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The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 418: Chapter 418 – Little Bro, What Do You Think?

Chapter 418: Chapter 418 – Little Bro, What Do You Think?

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

At this time, a ball of flame was quickly flying toward that place. Initially, it was as small as a bead, but in just a few seconds it grew to the size of a fist. It showed how fast the thing was.

At the very least, it was several times faster than a Scarlet Pheasant.

When the flame approached, Wei Xiao Bei could see that it was a Bi Fang. Its body was several times larger than the one before.

Before the Bi Fang even reached the fort, a giant pillar of flame was shot at the battle formation.

It could be said that its appearance was very grand as it was a lot stronger than the Bi Fang from before.

It had appeared that the Bi Fang’s trump card was to call for someone older when it could not win.

Who knew if this Bi Fang was a parent or a sibling, as Wei Xiao Bei had not researched the Bi Fang extensively.

Seeing the Bi Fang spew out flames, little Major Zhao was calm and unhurried. He placed the great spear on the side hook at the side of the horse, then pulled out the longbow from his back. With a pull of the bowstrings, three white arrows appeared like smoke.

Then he let go of the bowstrings.


Three arrows were fired, causing an air shattering sound to the point that Wei Xiao Bei’s ears had almost gone numb.

The first smoky arrow knocked against the flame pillar and blew up into white air, blocking the path of the flames and stopping it.

After a short pause, the other two arrows caught up and created two arcs, hitting the sides of the flame pillar. Under the combined power, the flame pillar was destroyed as it exploded but did not cause any harm to the soldiers at all.

When Major Zhao had raised his longbow, the sound of drums echoed from the barracks. This was the signal to retreat as every soldier began to withdraw from the fort.

This was done to give space and allow the major to fight the Bi Fang. It was also done to reduce the casualties among the soldiers.

Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei was giving this minister a thumbs up in his mind, but he could also not help but worry for him as well.

The reason for this was simple. In the current situation, Major Zhao was fighting against two Bi Fang alone.

Although one of them was almost down for the count, it was still a 4-Star Creature. Given enough time, it could recover.

Wei Xiao Bei himself was the same, let alone a 4-Star Creature.

The most important point was not that there were two Bi Fangs.

“This little Major Zhao is truly courageous, but its a bit too much. His judgment is not thorough enough.”

Wei Xiao Bei could not endure. Although he knew that saying it like this would make the station commander beside him angry, he could not endure seeing this major fall headfirst.


Hearing Wei Xiao Bei’s words, the station commander naturally got angry and pointed his finger at him, wanting to berate him.

Wei Xiao Bei also knew that the station commander would not make things easy for him once they reached the minister of war.

However, when the station commander was about to berate him, a gentle voice came from behind, “Hey little bro, it seems that you are quite experienced. Is it possible to hear the reasoning behind your words?”

Wei Xiao Bei was startled as he was not able to tell that there was someone who came from behind. He simply did not hear a single sound of footsteps at all.

It must be known that as long as the ground was touched, it would create the sound of friction, even a Guo Shu expert in Qinggong was no exception.

If a normal person could not hear it, their ears were simply not sharp enough.

However, Wei Xiao Bei’s ears were very sharp thanks to his awareness attribute. He could even hear a feather fall on the ground within twenty meters.

Wei Xiao Bei was so surprised that he turned his head, not noticing the stunned and terrified expression on the station commander’s face.

He only saw that there was a yellow-faced man with rough skin and thick hands appear behind Wei Xiao Bei. The man looked like a middle-aged farmer that was around fifty years old.

The man was wearing a crimson jacket. Compared to other soldiers, there was not much difference in their clothing. The only thing different was the tiger-shaped white jade pendant on his waist. It appeared to be very valuable.

However, when Wei Xiao Bei turned around to look, he instantly felt an unfathomable deepness from the other party.

No matter what was said, the person was around fifty years old. He could be considered a senior. Moreover, most of the common soldiers were wearing leather armor, but this man didn’t. It showed that he was someone of some important position.

From this, Wei Xiao Bei did not dare have an ounce of neglect as he hurriedly imitated a Han Dynasty salute, “This youngster greets sir.”

As he was saluting, he could not help but rejoice. If he had not been learning a few things from a professor and watched many things, he would have been caught unprepared at this moment.

“Little brother doesn’t need to be polite. Answering my question will suffice.”

The middle-aged man gently smiled.

“Since senior ask me to do so, I would not dare not answer.”

Wei Xiao Bei immediately said his guess. The general idea was that Major Zhao was powerful, but since he could borrow power from the army, why abandon them and wish to fight alone.

