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The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel) - Chapter 979: Phoenix Species Huge Mountain

Chapter 979: Phoenix Species Huge Mountain

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The Huge Mountain was similarly barren and full of completely hard and jagged rocks, sometimes precipitous, sometimes broad, sometimes falling steeply or rising suddenly. The strange geography caused quite an obstruction to people.

The geography’s influence on everyone could be overcome, but what caused the most trouble was, between the mountains, the habitating organisms often appeared in groups. It was often the case where they would get across a mountain ridge, and find a group of organisms staring at the six intruders angrily and charge forth!

In the diagram valley, the six people mostly went around patrolling organisms and battling wasn’t very frequent.

However, stepping into phoenix species lost ground giant mountain, they almost never stopped fighting, paving a bloody path through all these organisms.

“Heavens, I don’t even want to go forth anymore.” Teng Lang rode his iceberg lion from the skies down to where everyone else was resting, complaining grumpily.

They rested on a cliff. Between the cliff and the next mountain body was a fault that extended deep into the ground. In the crack, one could see countless blinking crystals.

These crystals blossomed with an alluring glow. If all of it were collected, the energy was definitely enough to make countless emperor ranks.

However, the six people at the cliff had no intention of going to get any of it because within that long crack, there were many glowing things that weren’t energy filled crystals – pairs of menacing eyes!

The amount of eyes was far greater than the amount of crystals, spread rapidly through the large crack valley, sometimes letting out frightening calls!

Having seen the scariness of groups of organisms, the six of them had no energy to go get the resources. Reaching the top of the volcano was the only thought on their tired minds now.

The crack naturally could be crossed. They wanted to go upwards, so there was no point for them to fight with those organisms down the crack.

However, Teng Lang who went forth to investigate came back with a soured expression. Presumably the situation ahead wasn’t any better than the crack below them.

“What’s up?” Shen Mo asked.

“I can’t really describe it. Let’s rest some more, and then everyone can see for themselves. Just be mentally prepared.” Teng Lang laughed bitterly.

Hearing Teng Lang say this, everyone knew that there probably was a large group of organisms ahead.

This continuous battling caused their minds to be tired. Other than Chu Mu, who was always using one soul pet, who still had raging fighting intent, the others were all very helpless.

After resting, the six of them continued forward.

Flying through the valley full of poisonous snakes and treasures, following the rising altitude, the six people climbed to the top of the mountain.

After reaching the peak, the geography started sliding back down, creating a basin-like region at the top of the mountain.

However, standing at the edge of the basin, the five people glanced ahead. Their faces all instantly blackened when they saw the massive and bustling group of organisms ahead.

“There’s at least fifty thousand?” Chao Lengchuan sucked in a breath, and looked at the countless black dots.

This mountain basin was massive. If they didn’t consider latitude, they could even see it as a dried out ocean. If that were the case, the organisms within the basin were the sea water!

This scene that caused everyone to hesitate also gave Chu Mu a headache.

Chu Mu could only use one soul pet, so his use in group battles was very limited. And, his most powerful white nightmare had to be kept until the end. He couldn’t afford to waste its energy now, since it won’t be able to recover in a mere four or five days.

Clearly, this basin group was a rather high level tribe. If they had to walk around it, there was no telling how long it would take, and even then they couldn’t guarantee they could circumvent them entirely.

Helpless, they could only choose to go ahead stealthily.

If they killed their way across, they would definitely waste a large amount of their soul pets’ fighting strength. The best way was to head forwards with demon or dark type organisms. If they couldn’t move stealthily the entire way, they could only fight their way through.

Chu Mu didn’t have demon type soul pets, so naturally they could only follow Mu Qingyi.

Pang Yue’s strength was rather weak and needed an expert to protect her. This task was given to Chao Lengchuan, who was the second most powerful.

Chao Lengchuan could control five soul pets, and having received the supreme title inheritance, his Thousand Wave Beast wasn’t much weaker than Chu Mu’s white nightmare. Though it wasn’t currently summoned, guaranteeing Pang Yue’s safety wasn’t an issue.

Shen Mo and Teng Lang naturally paired together. When Teng Lang climbed onto Shen Mo’s demon’s back, he glanced at the other two pairs of boy and girl and said to Shen Mo, “This scene is familiar……why are we paired together again!”

“Sure, you go protect Pang Yue and tell scholar Chao to come with me.” Shen Mo said.

“Uh, never mind.” Teng Lang didn’t say much more.

Chu Mu could only control one soul pet, and this fellow always liked sending his soul pet deep into the enemy lines while running around in the fight himself too. At times, he may need even more protection than Pang Yue.

The mission of protecting Chu Mu naturally fell on Mu Qingyi. There was no point for anyone else to take it instead. After Teng Lang’s constant gossiping, the other three knew clearly that there had to be something between Chu Mu and Mu QIngyi.

Furthermore, Pang Yue was usually by Chao Lengchuan’s side. Though his humble scholar appearance caused one to be speechless, his strength was highly admirable!

The fellow’s main soul pets were all top tier emperor rank. In fact, even some of his secondary soul pets stepped into that rank. Not considering dominator rank soul pets, Chao Lengchuan’s average strength was much stronger than Chu Mu.

Thus, most of the time, Teng Lang followed Shen Mo.

Shen Mo wanted to hide his strength a little and not let others see through him, but right after entering the mountain, most of his strength was revealed. He had to help Pang Yue, who was just a top tier emperor rank deadweight.

Coming out and running into so many situations, Chu Mu was having a headache over only being able to use one soul pet. It was times like these that he started missing Night, Zhan Ye, and little hidden dragon more.

“The enemy ahead is too dense, we’ll likely be discovered.” Mu Qingyi glanced at the completely black armored abyss beasts and turned to speak to Chu Mu.

“Kill our way across, it’s better than if we approached slowly and cautiously.” Chu Mu said.

“You say it like its easily done.” Mu Qingyi said.

“I can get rid of their commander and attract their attention, you guys can continue in stealth.” Chu Mu said.

“You’re going to summon your white nightmare?” Mu Qingyi felt it wasn’t necessary to use their trump card yet.

“No need.” Chu Mu said.

Mu Qingyi gazed doubtfully at Chu Mu. Without white nightmare, a single soul pet was almost unable to do anything against such a large tribe. At least Mu Qingyi felt that Chu Mu couldn’t do it. After all, the danger and difficulty was too high.

Seeing Mu Qingyi look at him like this, Chu Mu instead laughed. “You don’t believe me?”

“En, I don’t believe it.” Mu Qingyi nodded very truthfully.

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