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The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 423: Chapter 422 – 4-Star Elite?

Chapter 423: Chapter 422 – 4-Star Elite?

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Afterward, Zhang Xin’s status entered Wei Xiao Bei’s mind.

Name: Zhang Xin

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Creature Rank: 4-Star

Status: Unknown

Skills: Unknown

Special Skills: Unknown

Items on Hand: Unknown


After looking at Zhang Xin’s status, Wei Xiao Bei was surprised.

Other than the name, race, and gender which could be understood from the outside appearance, nothing else could be seen aside from the creature rank.

Naturally, this already made Wei Xiao Bei’s eyes glitter.

Previously, Zhang Xin was most likely a 3-Star Terror Creature and he had now seen him become a 4-Star Creature.

He needed to pull out the secret to reaching the 4-Star level.

Wei Xiao Bei knew that his immortal-quality dishes had an effect, but the decisive factor should be on Zhang Xin’s body.

Zhang Xin’s feelings toward Wei Xiao Bei was different. He could only feel that Wei Xiao Bei’s glance felt as if Wei Xiao Bei could see his insides. Naturally, he didn’t know that Wei Xiao Bei could only see his skin and hair.

Zhang Xin could not help but exclaim, “Little brother Wei is truly amazing. Your face reading technique is indeed strong.”

Wei Xiao Bei hadn’t even spoken yet after looking, the officials immediately thought that Zhang Xin was buttering him up causing them to ridicule within their hearts.

Wei Xiao Bei had been startled by Zhang Xin’s words. He immediately used words specialized for fortune-telling. He rocked Zhang Xin and flattered him, making Zhang Xin, who had never seen anything like this before, exclaim and praise, causing the other officials to feel that there might be something to anticipate.

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei used face reading as an excuse to look at some more officials.

These officials had different creature ranks.

The three majors who took command of four hundred people each had one normal 4-Star and two 3-Star Terrors.

The two colonels who led around 2000 soldiers each and could fight alone were both 4-Star Elite.

According to this pattern, there were more than twenty people who were at least 4-Star Creatures.

This was simply too terrifying.

Wei Xiao Bei came to an understanding as to why a 4-Star Creature like Zhao Tong who was at least a 4-Star Creature, was only a major.

Just when Wei Xiao Bei attracted more and more officials to have their faces read, a warm voice came from the side, “I never imagined that little brother Wei was also proficient in this kind of art. I truly have a whole new level of respect for you. Come come come. Take a look at me.”

Just as this voice rang out, Wei Xiao Bei felt his back become drenched in cold sweat.


This voice is actually… Zhao Yun!

How could this have attracted him?

After thinking about it, Zhao Yun’s nature could be called loving his soldiers like his children and treating them kindly in normal times. Seeing this many soldiers together, it was normal for him to come over.

However, this was not a good thing for Wei Xiao Bei.

He believed that he could not fool Zhao Yun.

Zhao Yun was a seasoned general. What kind of matters had he not seen before?

“This boy is only playing around.”

Wei Xiao Bei braced himself and smiled.

“Since you are only playing around, why not take a look at me?”

Zhao Yun laughed and sat in front of Wei Xiao Bei. A busybody commander came out and immediately described Wei Xiao Bei’s miraculousness.


Wei Xiao Bei wanted to smash the plates on the busybody’s head. He was simply being placed on an execution ground.

However, not giving Zhao Yun a look was bad.

Wei Xiao Bei gritted his teeth and used [Status Appraisal] on Zhao Yun’s body.

Afterward, Zhao Yun’s information appeared in his head.

Name: Zhao Yun

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Creature Rank: 4-Star Elite

Status: Unknown

Skills: Unknown

Special Skills: Unknown

Items on Hand: Unknown



Wei Xiao Bei could not help but frown. Although Zhao Yun’s status was mostly unknown, one thing appeared unexpected to Wei Xiao Bei.

Creature rank 4-Star Elite?

How could he only be 4-Star Elite?

Isn’t this illogical?

Zhao Yun’s attack was able to send the Bi Fang tragically running away, but he was only a 4-Star Elite?

It must be known that the Bi Fang was already a 4-Star Elite!

Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei had also seen that the colonels were 4-Star Elite in strength.

This is simply illogical. They can’t be stronger than Zhao Yun!

After looking at Zhao Yun’s status, Wei Xiao Bei immediately stared blankly.

On the other hand, Zhao Yun was stunned. It could be said that he had thought that Wei Xiao Bei was only playing around with his wording. He never imagined that one look from him had peeped at his inner heart.

