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The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 421: Chapter 421 – Various Pains

Chapter 421: Chapter 421 – Various Pains

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The description was simple, but when Wei Xiao Bei checked the description of each of the parts, he became excited.

Just the Bi Fang meat itself was not simple.

He truly did not know what kind of dish would come out once he cooked the 4-Star Elite Creature’s meat.

Secondly, the Bi Fang’s blood could level up his [Flame Resistance] skill.

As for the Bi Fang’s core, it should be some good stuff that would not lose to the Core of the Thousand Eyed Devil.

In short, the Bi Fang’s corpse was a treasure.

At this moment, the chefs had begun to busy themselves. Those who plucked the feathers plucked away. Those who were cutting meat, cut away. Their actions made Wei Xiao Bei’s eyelids jump.

Some things in the Han Dynasty could be said to be great. However, Wei Xiao Bei believed that their cooking skills could not be any superior to those of thousands of years ago.

Moreover, the cooks were just soldiers who understood cooking. The dishes that they cooked were enough to make people full, but in terms of taste, there was nothing great to say.

Moreover, their actions were reckless. The ones plucking the feathers did not even pluck cleanly. The ones cutting meat were cutting randomly. They did not even know about collecting the blood in one place, and a fire had almost started.

In short, it was chaos.


Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but take one step forward and shout.

Those chefs that were acting in a fluster were startled.

Afterward, a transport officer walked out. He originally wore an angry face, but after seeing Zhao Guang, he became more affable.

“Excuse me, why has sir stopped us?”

The transport officer had thought that it was Zhao Guang that had let out the shout, thus he asked the question to him.

Although Zhao Guang was only a general’s guard, he was Zhao Yun’s guard. Moreover, he was also Zhao Yun’s second son. The transport officer simply did not dare get angry at him.

Zhao Guang was slightly stunned. Wei Xiao Bei was someone his father had personally instructed him to invite. Moreover, his father told him to treat him with respect and courtesy. In truth, he did not know what kind of person Wei Xiao Bei was at all.

He only believed that Wei Xiao Bei had a level of importance in his father’s heart.

At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei had suddenly called to stop, making Zhao Guang think that there might be a spy that had infiltrated the kitchen. Thus, after being stunned, he immediately pulled out his sword and looked at Wei Xiao Bei with a guarded expression, waiting for an explanation.

Wei Xiao Bei was not familiar with the transport officer. He did not know how to say it, so he pulled Zhao Guang to the side and explained it in detail.

When Zhao Guang heard that Wei Xiao Bei wanted to personally cook the Bi Fang, his head could not help but shake.

What kind of joke are you playing?

You are my father’s important guest with an honorable identity. How could I let you cook?

Wei Xiao Bei originally thought that this matter was simple just like modern society. If a guest comes and wanted to display their skills but the host was not willing, just a bit of persuasion was enough to let the host give up and not make things hard for the guest.

What’s wrong with Zhao Guang so suddenly? He appears to want to kill me.

Luckily, the station commander was astute and immediately pulled Wei Xiao Bei to the side. He whispered a few words that made Wei Xiao Bei come to an understanding.

It seems that in the Han Dynasty, the chef’s position was very low, and this was not because of Mencius’ saying ‘a nobleman stays clear from the kitchen’.

Cooks were not only low in position during the Han Dynasty, but also until the 5th century, and there was a reason for this.

Under normal circumstances, everyone believed that the kitchen was a dirty place. Burnt meat and viscera of animals would cause the kitchen to become a nasty place. From then on, chefs were viewed as a lowly occupation.

After arguing with Zhao Guang, Wei Xiao Bei gave up the thought of disputing.

At this moment, Zhao Guang only knew to carry out his father’s commands and brought Wei Xiao Bei to the banquet tent to avoid any more mistakes.

In the end, Wei Xiao Bei had to ask Zhao Guang to stop those chefs from touching the Bi Fang corpse for the time and wait for him to convince Zhao Yun.

Zhao Guang wished he could immediately send Wei Xiao Bei to the location, but to not make any mistakes, he agreed to the request and stopped the kitchen from dealing with the Bi Fang.

The transport officer argued that it would delay the feast and he would suffer from the punishment of military law. Wei Xiao Bei could only brace himself and expressed that he would take the blame for it.

Only by reasoning with everyone could he settle the matter.

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei followed Zhao Guang to Zhao Yun.

It was the previously huge tent. A few officers had already sat within the tent. Zhao Yun was already seated on the seat of honor. Some simple dishes had already been served.

After seeing Zhao Yun, Wei Xiao Bei immediately expressed his desire.

Zhao Yun became stunned when he heard it, but he immediately gave his consent.

After obtaining Zhao Yun’s authority to handle the Bi Fang, Wei Xiao Bei did not try to stay and try to deepen his relationship with Zhao Yun as he immediately returned to the kitchen.

