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The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 420: Chapter 420 – Strict Military Law

Chapter 420: Chapter 420 – Strict Military Law

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The fire pillar struck the white phoenix and immediately filled the sky with flames, but the white phoenix did not stop at all. On the contrary, it increased its speed and pounced at the Bi Fang.


In the blink of an eye, the white phoenix had turned into countless birds and pierced through the body of the Bi Fang, riddling its body full of holes. Then the birds once again merged into one white phoenix. After spiraling in the air, the white light retreated and the pike once again appeared. It lost momentum and fell toward the ground.

In just one attack, the two Bi Fang’s had been heavily injured. Moreover, the wound that had opened healed at a slow pace.

Just like that, the Bi Fang had been scared witless. They turned around, turned into burning light, and escape. Their speed was at least twice as fast as when they were chasing after Zhao Tong.

Wei Xiao Bei was rather down seeing that the two Bi Fangs did not die from this majestic attack.

Hearing his sigh, Zhao Yun beside him did not cover up the truth and smiled, “I have let Little Brother Wei ridicule me after seeing my poor performance. In the past few days, I managed to drive away the Golden Crow’s child. The injuries left behind had not healed yet until now and I had let it escape.”

“I wouldn’t dare. If it was me, I might have been eliminated by them with one attack.”

Wei Xiao Bei did not dare ridicule Zhao Yun, on the contrary, he became embarrassed.

At this moment, the people in the barracks had let out cheers of victory.

There was no doubt that Zhao Yun’s move had easily driven away the Bi Fang, making the soldiers extremely excited.

The barracks had immediately became noisy.

Soon, Zhao Tong had returned on his white horse. Seeing Zhao Yun from afar, he quickly got down and walked countless steps forward. When he was around ten steps away from Zhao Yun, he immediately kneeled with his head on the ground and shouted, “Major Zhao Tong has been defeated in battle. I wish to ask for general to hand down the punishment according to military law!”

Wow! This Zhao Tong is truly a man. He had taken the initiative to receive punishment.

Wei Xiao Bei had truly had his eyes opened.

From Wei Xiao Bei’s viewpoint, Zhao Tong would not be able to escape a beating. Zhao Yun’s military law was very strict and would not let Zhao Tong go. At worst, he might be dragged away to be beaten thirty times by a stick with just a word from Zhao Yun.

However, what Wei Xiao Bei never expected was…..

“Where is the military law minister?”

Zhao Yun simply did not pay attention to his kneeling son and loudly shouted.

“Sir general, sir!”

Following Zhao Yun’s voice, a tall middle-aged officer with two deep smile lines on his face wearing scale armor quickly came over. He immediately cupped his hands and greeted them after seeing Zhao Yun.

“Major Zhao Tong had been defeated by the enemy and damaged my army’s reputation. How should he be punished according to the law?”

At this moment, Zhao Yun’s face was serious. The previous warmth on it had completely disappeared. The words that came out of his mouth made Wei Xiao Bei’s back drenched in cold sweat.

The next step should not be beheading according to the law right?

Wei Xiao Bei slightly hesitated. He was thinking if he should ask for leniency.

However, the next course of events made Wei Xiao Bei feel that his historical knowledge was far from enough.

With Zhao Yun’s question, the military law minister immediately responded, “Losing to the enemy and damaging the army’s reputation. According to the law, he should be expelled from the army. However, he did not waste any soldiers or military supplies. This decreases the punishment. Adding them together, Major Zhao Tong should be demoted one rank! And then locked up for three days!”

“Pass on my order! Major Zhao Ting has been defeated by the enemy. According to the law, he is now demoted to the captain of the army! He is to be locked up for three days and be observed on his future behavior!”

Zhao Yun did not say anything else as he passed down his orders.

Afterward, two leather-armored soldiers came forward and raised Zhao Tong, bringing him back to the tent.

Wei Xiao Bei could faintly feel the air around these two soldiers. He could not help but be shocked. Just these two soldiers alone were 3-Star Terror Creatures.

Just from the bow-legged way they walked, they should be cavalrymen.

Because the Shu Han Dynasty occupied more mountains, there were fewer cavalrymen.

He remembered that Zhao Yun had once been part of Gong Sun Zan’s elite cavalry unit ‘White Riders’. It appears that these two cavalrymen must be Zhao Yun’s brother-in-arms. They should also be part of the famous White Riders.

However, these White Riders should only number less than a hundred in the Shu Han Dynasty.

“This visitor is a guest. Today, my army was victorious. Would little brother Wei be willing to join in my army’s victory feast?”

Seeing Zhao Tong’s slightly depressed face as he was locked up in a tent, Zhao Yun could not help but inwardly sigh. Then he smiled and invited Wei Xiao Bei.

In truth, Zhao Yun’s invitation made Wei Xiao Bei rather surprised. How could he dare refuse, and he immediately nodded his head.

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei’s acceptance, Zhao Yun did not stop over any longer. He instructed the station commander to bring Wei Xiao Bei to clean himself up and to take care of him. He then left with huge steps and should have gone to check on the soldier’s situation.