If he was not sitting inside the big tent, he would follow through with the impulse to use his spear and thrust.

For other creatures, [Status Appraisal] would create a hard-to-accept feeling.

“Truly exceptional!”

Zhao Yun did not say anything to Wei Xiao Bei and returned to his seat while calling for more food to be served.

After the celebration ended, Wei Xiao Bei was guided by Zhao Guang to settle down in a small tent.

This was already not a bad treatment.

It must be known that only majors and above could have their tent.

Wei Xiao Bei was a bit tired after dealing with the Bi Fang and rested inside the tent.

Wei Xiao Bei had been awakened by the sound of weapons clashing. When he walked out of the tent, he noticed that two people were fighting in an open space.

After a careful look, Wei Xiao Bei saw that one of them was Zhao Yun, who was currently wearing a Chinese gown. He held a wooden rod in his hand while riding a warhorse. His hands moved as he deflected the enemy’s fierce attacks easily.

On the other side was Zhao Guang. He rode on a red horse while brandishing a great spear as he attacked Zhao Yun.

It was Zhao Yun giving pointers to his son.

Many officials and soldiers were watching around them and cheering.

There was no doubt that Zhao Yun did not forbid anyone from watching. If they could learn something, it was naturally better.

Since it was like that, Wei Xiao Bei would not give up this chance and entered the ground as he watched excitedly.

For a spear expert like Wei Xiao Bei, being able to see Zhao Yun slowly teach like this was simply his fortune.

Wei Xiao Bei did not even think that he could enter into discipleship with Zhao Yun. Being able to see this much was already good enough.

After looking, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but exclaim.

The spear techniques cultivated during wartime were truly different from those during peacetime.

Zhao Yun did not display gorgeous spear techniques like he did when he drove away the Bi Fang. he only lightly thrust and blocked Zhao Guang’s fierce spear.

The people outside were enjoying the scene, but the people inside were learning.

Compared to the majority of soldiers, Wei Xiao Bei appeared as if he was in dementia.

Naturally, it was not the actual sickness. He wanted to have Zhao Yun’s every move and technique be saved into his memory so that he could slowly learn it later.

In around a hundred breaths time, Zhao Yun lightly swung with his wooden rod and hit Zhao Guang’s hand. Zhao Guang could not hold on to the great spear anymore and it was sent flying.

Wei Xiao Bei did not know if this was intentional, but the great spear flew to his direction.

How could those soldiers watching by the side dare take the great spear that had been sent flying by Zhao Yun? They immediately tried to run from it.

Wei Xiao Bei would naturally not escape. He walked forward and guided the spearhead with his left hand to fly upwards. Then, he jumped into the air and grabbed the spear that had lost most of the force in his hands.

However, when he grabbed it, the remaining power left behind almost caused the spear to leave his hands.

If Wei Xiao Bei had not secretly used a bit of force, he would have almost lost face.

While slightly red, Wei Xiao Bei landed on the ground as he secretly sighed in relief. Just the spear that had been sent flying carried this much force. If it was the spear technique displayed by Zhao Yun against the Bi Fang, then he would not be able to hold it even with his all.

That had already exceeded his very limits.

“Give Little Brother Wei a horse!”

At this moment, Zhao Yun had seen Wei Xiao Bei and instructed Zhao Guang with a smile. It was clear that Zhao Yun wanted to compare notes with Wei Xiao Bei.

Towards this prospect, Wei Xiao Bei was naturally willing. The problem was that he had never learned horsemanship before. Although riding a horse was not a problem with his status, fighting on one was a different matter.

Let alone others, with his current horsemanship, even the station commander would be able to bring him down.

This was the same as the difference between knowing how to swim and knowing how to fight in the water. Even if one was strong, one would be weakened under special circumstances.

Believing that if one has a horse it would be enough to become an elite cavalryman was simply a joke.

Zhao Guang immediately urged the horse over and waited to be in front of Wei Xiao Bei before coming down and passing the rope.

“I don’t know how to ride a horse, could I learn first?”

Wei Xiao Bei felt a bit embarrassed.

“No problem. My Xiao Hong is a bit more docile.

Perhaps because Zhao Guang understood that Wei Xiao Bei was not proficient in horsemanship, he replied like this.

No matter what was said, Wei Xiao Bei could only brace himself to push beyond his ability.

After getting on the horse, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but curse.

Only one side had a stirrup, but this was something he already knew.

Stirrups already existed in the Three Kingdoms era, but it was only a unilateral stirrup used to get on horses. On the other hand, the two-sided stirrup that could stabilize a rider’s body had had not yet appeared in this era. Even if it existed, it was not that popularized.

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