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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 70 Another Trap

Chapter 70 Another Trap

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Facing the horrible evil dragon, Zhang Yunyan had no ability to resist and had nowhere to hide. Although she would die, she could only take a risk to get inside.

Besides, she had been trapped in the cave by the evil dragon and had no way out. Even if she did not get inside, she could not survive. No matter what she would choose, the results were the same.

Yunyan looked at the horrible small hole with an uneasy mood. She was thinking and expecting, praying for a road of living.

This was the cave of the evil dragon, a horrible “hell”. It was silent. In the silence, there was only misery, desperate, killing, and blood left…

In the “hell”, the monsters were rampaging, while the poor people had nowhere to escape. Only horrible tragedies performed here, showing out the endless misery…

Zhang Yunyan frowned and thought twice in a hurry. She still insisted to go inside.

She deeply knew that the upcoming dangers were really horrible and she might confront the fierce evil dragon. It was scaring, which was hard for her to take a further step.

Yunyan also knew that she had no way to avoid the evil dragon. Even if she did not get inside to look for the hope of survive, she could only stay here to wait for the evil dragon’s coming. She would also be swallowed into the monster’s stomach.

There might be a glimpse of hope if she got inside to have a check. If the evil dragon was sleeping, she might have a chance to slip away quietly. Since it was so, why not go for a check? It might be a chance.

This was the only chance. Otherwise, she could only be here and wait for death.

In the cruel reality, Zhang Yunyan had no other choice, but could only take a risk. Even if it was a dead end, it was the same as staying here to wait for death. The only difference was just the place and time to die. Just it.

Trapped in the evil cave, she was in a close call. Death was upcoming sooner or later. It was no use to be afraid. Besides, this was her only way to go and the only hope of survive.

Zhang Yunyan thought about it and no longer hesitated. She would struggle for a glimpse of living chance. As for what the result would be, she could not care too much.

She had made a decision and entered the hole to have a check. She listened carefully and found nothing skeptical. There was no sound. Therefore, she stepped inside carefully.

Yunyan hoped not to encounter the evil dragon and could found a way out. Then, she could run after Yan Xiaopeng to avenge for her parents, accomplishing her vows for more than a decade.

In the small hole, it was dim and uneven. It was silent without any sound. It was not that peaceful in this kind of silence, containing horrible atmosphere. It was horrible.

Zhang Yunyan turned a few corners and felt the force of pushing again. She frowned again.

She looked back and did not found any trace of the evil dragon. There was nothing skeptical and it seemed that nothing changed. However, the force of pushing still existed. She felt that it was the same as before, but she could not figure out whether it was the mysterious force she felt before.

If the mysterious power showed up again, it meant that the evil dragon must arrange some demon mechanisms here. There must be some vicious traps in front.

Yunyan was very nervous and worried. She was afraid that she would die tragically in the demon mechanisms.

She was observing, thinking, and hesitating.

It was the moment of life and death. She could not hesitate, but it was hard to decide to get in or retreat.

Move forward, or you would fall behind. Zhang Yunyan must make a decision and could not stay here too long.

Turn back and return?

No, there was no way out if she went back and she would die in the stomach of the evil dragon.

Would there be any mechanism arranged by the evil dragon?

In hesitation, Yunyan asked herself, but there was no answer. She could only suspect.

She had experienced this kind of force of push and now she felt again. She could not help doubting that there were some vicious traps in front. She hesitated.

Was there the same as the hole before? Was it the pushing force of water?

Yunyan was not reconciled to this situation. She asked herself and did not find out the answer.

However, she gained some suspect. Perhaps, the pushing force here was not the result of the demon skills but just formed by the water flowing.

Her suspicion was a psychological reaction and a beautiful illusion. If it was the pushing force of water, it meant that there was a way out in front. Perhaps, she could follow the flowing water to escape out of the evil hole.

Regardless of whether it was an illusion or not, it would give her a glimpse of hope in this desperate situation. In hesitation, Zhang Yunyan regained a desire to explore.

She looked around and made a decision to move forwards.

When she got inside deeper, the force of push became heavier. Yunyan was shocked. Was this pushing force really a kind of mysterious force produced by a demon skill?

She immediately thought of the cold hole. She was dragged into that horrible hole by the water just now, or controlled by that mysterious force and unable to escape.

Zhang Yunyan was very nervous and frightened. She might encounter another mechanism arranged by the evil dragon and was involved in the powerful suction. It would trap her tightly until she died.

She stopped and dared not take the risk. The sign had forecasted that there might be a strange cave or connected with that cold and weird cave in front. The force would send her there and torture her to death.

Yunyan hesitated and dared not take a further step. However, she was not willing to come back to the original place which might also be a place of death. She would be swallowed by the evil dragon sooner or later.

She could not decide to go forwards or retreat. What should she do?

Facing the situation of dilemma, Zhang Yunyan dared not take action immediately. If she moved on, she would not only die, but also suffer some miserable torture; if she retreated back to that big cave she would face the evil dragon and killed by it.

What a dilemma. What should she do?

Yunyan was in a desperate situation and had already been on the line. It was really difficult to choose from. It was meaningless to think about it carefully.

