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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 73 Being Swallowed by the Evil Dragon

Chapter 73 Being Swallowed by the Evil Dragon

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The reality was too horrible and the ending was too miserable. The miserable ending was the inevitable result of the horrible reality. No one could change it.

Zhang Yunyan was just a mortal who knew a little about martial arts, but without any inner cultivation. Facing such a powerful evil dragon, she felt helpless to fight against it.

Despite that it was a daydreaming, she would continue to dream about it until the moment that her soul disappeared and the life in the hell totally disappeared.

The fierce white dragon was constantly flying over the sky, stirring the water in the lake soaring. It was shocking.

Compared with such a powerful monster, Zhang Yunyan was just a piece of cake and was not worthy of mentioning. She had no ability to fight back and had nowhere to hide. She could not control herself and could only let the evil dragon hit her from time to time.

Although she was a piece of cake, she was also a stubborn woman. No matter how difficult it was, she could not give up only if her soul was still there.

Yunyan was totally controlled by the evil dragon, but was still not willing to be beaten arbitrarily. She tried her best to avoid and fought back.

Soon, Zhang Yunyan gradually adapted a bit, and sometimes she could escape the monster’s collision and beat. Even her attack could hit the evil dragon.

This kind of counterattack was not strong enough and not deserve to be mentioned. However, it could be called a bit of improvement.

Zhang Yunyan could not stay here and wait for death. She must do something before her soul disappeared. She needed to fight to the end.

This was her nature and her persistence, so as her belief. It was her personality before she died, so the soul after she died would not give in to the destiny and would not give up.

In the horrible cave, killing and screaming became more and more violent. Soon, there would be blood everywhere and her soul would disappear.

Fortunately, although Zhang Yunyan was beaten in extreme pain, she did not get any hurt and there was no harm to her soul. She did not feel tired to fight against.

The evil dragon was powerful and fierce. Its movement was acute and fast, while its force did not decrease. It was still beating its prey.

Zhang Yunyan was still struggling to fight and tried her best to avoid, so as to fight back. Unless her soul disappeared, she did not accept her fate.

As time went by, she was beaten by the evil dragon less and less, while the chances to fight back became more and more, which enhanced her confidence.

She did not know how long it took, but the evil dragon’s strength of attack and momentum were still the same, which were mighty and horrible.

Zhang Yunyan was no longer be passive and could avoid the monster’s attack. She could fight back in succession.

She felt this change and also experienced the agility that she had never had before. Her response was never so quick and alert. Although she was nervous and fearful, she was somewhat gratified.

Yunyan knew that she could not escape from the evil dragon, but still felt happy for this amazing change. She was comforted because she could avoid the attack of the evil dragon and regained the confidence to resist to the end.

Suddenly, the evil dragon screamed and spat out mucus to wrap Zhang Yunyan.

Yunyan was very scared and tried to struggle. However, she could not escape no matter what she did.

She was wrapped in mucus and unable to get rid of the control. She was anxious and scared. She was still struggling.

She felt hot as she was on fire. Her body was expanded and nearly exposed. She was extremely uncomfortable.

Zhang Yunyan did not know what kind of magic this evil dragon had activated and did not know what kind of damaged attack she would experience. She had felt the death was coming and her young life would nearly end.

After some struggles, she gave up. She knew that she had no ability to get rid of this horrible magic and there was no need for her to fight against. She could only accept the evil dragon’s punishment.

For death, Yunyan had already known the inevitable ending. It was not easy for her to keep alive to now.

Although she would die, she was not willing to die. For those uncompleted vows, she could not die. Those were her lifelong missions, so she must complete them.

However, the reality was too cruel, which had pushed Zhang Yunyan to a road of no return. She could not get rid of the embrace of death.

Her life had already ended, while her soul would disappear. There was no hope for her to realize those dreams. She could only endure the terrible endings. She was not willing to leave this world. Everything would go with her.

The evil dragon was violent and in great anger. It opened its big mouth and turned into really big at a blink of eyes. Its curved body nearly occupied the whole cave for a moment. It was terrible.

Its huge face was even more awkward, staring at its little prey with fierce eyes.

The evil dragon screamed again and opened its huge mouth, swallowing Zhang Yunyan who was wrapped by the mucus.

Backfired, Yunyan could only bear this last blow and became the food of the evil dragon.

Perhaps, heaven would not follow people’s wishes. No matter how sincerely Yunyan had prayed for, this miserable ending would not reverse.

Zhang Yunyan did not want to die, although she was only a soul and determined to die.

She could not die, but she could not decide her life. It was an inevitable result in the law of the jungle—the weak were the prey of the strong.

Cruel, the reality was extremely cruel that she could not change.

Miserable, the ending was very miserable that she was unable to reverse.

Despair, this was helpless despair that she could only bear.

Vacant, but an inevitable relieve before death. Those uncompleted vows and endless desire would disappear. Everything was gone…

In “Hell,” it was as silent as death. At the moment of death, the horrible atmosphere had reached to the extreme and was suffocating.

In the end, Zhang Yunyan was swallowed by the evil dragon, so she would lose her young life here. Her poor soul would also disappear.