After Zhao Guang expressed Zhao Yun’s order, the transport officer could not help but let Wei Xiao Bei handle the corpse and asked if he needed helping hands. However, his voice was not a lot more gentle.

Wei Xiao Bei was naturally thankful for the transport officer’s good intentions. He did not dare let the cooks get involved in the matter. If the Bi Fang was ruined by them, he would not only lose face but also drag Zhao Yun’s face through the dirt.

Although time was tight, Wei Xiao Bei did not become reckless. He stood a few meters away from the Bi Fang and sized up the corpse. Afterward, he used [Precise Calculation] to analyze it one more time.

After understanding, only then did he walk to the corpse.

He first thoroughly removed the Bi Fang’s feathers and separated them between long feathers and short feathers. The long feathers could be used to make arrows, while the short ones could be used to make defensive gear.

With his speed, it did not take too long to finish plucking the feathers.

The bad thing here was that the feathers had grown extremely firm. A small amount of carelessness would also pull off the meat.

The feathers of the Bi Fang had high temperatures. Even in death, the temperature still exceeded two hundred degrees, similar to a raging blaze.

If Wei Xiao Bei did not have [Flame Resistance], then he could only be like the cooks using steel claws to pull out the feathers. If it was done like that, the Bi Fang’s meat would have been destroyed, wasting away the useable meat.

Even if Wei Xiao Bei’s [Flame Rsistance] was only elementary level, he was able to resist temperatures below five hundred degrees. The damage he would receive from them was only half, but his hands were still burnt as he pulled the feathers.

Luckily, Wei Xiao Bei’s recovery ability was powerful. As long as his hands separated from the feathers, he would quickly recover.

That said, Wei Xiao Bei’s recovery ability made Zhao Guang, the patrol officer, and the station commander came to have a whole new level of respect for him.

After pulling off the feathers, Wei Xiao Bei pulled out his great spear.

After pulling out the great spear, Zhao Guang’s eyes could not help but glisten as he exclaimed, “Good spear.”

It was indeed a good spear. Who knows which would come out victorious, this spear or his father’s Dragon Coiling Spear.

Wei Xiao Bei could naturally not go and discuss this matter with Zhao Guang.

His great spear shot out like lightning. It immediately pierced through the hole in the Bi Fang’s chest. Although the hole was big and caused the Bi Fang to die, the fresh blood that poured out had become a blaze that caused it to close up, preventing the blood from being wasted.

This attack from Wei Xiao Bei had caused Zhao Guang’s eyes to shine brighter. It was easy to imagine that if Wei Xiao Bei was not busy dealing with the Bi Fang’s corpse, Zhao Guang would have pulled him to have a spar from impulse.

The great spear instantly penetrated the blocked up hole. Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei pulled out the great spear. He did not dare let the great spear stay inside for too long. A small bit of carelessness would make the great spear eat through the Bi Fang’s remaining energy. If that happened, things would become problematic.

After all, the Bi Fang was considered as something that belongs to Zhao Yun.

As he pulled out the great spear, boiling blood immediately gushed out and sprayed a few inches away from the body, becoming a flame. Wei Xiao Bei ignored the flame and extended his right hand into the flame, covering up the hole with his storage bag. All of the blood immediately flowed into the bag to prevent it from being wasted.

After a while, the flames disappeared.

Wei Xiao Bei looked into his storage bag and a dustpan-sized ball of blood floated inside that let out red light.

Wei Xiao Bei inspected it with [Status Appraisal] and it was indeed Bi Fang heart blood. Compared to blood from other parts of its body, the value was higher. It was also ten times stronger.

In the next moments, Wei Xiao Bei extracted the remaining blood in the Bi Fang’s body and placed it inside the storage bag as well.

This could not be helped. Once the Bi Fang’s blood separates a few inches from the body, it would ignite and burn. Normal instruments would not be able to hold it. On the other hand, although various magical tools could be found in Zhao Yun’s camp, there were no storage type tools that had its own space within.

Otherwise, they would not have brought transport troops to face the Bi Fangs previously.

After plucking the feathers, Wei Xiao Bei began to cut apart the corpse.

Skin, meat, bones, and internal organs were cut and piled up.

The Bi Fang’s long feathers could be used to manufacture arrows. The short feathers could be used to make armor. The bones could be used to make weapons. Moreover, according to Zhao Guang, the master craftsman in the barracks could make high-quality armor and spears. Thus, Wei Xiao Bei could only stare as the transport officer brought away the Bi Fang’s feathers, skin, and bones. He felt a bit of aching in his sides.

Although he could not aid in manufacturing these things, he could return to the real world and ask someone to do it for him. As long as they could make it, maintaining secrecy was not a problem.

How unfortunate.

Luckily, people from ancient times did not like internal organs much. Thus, Wei Xiao Bei was fortunate and put away the internal organs in his storage bag. Although he did not have time to inspect them, it was easy to imagine that the dishes he could create with them would not be bad.

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