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The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 422: Chapter 422 – You Could Call Me Multitalented

Chapter 422: Chapter 422 – You Could Call Me Multitalented

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

After Wei Xiao Bei finished cutting the corpse apart, his entire body was drenched with sweat.

Because of the damage caused by Zhao Yun as well as the cooks messing with the corpse, the Bi Fang might look big, but after removing the feathers, its body had shrunk by thirty percent. After removing the skin, blood, bones, and internal organs, it had shrunk by another thirty percent.

In the end, after removing the ruined meat, the remaining undamaged part was less than ten percent.

It must be said that the Bi Fang was as big as an elephant, but its weight was a lot lighter at less than two tons.

Thus, the intact meat was around 150 kilograms.

The ruined meat was soaked and possesses poison carried by the blood. It was not that there was no way to fix them, but the final product would have a lowered quality.

Luckily, everything might be lacking in the mountains, but not plants. The cooks had also gathered some wild herbs that had been dried and could be used to make dishes. This gave Wei Xiao Bei more options for cooking.

Dried herbs with Bi Fang shredded pork, stewed Bi Fang, and many other dishes were quickly being made by Wei Xiao Bei while the guards were bringing them into the tent.

In truth, every single dish made Wei Xiao Bei’s flesh ache.

Not even half of the dishes he made with Bi Fang Meat were an immortal-quality dish!

The proportion simply made Wei Xiao Bei slightly go mad.

The immortal-quality dishes that he made only fulfilled 1/10 of his dish requirements.

However, no matter how many immortal-quality dishes he made, none of them could help him with his requirements. The reason was simple. He needed to offer five thousand immortal quality dishes!

In other words, he needed to embezzle five thousand immortal quality dishes.

Zhao Guang was watching beside him.

Although Zhao Yun cared about Wei Xiao Bei, it did not mean that Zhao Yun allowed Wei Xiao Bei to mess around in the kitchen.

If Wei Xiao Bei attempted to poison the officials, then the Han Army’s strength would decrease by half.

This kind of risk was not something Zhao Yun would take.

If Wei Xiao Bei took fifty dishes into his storage bag, the first that would not allow it was Zhao Guang.

No matter what was said, Wei Xiao Bei felt that his cooking skills were also being refined. Creating dishes with 4-Star Elite Creatures was something hard to come by. The benefits it brought need not be said.

150 kilograms of meat might look like a lot, but in truth, when the barracks made dishes, they focused more on having a big enough pot.

Every single pan needed to be able to fit a pig. From this, it could be seen that 150 kilograms of meat would easily become dishes quite fast and brought into the tent.

There was no need to doubt if the officials could finish them.

Today, the ones that could enjoy eating with Zhao Yun were officials that were of rank major and above.

In other words, there were at least forty people inside. A ten thousand man army would have twenty-five majors, five colonels, and other additional non-commanding officers.

Wei Xiao Bei had seen that the number of people in the tent neared fifty people.

Moreover, the officials were not simple people. At the very least, they should be 3-Star Terror or above in strength. There was no lack of 4-Star Creatures among them.

If one person ate around five kilograms, the numbers were trifling. Moreover, a portion of it was given to the normal soldiers. Thus there was no need to debate about waste.

Wei Xiao Bei had already planned for the normal soldiers.

He soaked the ruined meat in alkali water to remove the poison.

After handling it this way, the Bi Fang meat’s quality had undoubtedly gone down. However, Wei Xiao Bei mixed in wild herbs and boiled, creating rare-quality meat soup. The meat soup was very fragrant. One would feel extreme deliciousness after eating it, causing the soldiers to cheer in delight.

It could be said from the outside appearance that rare-quality dishes were superior to immortal-quality dishes.

Naturally, the benefits of immortal quality dishes were not in filling the stomach. This was something that the officials could feel.

When Wei Xiao Bei once again cleaned himself up, he entered the big tent again and some officials began to approach him for a chat.

There was no doubt that the immortal quality dish that he made them won him a position in their hearts.

Although cooks were of low position in ancient times, it still depended on the type of cook.

If a cook could create dishes that could strengthen oneself, then even an emperor would have to be respectful.

For this reason, Zhao Yun had left a seat for Wei Xiao Bei on his left side. Although it was on the sixth seat, it still signified how Zhao Yun regarded him as important.

When Wei Xiao Bei sat down, he naturally did not stay modest and began to eat.

Those immortal quality dishes were something that could permanently increase attributes. Wei Xiao Bei would naturally not let them go to waste after busying himself that much.