If he won, he would only be called a hero, but if he died, he would lower the morale of the army. Moreover, if the Bi Fang took the chance to attack while the army was retreating, Major Zhao might not be able to block the attack and he would send the soldiers to the grave.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei did not bluntly call it reckless heroism.

As for further explanations, Wei Xiao Bei did not continue. Who knew why but the station commander did not speak and only glared at Wei Xiao Bei as if he was a nemesis that had humiliated his idol.

However, after finishing his words, Wei Xiao Bei came to and realized that he had forgotten that these soldiers were from the Three Kingdoms Period. During that time, generals loved to have unsurmountable duels called ‘general duels’.

These general duels from the Three Kingdoms period had developed to the limits. They were also the origins of heroic tales.

Let alone this commander in front of him, Zhao Yun had also become famous due to his many general duels.

The battle of Pan River was where Gong Sun Zan and Yuan Shao fought. In this battle, Gong Sun Zan had lost and almost lost his life until Zhao Yun had saved him. Zhao Yun had fought with the pursuer Wen Chou for more than fifty exchanges and came out victorious. This was said to be Zhao Yun’s first battle.

In the battle of Rang Mountain, Zhao Yun had fought thirty exchanges with Xu Zhu.

Naturally, Zhao Yun was cautious in using his soldiers. If there wasn’t a necessity, he would not issue a general duel.

However, Zhao Yun’s master, Liu Bei, was not that lucky. He was often met with a mishap that forced Zhao Yun to fight a lot.

However, saying that Major Zhao was being recklessly heroic might have been seen as a slight against Zhao Yun.

Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but let out a bitter smile. He had been happily explaining while forgetting that these were Han soldiers in the Dust World, and they were also ancient people.

“You spy. How dare you disgrace our general. Fight me.”

The station commander appeared to be unable to endure anymore and wanted to pull out his sword and hack at Wei Xiao Bei.

Sigh. It’s all my mouth’s fault. It was going so well, but I have now offended him. Could it be that I have to kill my way through now?

I haven’t even seen Zhao Zi Long yet. How unfortunate.

When Wei Xiao Bei was prepared to make his move, the middle-aged man laughed, “Hearing this little brother’s words might be uncomfortable at the start, but after carefully thinking, it is indeed logical. It seems that little brother has studied the art of war.”

Hearing the middle-aged man open his mouth, the station commander’s arisen vigor went back down.

“My child is indeed a bit impulsive and kind-hearted. He is not decisive enough. He should have killed the small one first, and then when the big one was isolated without help, he could kill it!”

After the middle-aged man gave his view, Wei Xiao Bei felt like this could be called hitting the nail on the head.

However, Wei Xiao Bei’s eyes widened at this moment and pointed at the middle-aged man. His mouth hung open from shock as he could only say ‘you you you’.

“Brazen! Stop being rude! After seeing the General of Tiger’s Might you still haven’t paid your respects!”

At that time the station commander finally roared out words.

Wei Xiao Bei had found out the identity of the middle-aged man from his words.


This old man that looked like an old farmer was the silver spear general Zhao Zi Long!

Isn’t this disguising as a pig to eat the tiger?

I never imagined that Zhao Zi Long knew this move?

So hateful. I had been fooled by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Zhao Zi Long in television series was beautifully portrayed by handsome men. I never imagined that the real Zhao Zi Long or the Zhao Zi Long in the Dust World looked like an old farmer. This had truly setbackmy imagination.

Luckily, Wei Xiao Bei did not make any irresponsible remarks. Otherwise, if the other party became angry, wouldn’t he be killed in just one stab of the spear?

“Haha, Zhao Tian should not be like this. This little brother just did not know this one’s identity. It’s not disrespect.”

The middle-aged man, Zhao Yun happily said.

It could be said that Zhao Yun’s personality was not bad.

Thinking about this, if he had not encountered Zhao Yun but instead Zhang Fei, Zhang Fei might just begin to brandish his spear at him.

The only way Liu Bei could appoint Zhao Yun as the Central Protector of the Army was thanks to his personality.

“I, Wei Xiao Bei, pay my respects to the Marquis of Yong Chang Village!”

Wei Xiao Bei previously did not know, but now that he knew, he did not dare neglect and immediately paid his respects.

Luckily, Han etiquette did not put importance on kneeling as a way to pay respect. Otherwise, Wei Xiao Bei with his modern awareness would have a hard time doing it even if the other party was Zhao Yun.

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