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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel)




Fantasy Romance Shoujo

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She was a beauty with pretty appearance beyond comparison. Time-traveling to the alien world thousands of years ago for a few times, she fought against monsters and evils and saved her country out of danger. During the time in this Alien world, she made friends with a number of fairies. There were plenty of stories happening around them. Meanwhile, she met the prince of the Alien world and fell in love with him. She felt the bitterness of love, while the sweetness of love…

He was the prince of the Alien world with handsome appearance and gentle temperament. In order to pursue his love, he time-traveled to the world thousands of years later for several times. He experienced a lot and tasted the sufferance of the love. In the end, he could achieve his dream and desire.

This is a story of love between different times and worlds. Love, friendship, trust, betray…

Let’s start a travel of adventure and feel this legendary love of different worlds.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 184 Adventure2020-01-17
Chapter 183 Magical!2020-01-14
Chapter 182 Danger Was Coming2020-01-11
Chapter 181 The Mysterious Seal2020-01-08
Chapter 180 The Burst of Hex2020-01-06
Chapter 179 Who Was he?2020-01-02
Chapter 178 The Mystery of the Key Place2019-12-29
Chapter 177 Struggle2019-12-27
Chapter 176 It Was Alive!2019-12-23
Chapter 175 The Pain of Death2019-12-20
Chapter 174 Fight to the Death2019-12-18
Chapter173 The Devil Suddenly Appeared2019-12-14
Chapter 172 Death Approaching2019-12-12
Chapter 171 Hard to Find Out Why2019-12-09
Chapter 170 The Astonishing Change2019-12-06
Chapter 169 The Devils Come2019-12-03
Chapter 168 The Mystery2019-12-03
Chapter 167 A Mysterious Woman2019-12-03
Chapter 166 Is It the Demon Deer?2019-12-03
Chapter 165 Horrible Situation2019-12-03
Chapter 164 Dangers?2019-12-03
Chapter 163 Hard to Reach Her Dreams2019-12-03
Chapter 162 Embarrassment2019-12-03
Chapter 161 Was It Him?2019-12-03
Chapter 160 Continuous Dangers2019-12-03
Chapter 159 The Three Dragon-riding Monsters2019-12-03
Chapter 158 The Magical Mystery2019-12-03
Chapter 157 Mysterious Woman!2019-12-03
Chapter 156 Hard to Solve the Puzzles2019-12-03
Chapter 155 Unexpected Escape2019-12-03
Chapter 154 Colorful Demon Aura2019-12-03
Chapter 153 The Mystery of the Loud Noise2019-12-03
Chapter 152 Enchantment2019-12-03
Chapter 151 Magical!2019-12-03
Chapter 150 Weird Behavior2019-12-03
Chapter 149 Mysterious “Colorful Ribbons”2019-12-03
Chapter 147 Demon Thing Showed up Again2019-12-03
Chapter 146 Sudden Change2019-12-03
Chapter 145 Mysterious Appearance2019-12-03
Chapter 144 Take Attack2019-12-03
Chapter 143 Magical Mystery2019-12-03
Chapter 142 Difficult to Solve the Doubts2019-12-03
Chapter 141 The Millennium Covenant!2019-12-03
Chapter 140 Demon Showed up2019-12-03
Chapter 139 Inexplicable Feelings2019-12-03
Chapter 138 The Sorrow of the Soul2019-12-03
Chapter 137 Hard to Escape from Disaster2019-12-03
Chapter 136 Was It a Monster?2019-12-03
Chapter 135 Lose What She Had2019-12-03
Chapter 134 Escape from Death2019-12-03
Chapter 133 Immortal Was Coming2019-12-03
Chapter 132 Death Was Approaching2019-12-03
Chapter 131 Continuous Troubles2019-12-03
Chapter 130 The Death of the Delicate Woman2019-12-03
Chapter 129 The Ghost Shadow in the Demon Cave2019-12-03
Chapter 128 Enemy2019-12-03
Chapter 127 Bitterness2019-12-03
Chapter 126 Difficult to Realize her Dream2019-12-03
Chapter 125 Despair2019-12-03
Chapter 124 Accidental Changes2019-12-03
Chapter 123 Goddess Coming2019-12-03
Chapter 122 Enemies Show up2019-12-03
Chapter 121 Revenge at a Rainy Night2019-12-03
Chapter 120 Escape from Death2019-12-03
Chapter 119 He Was a Devil!2019-12-03
Chapter 118 At a Close End2019-12-03
Chapter 117 Adventure2019-12-03
Chapter 116 Mystery of Magic2019-12-03
Chapter 115 Miracle2019-12-03
Chapter 114 Was He an Immortal?2019-12-03
Chapter 113 Immortal Was Coming?2019-12-03
Chapter 112 The First Time to Meet Shikong2019-12-03
Chapter 111 She Was Misty Flower!2019-12-03
Chapter 110 Dangers2019-12-03
Chapter 109 Immortal?2019-12-03
Chapter 108 Hard to Reach Her Dream2019-12-03
Chapter 107 Life on a Line2019-12-03
Chapter 106 The Shadow under the Moon2019-12-03
Chapter 105 Hard to Realize the Dream2019-12-03
Chapter 104 A Pipe Dream2019-12-03
Chapter 103 Mysterious2019-12-03
Chapter 102 Where Was Iron Egg?2019-12-03
Chapter 101 Sudden Change2019-12-03
Chapter 100 Struggling Desperately2019-12-03
Chapter 99 Teaching2019-12-03
Chapter 98 Run for the Future2019-12-03
Chapter 97 Return2019-12-03
Chapter 96 Deep Love2019-12-03
Chapter 95 The Painful Choice2019-12-03
Chapter 94 The Dilemma of Love2019-12-03
Chapter 93 He Was the Prince!2019-12-03
Chapter 92 Another Accident2019-12-03
Chapter 91 He Was Not Xiao Tianlong2019-12-03
Chapter 90 The Dreamy of Love2019-12-03
Chapter 89 The Theory of Fate2019-12-03
Chapter 88 Emergency2019-12-03
Chapter 87 It Was Him!2019-12-03
Chapter 86 Go to the Cave alone2019-12-03
Chapter 85 Unchangeable Decision2019-12-03
Chapter 84 She Was an Elf!2019-12-03