In the desperate situation without a way out, she could not find any chance to escape in the back, but also a dead road in front. She could not escape out of this disaster. The result would be the same no matter what she chose.

However, this conclusion was still too early to call it an end. She had not checked the situation in front. It was still an unknown mystery. Perhaps, it was connected with Jade Dragon Lake.

In this way, there might be a glimpse of hope in front, which might exist in a horrible situation.

Zhang Yunyan was in a desperate situation and she did not know whether she should move forwards or retreat. It was hard for her to make a decision.

She thought about it and decided that she should not retreat. With no doubt, she must die if she just stayed at the original place.

She could not stay here. Otherwise, once the evil dragon followed her, she would be destined to die.

Besides, this was a cave of a monster, not a place for her to hide. She was waiting to die if she stayed there. There was no change for the tragic ending.

She could only move on, no matter how dangerous it was. In order to strive for the glimpse of hope, she was willing to take the risk and resign to destiny.

As for whether Heaven would care for her or not, she did not know. It depended on Heaven.

Zhang Yunyan sighed and shook her head helplessly. She moved forwards again.

The pushing force in the water enhanced and she was washed away by the water at the moment when she turned around.

Yunyan was very nervous. She regained some fear and it seemed that the situation was not that good.

Sure enough, she was dragged into a cave without control.

This cave was not the ice cave, but it was at the similar size of that ice cave. The wall was uneven and smooth without any angle. There was no exit except the entering gate.

The water was spinning, which formed an unbroken whirlpool again. What was the difference between the two caves was that the temperature of the water was the opposite. It was hot there and made her uncomfortable.

Zhang Yunyan just escaped from the “ice cave”, but fell into a “hot pot”. She was spinning around involuntarily and had to endure the burning.

She frowned and sighed in her mind. “It’s over. I will become the stew in the ‘hot pot’ and leave my life here.”

Yunyan regretted entering this small hole to explore. She not only saw no hope of living, but also was tortured mercilessly. She would die with pain.

Since thing went on like this, it was useless for her to think about it. Let alone she was involved in the horrible “hot pot”. Even if she did not get inside, there was no way to survive. Still, only the time and place were different for her to die.

At this time, Zhang Yunyan was convinced that both the “ice cave” and here were the vicious mechanisms arranged by the evil dragon.

It was weird that the evil dragon did not show up until now, so where was it?

Perhaps, the evil dragon was not in this cave. She did not know where it went and when it came back.

Zhang Yunyan was both painful and desperate. Without the ability to get rid of the constraining of the whirlpool, she must be buried here.

She hated this vicious evil cave and that evil dragon, who had arranged such horrible demon skills to kill people, which was ferocious.

When it came to the time to die, it was useless for her to hate anyone. She could only become the stew of the evil dragon.

In desperation, Yunyan was deeply depressed for her uncompleted vows and upset for her bad luck…

After a while, the water gradually slowed down and became hotter.

Although Zhang Yunyan was very painful, she did not lose her consciousness and kept clenching her teeth to insist on.

The whirlpool finally disappeared, but the water was still flowing. The temperature was at a spoiling level, which made her uncomfortable in and out of her body.

Without the control of the whirlpool, Yunyan could not be willing to stay here for one more minute. She swam to the entrance of the hole at a fast speed and rushed out in the blink of eyes.

Oddly, the water outside the cave was not hot. Although it was connected, the temperature was totally different. They were two completely different worlds.

The evil dragon’s magical skill was really powerful and could even make the coldness and hotness in the same hole. Besides, it could arrange those horrible traps, forming a weird hole with magic.

Zhang Yunyan rubbed her body and there was no scald on her body. Even her skin did not turn red and swollen, which made her surprised. In the spoiling water, she should become the stew, but how could she still be safe?

It was another mystery, surprisingly and unreasonably.

In any case, she survived, while her body was harmless. She felt somewhat comforted.

Yunyan thought of the “ice cave” and the recurring mysterious power, which made her tremble. She dared not stay here, fearing that she would be absorbed into the horrible “hot pot” again. She swam away in a hurry.

There was no way to move forward, so she had no choice but go back along the same path.

Zhang Yunyan returned to the big cave and did not see any trace of the evil dragon. She took a deep breath.

There was no way out in the two small holes. The whole cave was a desperate place which was completely sealed. There was no hope for her to escape out of this predicament.

Yunyan lost all of her confidence and could only stay at the original place honestly, waiting for the evil dragon to appear and the time for her to die.

She looked around and wondered in her mind. She had checked the whole cave, but did not find the evil dragon, which made her doubtful.

Where was the monster? There was no way out in this hole, so how could the evil dragon come in and get out?

It seemed that there was a secret exit in this evil cave, which was sealed by some evil magic.

Zhang Yunyan did not know where the secret channel was and had no ability to open it.

Although she was powerless, she was still looking around and prayed in her mind that the secret channel would open by itself, so she could escape from danger.

Yunyan was so young and all of her missions had not been accomplished. She just started ambitions and she still had quite a lot of things to do, so she could not die.

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