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The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 419: Chapter 419 – Ant In Front of a Mountain

Chapter 419: Chapter 419 – Ant In Front of a Mountain

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“For what reason did Brother Wei appear in this barrack?”

When Zhao Yun said this, his expression changed. Although there was still warmth in his eyes, if Wei Xiao Bei was truly a spy, Zhao Yun would not be lenient.

This was Zhao Yun’s benevolence, but also decisiveness.

“Reporting to General, this Wei Xiao Bei appeared in the pool. He was noticed and caught by Zhang Wu. This lowly person took charge to escort him to go to the minister of war for an interrogation.”

The station commander named Zhao Tian answered. Although the question was directed toward Wei Xiao Bei, he did not hesitate and reported this matter without removing or adding anything.

“Wei Xiao Bei, is what station commander Zhao Tian said true?”

Zhao Yun asked Wei Xiao Bei again.

“Station Commander Zhao did not lie, but…..”

At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei had been caught unprepared. How was he going to explain this? In front of Zhao Yun, elaborating things like coming to help them or that he was a good person…. he might not die, but he might be imprisoned until they found his identity. Only then would they let him go.

Now that Wei Xiao Bei had seen Zhao Yun, how could he just allow himself to be imprisoned?

Being imprisoned did not matter much, but Wei Xiao Bei wanted to ask for Zhao Yun’s guidance. The first thing he would need to do was to make him trust him!

Activate Precise Calculation! Activate Bold and Decisive!

In an instant, countless plans appeared in Wei Xiao Bei’s mind.

These plans had their pros and cons. The best outcome was to be expelled from the barrack! After all, Zhao Yun appeared to have a favorable opinion of him. Naturally, this might also be how Zhao Yun always treated others.

If it was another person, being expelled was a good result, at the very least, they did not have to be worried about being killed as a spy.

Even if he started [Precise Calculation], he could not think for too long.

Thus, in the next instant, Wei Xiao Bei trusted his instincts and did not hide his origins, “I am not actually from here.”

This phrase could make the conversation advance or retreat. It all depended on how Zhao Yun understood it.

If Zhao Yun had gone and assumed Wei Xiao Bei was a western merchant, Wei Xiao Bei was not going to refute it.

The only problem was that the position of merchants who came from outside the country was quite low.

Wei Xiao Bei couldn’t fool Zhao Yun, but the thing that happened after stunned him.

“So it’s like that. The air around brother Wei tells me that you are not from this world. So it seems that you came from the human world.”

Zhao Yun nodded his head and acknowledged Wei Xiao Bei’s words.

Not from this world? Came from the human world?

It appears that Zhao Yun had already recognized Wei Xiao Bei’s origins. This made him stunned.

Luckily, he did not lie. Otherwise, the results might be unimaginable.

However, what had surprised him the most was that Zhao Yun had a powerful understanding of the Dust World.

According to his thoughts, Zhao Yun was someone created by the Dust World who trained here. He even thought that Zhao Yun was from the era of the Shu Han Dynasty. However, seeing his current appearance, he was not certain anymore.

Toward Zhao Yun’s words, the station commander appeared to not have understood. However, seeing that Zhao Yun’s expression became gentle, the station commander did not dare do anything to Wei Xiao Bei and felt a bit resentful.

“Since you are not someone from this world, then I believe that Brother Wei is not a spy.”

Zhao Yun smiled.

At this moment, a loud sound came from the direction of the valley.

Everyone immediately looked in that direction.

The only thing that could be seen was the valley covered in a sea of flames.

After the Bi Fang exchanged moves with Zhao Tong a few times, it could not defeat him for a while. It immediately shook its body, causing the fire clouds to spread everywhere and envelop the thousands of square miles of the valley. The clouds had rained down flames like meteors.

When these flames left the fire cloud, they were only as small as a sesame seed and almost invisible. However, as it descended it became bigger, and when it reached the ground, it was as large as a human.

The countless balls of flames descended. The power behind them was shocking, but it did not damage Zhao Tong at all.

When the balls of flames descended, Zhao Tong’s body let out a white light that repelled the balls of flame falling on him.

However, the balls of flames were not meant to kill Zhao Tong, but to create a sea of flames.

The fireballs continued to descend. The plants, grasses, flowers all burned. The soil and mud had also begun to turn scarlet and melt under the flames.

Zhao Tong fired three times, causing nine white arrows to chase after the Bi Fang.

This time, Zhao Tong had grasped a good opportunity. Because the Bi Fang needed to control the fire clouds, it was not able to dodge all the arrows. Two had hit its body and opened up two big holes where red blood immediately flowed out.

The Bi Fang’s blood immediately became flames as it dropped down, increasing the sea of flames on the ground.

