front of the group, on top of a mountain, was a giant species creature covered in lightning chains. In the human realm, its species rank would be considered high and the species itself was rare – it being a Thunder Giant!

The Ghost King, Thunder Giant, and Tai Mountain Giant all belonged to the Giant species. The Tai Mountain Giant was an emperor rank Giant species and was a higher species rank than the Ghost King. The Thunder Giant was the same rank as the Tai Mountain Giant and from the imposing aura it emitted as it controlled lightning, this Thunder Giant’s strength was at the peak of the emperor rank!

In an elemental danger ground like this, there would be both danger and ample resources. The creatures that lived here thus were much higher ranked than those outside the area. Especially adding on the terrain and elemental domain, their strength was far stronger than other same ranking creatures!

“Chu Fangchen, you Ghost King is related to it. Can it say hi, and ask it if it will let us pass?” Teng Lang spoke this senseless sentence.

Chu Mu ignored Teng Lang’s stupid question. Shen Mo and Pang Yue also just treated Teng Lang as if he hadn’t said anything.

”However, Chao Lengchuan looked with astonishment at Teng Lang and asked: “Will that work?”

“…” when the adjacent Pang Yue heard this, she rolled her eyes. This prince was too naive; he even believed those words. If they could rely on species to amicably resolve this problem, why wouldn’t they just get Chu Mu’s Seven Sins Fox to talk with the Thunder Monarch; indeed, why would they need to so cautiously traverse this lightning and thunder ground then?

The paragon emperor rank Thunder Giant stood in the path ahead of the group. If they were going to fight, the Thunder Sword Winged Lion, Chaotic Thunder Sprite and the other thunder type soul pet would not necessarily be able to beat the Thunder Giant together. Therefore, Mu Qingyi had looked for another path. Unfortunately, this mountain was already the easiest path; the alternative was to enter an area with even more lightning and to face groups of thunder type creatures!

“Let’s fight!” Chu Mu saw that there was no other path, and spoke to everyone.

“My Sword Winged Lion hasn’t reached the paragon emperor rank yet. It’ll have difficulty fighting.” said Mu Qingyi.

There was still a very long path ahead. Therefore, they had to choose the most energy-conserving method to deal with things. Energy-conserving fights was a concept that every training soul pet trainer had to understand.

“Let my Ghost King go.” said Chu Mu.

While tidying up the Nightmare Danger Ground, Chu Mu had focused on the Ghost King. Most of the materials collected there had been given to Ye Qingzi, and he then took a few rare ghost type spirit items from Nightmare Palace.

Ye Qingzi didn’t spend her time only concocting spirit items for the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil, but also for the Ghost King in the five months before they left for the demon realm. All of the spirit items collected by Chu Mu had been used to strengthen the Ghost King, finally allowing it to reach the peak emperor rank.

“Your Ghost King should only be a normal peak emperor, right? It won’t last a few strikes from the Thunder Giant before losing.” said Pang Yue.

“Don’t worry, it can deal with it.” Chu Mu was extremely confident in the Ghost King.

After speaking, the Ghost King strode forward towards the not too tall mountain peak!

The Ghost King was extremely domineering. It took the first strike, grabbing its curved monarch sword. Immediately provoking the Thunder Giant, it swung the curved sword in its hand!!

The curved sword was wrapped in a dense ghost aura. One swing of the sword drew out the shocking outline of an extremely heavy sword that smashed towards the base of the mountain peak!!!

“Keng Keng!!!!!”

The curved sword whistled through the wind as it lobbed off the base of the mountain peak. Without the base support of the mountain peak, the mountain peak began to tilt and came to a loud smashing crash as lightning and thunder roared!!

The Thunder Giant was still standing at the top of the peak. Just as the peak was about to smash to the ground, its body, covered in lightning, abruptly leaped and landed in front of the Ghost King which had destroyed its nest. Its hands were gripping a lightning spear that reached nearly 1000 meters as it stabbed towards the Ghost King!!

The 1000 meter lightning spear was tremendous. The strength contained could easily pierce through a several ten thousand meter mountain. If it landed on a peak emperor’s body, it would either be seriously injured or die!

Chu Mu knew that the Thunder Giant was powerful. He didn’t hold back and immediately had the Ghost King use a technique!

“Monarch Ghost Transformation, defense!”