She died in the Jade Dragon Lake and eaten by the white dragon. It was both accidental and sad.

Jade Dragon Lake was the place where Yunyan dreamed of since she was young, which was deeply placed in her mind of childhood.

She left her home since she was young and came back when she grew up. She returned to the Jade Dragon Lake and recalled the happiness of her childhood. She felt emotional when enjoying the family’s affection.

The legendary white dragon was the embodiment of justice in Yunyan’s young mind. It was the protector of people. She admired and respected it since she was young. In her mind, it was a respectable dragon.

Things changed and sometimes became unimaginable. Now, it was the case.

Zhang Yunyan had not expected that her young life would lose in the Jade Dragon Lake which she admired all the time. She would die in the belly of the white dragon. It was pathetic and sad.

She had lost her life and her soul would also disappear. In desperate, Yunyan thought of her short life. It was sad and unbearable.

She should have had a happy childhood, but her parents were killed by the bully Yan Xiaopeng. Then, she lost her brother and sister, which greatly harmed her young body and mind.

She could not bear this kind of attack. Her tender mind was bleeding and was unwilling to live.

Zhang Yunyan lost her loved ones. She did not have the support and had to beg to live. She had tasted all kind of misery of this world and not any sweet.

She had been suffering in hardships and struggled in dangerous disasters. Although it was suffered, she did not fall down. Under the encouragement of revenge, she insisted on with her perseverance and survived.

For survival and not being bullied, she needed to fight against bad guys with her life. She would not give up even if being hurt.

Because of this, she could survive with dignity like a normal woman.

Later on, Zhang Yunyan was fortunate to meet her adopted father Lin Hailong and adopted mother Yang Yufeng. She regained the love of parents and the warmth of family. She felt sweet.

After engagement with brother Lin Jiaxiang, she felt even sweeter. She hoped to lie in the hug of her fiancé and enjoy a happy life.

However, heaven would not always follow her will. Since her adopted parents died, Brother Jiaxiang, Brother Jiayi, and Sister Jiayun died one by one, leaving her alone in this world.

Since then, she roved all over the world as before and lived her lonely life.

Since she was born, Yunyan had experienced quite a lot. She suffered difficulty and dangers, which were unimaginable.

Now, she would die in the stomach of the evil dragon, ending her lives of yin and yang. It was poor. She was really a bitter woman.

Since she made a living in Jianghu, Zhang Yunyan had experienced enormous dangers. She was struggling and never gave up. She needed to fight to the end.

This was her personality and the support of her life. All of those experiences molded her life.

Because of her will to fight against violence and arrogance, Yunyan could get rid of enormous dangers and lived to now.

With her resolute and tenacious nature, she did not die in the hands of the wicked and the erupted officials, in the hands of monsters, or in the atrocities of the villains…

This time, Zhang Yunyan had never thought that she would die in the stomach of her beloved and respected white dragon, even if she escaped from the cut of Black Killer.

Why was her ending so miserable? Was it her fate to lose her young life in the Jade Dragon Lake of her hometown? Would her fate be that hard?

Zhang Yunyan should not end her life in Jade Dragon Lake and should not be so miserable. She even should not die in the stomach of her beloved white dragon.

It seemed that it was not the legendary dragon of justice, but an evil monster.

However, it stayed in Jade Dragon Lake and was just a shining white dragon. She should not connect the two together.

It said that there were eyes in the sky. Where were they? Such a kind heroine like her met such a miserable thing, so why did they ignore it?

Zhang Yunyan was a woman of integrity and kindness, so as to a heroine who always killed bad guys and helped good people. However, she suffered such a tragic end. It was too sad and heartbreaking.

Why did not Heaven care about the women who loved people and punish the evil dragon?

This situation was extremely horrible and miserable. This water cave was much more horrible than the hell.

The evil dragon was raging, while good people were suffering. Why did not heaven ask for the situation? Facing the atrocities, it was out of the way. Why was it so ruthless?

It should not be like this. It should not indeed. Harmful monsters should be punished, not the respected heroine.

Poor, it was really poor. This adorable heroine did not believe to be controlled by fate, but had to face the cruel reality and bear the disaster of death.

At this moment, Zhang Yunyan was swallowed by the white dragon, desperate to the extreme. Although at the moment of death, she did not give up.

Let’s talk about Yunyan, because she had not died at this moment.

Zhang Yunyan was wrapped in mucus and entered the mouth of the evil dragon. She kept clear-minded and had a desire to survive. She still wanted to struggle.

The reality was ruthless, so she could only think about it. Let alone she had been swallowed in the mouth of the dragon, she had no ability to get rid of the mucus. She also could not control herself, but could only be swallowed by the monster.

At this moment, Yunyan knew that she would be buried in the dragon’s abdomen. Although she was very eager to survive, she had to bear death and had to be distinguished from the world. No, it should be distinguished from the underworld.

In the mouth of the evil dragon and in the wrap of mucus, it was useless for her to struggle. It was just the psychological reaction to the desire for survival and the instinct to escape from death.

Zhang Yunyan had to confess her life and closed her eyes in pain. She could not make a decision for her life and death. She had to accept her life.

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