When Zhao Yun’s figure disappeared in a faraway tent, the station commander relaxed. Then he looked at Wei Xiao Bei and smiled, “Boy, you have good luck. The General of Tiger’s Might regarded you as important. This station commander could be considered to have also basked under your light.

Seeing the station commander’s attitude improved, Wei Xiao Bei knew that this was just idle chatter. He immediately smiled and tried to obtain some things out of the station commander’s mouth.

As long as it was not wartime, the station commander was easy to talk to. Seeing how Zhao Yun regarded Wei Xiao Bei as important, he relaxed his speech a lot. Although the station commander did not let out military secrets, Wei Xiao Bei had come to understand much more.

There would be monsters that attacked this place from time to time. Even the station commander did not know the reason why.

The station commander brought Wei Xiao Bei into a tent and asked for someone to deliver water. After Wei Xiao Bei washed his face and rinsed his mouth, he changed into clothes that the station commander brought over and he removed the clothes that appeared odd in the station commander’s eyes.

Wei Xiao Bei looked at a copper mirror and nodded his head. He now appeared as a handsome man.

When he used [Status Appraisal] on the Han clothing, he became amazed to know that the clothes possessed the status of permanent wear and tear prevention.

Next, Wei Xiao Bei and the station commander sparred in a nearby space.

The station commander used a pike. The so-called pike was similar to a spear. However, the spearhead was flat and its use was extremely simple, only meant for thrusting and picking.

As they sparred, Wei Xiao Bei had been dodging the pike of the station commander. With every thrust, the station commander advanced, and his thrust became quicker with every motion. Wei Xiao Bei had narrowly avoided it a few times, and in the end, he pulled out his great spear to block the pike.

On the other hand, picking was a technique to raise the opponent’s body once the pike had penetrated, preventing the opponent from resisting and creating an opening for the kill.

The battle between the two was extremely intense in the eyes of the spectating soldiers.

After tens of exchanges, Wei Xiao Bei was one step ahead and sent the station commander’s helmet flying, ending the battle.

It could be said that this kind of spar was the best way to polish one’s skill.

Because there was no wooden rod prepared in advance, the two of them had to use real weapons. A small bit of carelessness could lead to blood spilling.

In the end, Wei Xiao Bei had defeated the station commander without spilling blood. It could be said that his current spear skills had been greatly boosted.

The station commander was ashamed, and Wei Xiao Bei was about to say something as he worried that the station commander would fly into a rage at his defeat.

However, the station commander was one step ahead and cupped his hands, “Brother Wei’s martial art is truly exceptional. I truly cannot match it.”

It could not be seen from his appearance, but the station commander was an upright and straightforward man. Even if he lost in front of tens of soldiers, he still wholeheartedly complimented Wei Xiao Bei.

However, the station commander’s loss under Wei Xiao Bei was very reasonable.

In terms of strength, Wei Xiao Bei was completely above the station commander. If this was not a spar, the station commander might have breathed his last with just one thrust.

Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei’s spear techniques were so powerful that it was above the station commander’s pike techniques.

If Wei Xiao Bei lost even with this, then he would truly have lost face.

Soon, a general’s guard who appeared less than thirteen years old came to invite Wei Xiao Bei to go join the victory feast.

Wei Xiao Bei looked at the general’s guard, puzzled.

Isn’t he too young?

Could it be child labor?

That said, during the era of the Three Kingdoms, the chaos of war was never-ending. 13-year-olds becoming soldiers was not uncommon. Moreover, there was also a lot that became fathers.

However, this general’s guard had a jade-like face and looked similar to Zhao Tong.

Thus, Wei Xiao Bei asked and came to find out that this young boy was Zhao Yun’s second son, which was also Zhao Tong’s brother, Zhao Guang!

It could be seen that Zhao Guang’s nature was open-minded. Although he was young, he treated Wei Xiao Bei respectfully.

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei, the station commander, and Zhao Guang left the area.

After passing by a few military camps, an incredibly large tent came into view. Wei Xiao Bei could see a group of chefs busying themselves handling food.

The food was shockingly a cyan-colored bird that was as big as an elephant. Its entire body was covered in cyan-colored feathers. It had one foot and there was a large hole in its chest. It was clear that it had died after receiving this mortal wound.

This is a Bi Fang!

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei’s eyes land on the Bi Fang’s corpse, Zhao Guang explained, “This Bi Fang is a monster that lord general had personally killed and brought back.

The lord general that came out of Zhao Guang’s mouth was naturally his father Zhao Yun.

With the military law in place, it was reasonable that the father and son relationship was disregarded.

It appears that after Zhao Yun had left, he went to pursue the Bi Fangs and killed it. Killing one out of the two was already not bad. It must be known that when the Bi Fangs had escaped, they were shockingly fast. Even a Scarlet Pheasant would bow down to them.

As a highly experienced chef, how could Wei Xiao Bei endure at the sight of the Bi Fang? He then used [Status Appraisal] on it.

Name: Bi Fang Corpse

Description: This is the corpse of the 4-Star Elite Creature, Bi Fang. It is possible to obtain Bi Fang Meat, Bi Fang Blood, Bi Fang Feather, Bi Fang Bones, and other materials.

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