As the 1000 meter lightning spear arrived, the Ghost King’s armor ignited with a dense ghostly flame that caused its aura to greatly increase.

In the torrential ghost flames, the Ghost King’s body abruptly grew taller, instantly transforming into a miniature mountain, reaching a hundred meters high. The monarch ghost sword in its hands transformed into an agile ghost rock sword amidst the ghost flames, and was firmly held in the Ghost King’s hands!

“Zi zi zi~~~~~~”

The lightning spear struck the ghost rock shield. Instantly, lightning shot out like a group of snakes, leaving the surrounding area a mess!

The ghost rock shield in the Ghost King’s hands was shattered, and its body was knocked back a long way by the Lightning Fury Spear.

However, after undergoing the Monarch Ghost Transformation, it wouldn’t be easily injured. Aside from a bit of scorched armor, it didn’t receive any other wound.

At this moment, a lightning battle armor finally arrived on the Ghost King’s body.

In truth, a support type soul pet trainer should have already added lightning type defense onto the Ghost King by the time it started its assault. However, Pang Yue and her soul pets were half a step slow.

“Your turn!” Chu Mu didn’t say anything to Pang Yue. Instead, he spoke to the two people behind him.

The Ghost King had already blocked the attack. The rest would be left to Mu Qingyi and the Chaotic Thunder Sprite. Indeed, the Ghost King’s attacks were negligible to the Thunder Giant.

The Thunder Sword Winged Lion and Chaotic Thunder Sprite had already finished fermenting their techniques!

Mu Qingyi and the Thunder Sword Winged Lion were clearly walking on a path of assault. After the Thunder Sword Winged Lion charged, its lightning claws of destruction left an enormous wound on the Thunder giant’s abdomen.

The Chaotic Thunder Sprite’s destructive force was slightly inferior. Aside from managing to knock back the Thunder Giant a bit, it wasn’t of much use.

By the time the Chaotic Thunder Sprite and Thunder Sword Winged Lion’s attacks ended, the Thunder Giant had finished fermenting its second technique. Without hesitation, it charged at the thunder Sword Winged Lion that had injured it!

There was ultimately a two level difference in strength between peak and paragon emperors. Mu Qingyi’s Thunder Sword Winged Lion was also mainly of the attacking type. If it was struck by the attack, there was a chance it could instantly die.

Therefore, Mu Qingyi didn’t hesitate to have it retreat before the Thunder giant finished fermenting its technique.


The Thunder Giant was extremely angry. It had been many years since a creature had provoked its authority in its territory. It had to kill these foolish creatures then hang their corpses here to show all of the creatures in the lightning wasteland that it wasn’t easily provoked!

Lifting its fists high up, after giving a roar, two enormous bolts of purple lightning struck down, landing in between the Thunder Giant’s palms!

Holding the enormous lightning, crackling sounds of thunder ringing out, the Thunder Giant locked onto the Thunder Sword Winged Lion. It threw the two balls of enormous lightning essence at it!!

Seeing the enormous lightning balls fly over, Mu Qingyi maintained her calm, because she saw Chu Mu’s Ghost King rush forwards!

As an absolute defense type soul pet, the Ghost King had to block almost all of the enemy’s techniques that had extremely high destructive force.

Chu Mu’s Ghost King appeared very timely. Just as the enormous lightning balls were about to strike the Thunder Sword Winged Lion, it managed to use its body and block in front of the Thunder Sword Winged Lion!

“Hong!!!!!!!!! Hong!!!!!!!!”

The two balls of lightning exploded in the Ghost King’s chest, instantly shattering most of the armor on its chest!

The Ghost King’s large foot stamped on the ground, enduring the two lightning attacks!

“Attack.” Chu Mu then glanced at Mu Qingyi and spoke to her.

As he spoke, Chu Mu gave an order to the Ghost King.

The wobbling Ghost King used its hand to grab the Thunder Sword Winged Lion and threw this purple lion towards the Thunder Giant!!!

The Thunder Sword Winged Lion retracted its wings. The Ghost King’s throw made it unnecessary to speed up. Thus its body transformed into a purple ball of energy that smashed towards the Thunder Giant’s chest!!

How could the Thunder Giant imagine the enemy would launch a counter attack so quickly? It was unable to react in time as its chest was struck by the Thunder Sword Winged Lion transformed energy ball, and it was knocked back several thousands of meters!

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