His only regret was that there was no wine in the tent.

Wei Xiao Bei wanted to see if Zho Yun had any immortal quality wine.

Unfortunately, he also understood that this was impossible by thinking about it. The place was the barracks where Zhao Yun administrated. It was not Zhang Fei’s barracks.

Because there were a lot of dishes, Wei Xiao Bei did not inspect them one by one.

On the other hand, as the feast reached the midpoint, a black-faced officer down the line immediately stood up. A powerful aura emanated from his body like a roar. It had instantly blown up the tables around, causing chaos. Afterward, the officer emitted a white light that gave others a feeling of overpowering might.

Wei Xiao Bei who was not that far away could feel as if a volcano had erupted. He could also feel that a big mountain was pressing down on his body. Let alone raise his hand, even breathing was difficult. His entire body was being suppressed and he could not move!

“Zhang Xin leveled up!”

Seeing this scene, all the officials discussed spiritedly. Someone had even quickened their hands to pacify the power to prevent the disruption of the feast.

This person was Zhao Yun. He only raised his right hand, causing white air to come out and immediately cover up Zhang Xin. The powerful air was immediately pacified.

Some officers had also quieted down their discussion. They picked up the mess on the ground while enviously looking at Zhang Xin.

Wei Xiao Bei had to suffer.

In the banquet, every person’s share of the dishes was not much. Counting it all, everyone should have five portions each.

When Wei Xiao Bei had finished eating two dishes, his muscle increased by 2 points, his sturdiness by 3, his learning by 3, his reasoning by 2, and his endurance by 1.

While he was being happy, the gust of wind had blown, causing his dishes to land on the ground. It was simply because the powerful pressure had pressed down on him that he did not have the chance to catch the dishes. All the dishes had fallen to the ground.

After the dishes had fallen to the ground, they could not be picked up anymore.

If everyone’s immortal-quality dishes had fallen on the ground, Wei Xiao Bei would feel a lot better.

However, it was not. Only those who were close to the black official were hit.

The worst part was that most of the officials had already eaten their immortal-quality dish clean. The food that had fallen off was the dishes cooked by the chefs. In terms of quality, they were not even high-quality.

Just like that, the only one who had been hit by the calamity was Wei Xiao Bei.

However, he could not do anything to the official and only glare at him.

Everyone continued eating and drinking. After half an hour, the white air had disappeared, and the general had appeared again. The wind stopped blowing, but Wei Xiao Bei could feel a sharp aura come from him.

“General, Zhang Xin is someone under military law. Because I had disturbed the feast, please give me my punishment.”

After the official opened his eyes, his face carried delight, but he still kneeled in front of Zhao Yun and sought to be punished.

At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei was secretly gritting his teeth and wanted him to be severely punished.

However, Wei Xiao Bei never imagined that Zhao Yun did not punish Zhang Xin at all and smiled, “In the victory feast, you had leveled up. This is something to be celebrated, what punishment? However, you have to thank little brother Wei. If it was not because of his high skill, leveling up might be a long way to go for you.”

Zhao Yun’s words made Zhang Xin stop kneeling for punishment. He turned around and walked towards Wei Xiao Bei and cupped his hands, “Little brother Wei. I won’t drag on my heels. If there is a matter in the future, just call me.”

Wei Xiao Bei, who was gritting his teeth, became stunned at the sincere voice.

However, Wei Xiao Bei wanted to see what level had this Zhang Xin had leveled up to and hesitantly asked, “You don’t need to thank me. However, this little brother has learned a face reading technique. Could you let me take a look at your face?”

“Face reading technique? Sure!”

In truth, everyone knew that Zhang Xin had already trained for so long yet he was unable to take that one step. He had only leveled up now thanks to Wei Xiao Bei’s cooking.

Although the officials did not have Wei Xiao Bei’s [Status Appraisal] and could not see the profoundness of the dishes, they could feel the benefits that the cooking brought. Thus, they were naturally grateful to him.

Even if they did not level up like Zhang Xin, they would move their attention to him from time to time.

Seeing that Zhang Xin was thankful and talking about something with Wei Xiao Bei, some officials that had a friendly relationship with Zhang Xin also walked by and asked, “I don’t know how good your face reading skills are but after looking at Zhang Xin, why not look at ours?”

Wei Xiao Bei smiled. The reason he said face reading technique was to use [Status Appraisal] to look at Zhang Xin’s situation. Now that a few more had sent themselves to his door, he would naturally not reject them.

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei did not say anymore. He looked at Zhang Xin and used [Status Appraisal] on him.

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