From the looks of it, Zhao Tong was at an advantage as he continuously fired arrows. White arrows continuously chased after the Bi Fang and opened holes in its body from time to time.

However, Zhao Tong had noticed that the smaller Bi Fang had already blended into the sea of flames and was beginning to recover from its injuries.

There was no doubt that the Bi Fang used diversionary tactics. As long as the small Bi Fang recovered, then both of them could attack at the same time and place Zhao Tong in imminent danger.

Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei immediately looked at Zhao Yun.

Zhao Yun understood his meaning and smiled, “The boy has been constantly arrogant. This is perfect to press down on his drive and prevent him from committing a great mistake in the future.”

Cold sweat could not help but flow down from Wei Xiao Bei’s back.

His mother only used a feather duster to discipline him, but Zhao Yun’s methods were to send his child into danger.

It could be said that Zhao Yun’s boldness had shocked Wei Xiao Bei, but it also made him admire him.

The next situation was as Wei Xiao Bei had predicted.

Although Zhao Tong’s longbow was able to injure and tire out the big Bi Fang, the small Bi Fang that had hidden in the sea of flames had also recovered and flew back into the sky.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Tong was slightly stunned. He immediately shot three arrows, wanting to kill the small Bi Fang that had just flown up.

However, wanting to kill it at this time was already too late. The large Bi Fang dived down and spat out flames, blocking the arrows. The other Bi Fang had also followed and spat out flames to execute a pincer attack.

At this time, Zhao Tong knew that he could not win against the pincer attack from two Bi Fangs. He immediately rode back on his white horse. The white horse let out a long neigh and turned to light, moving toward the inside of the valley.

“The boy’s escape speed isn’t slow.”

Seeing his son run away, Zhao Yun was gratified but was not satisfied.

Wei Xiao Bei understood his thoughts.

From Zhao Yun’s historical fighting records, he would never retreat fast even when he lost the battle. He would slowly retreat and simply not give the enemy a chance to pursue and attack him. Thus, whenever Zhao Yun would lose a battle, his troops were very orderly and their losses were few.

On the other hand, although Zhao Tong knew how to be flexible and run away from fights he could not win, the way he ran away showed poor performance. Luckily he was alone. If he was commanding an army and ran away like that, his beaten army would likely collapse.

Even if he ran back to the barracks, with his father as the commander-in-chief and the army from the Han Dynasty, his end would be a public beheading display, and the head would be hung on a flagpole for everyone to see.

This was not a joke.

Zhu Ge Liang’s tears while beheading Ma Su was due to this. Ma Su was Ma Liang’s little brother. He was a talented strategist and thought highly of by Zhu Ge Lian. In truth, Zhu Ge Liang had looked at him as a disciple. In the end, due to his devastating defeat at the Battle of Jietang, he was sentenced to public beheading by martial law. Zhu Ge Liang’s bonds with him were very deep, as a result, he had cried as he ordered the beheading.

In this way, Zhao Tong sending his troops back was a good move.

Naturally, from the course of events, Zhao Tong had made a mistake and continued it. In the end, he had been defeated.

The two Bi Fang’s had caused Zhao Tong to escape in a pitiful state. Naturally, they would not show mercy and set off in hot pursuit, shooting Zhao Tong with flame pillars.

If this continued, Zhao Tong would be heavily injured even if he returns to the barracks.

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei saw Zhao Yun make a move. Zhao Yun did not quickly run over to help. Instead, he had called up a soldier and took the pike in his hands. Without striking a pose, he looked at the Bi Fang’s chasing after Zhao Tong.

The two Bi Fangs had somewhat felt the stare and slowed down slightly. However, they appeared to be unwilling to let Zhao Tong go and continued their pursuit.

This slight pause had given Zhao Yun an opportunity. He raised his left arm and sent the pike flying. As the pike flew, it began giving off dots of white light that looked like little birds dancing around the pike.

Then, in less than a second, the pike suddenly burst with white light and became a white phoenix. It was extremely majestic with its long tail, but it contained traces of killing intent.

Hundred Birds Paying Homage To The Phoenix!?

Could this be the legendary Hundred Birds Paying Homage To The Phoenix!

Wei Xiao Bei’s eyes were simply glued to the white phoenix.

In terms of spear techniques, Wei Xiao Bei did not believe that he was unparalleled, but he believed that the number of people that could beat him in the real world was only a handful. If he used all his strength, then it would not be farfetched to call him number one.

But after seeing Zhao Yun throw his spear, Wei Xiao Bei felt that he was like an ant in front of a mountain. He could only use his eyes to look upon the spear.

This spear technique is already outside the realm of human understanding!

Following the appearance of the white phoenix, the two Bi Fang did not dare continue their pursuit. They raised their heads and spat fire pillars at the white phoenix.

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