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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 84 She Was an Elf!

Chapter 84 She Was an Elf!

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Zhang Yunyan looked at the ugly Treasure and felt very nervous and frightened. She was alert and hoped that the terrible things would not happen.

In tension, she felt that she must think too much. Since she had saved Treasure’s life, it would not return kindness with ingratitude. Even if it did not show its gratitude, it would not kill her.

Perhaps as the ganoderma lucidum elf’s confession, it was not a harmful monster.

Zhang Yunyan stabilized her tension and fear, looking at Treasure and preparing for any change.

After the excitement, Treasure calmed down and shared its gratitude for Yunyan’s life-saving.

Yunyan saw that it was not malicious and was polite, so she could finally ease her intense. She sighed in her mind. It seemed that she thought too much and scared herself.

Treasure told Zhang Yunyan that the escaping monster named Free Saint, who was a cultivated toad elf.

Talking about Free Saint, he was fierce and raging everywhere. He was always killing people and made people hate him and frightened. He had deep cultivation and extraordinary skills. He was tough and was not easy to find a counterpart. He was well-known in this alienated world.

Facing such a monster, Zhang Yunyan was lucky enough to succeed to take the sneak attack. She and Treasure were in no danger.

Suddenly, Yunyan had a terrible thought. Was the second prince caught by the Free Saint?

She was anxious that she had nowhere to find the second prince, so she would naturally think of Free Saint. She suspected that the second prince might be caught by the toad elf. If the prince was in the monster’s hands, he must be at a close call.

If it was so, there was no chance to save the second price and perhaps, he had been swallowed into the monster’s belly.

In anxiety, Yunyan felt that her suspicion was wrong and regained hope. Free Saint said that he was hungry, which meant that he did not take any food. The second prince did not die.

The toad elf was not the monster who took the second prince away. Otherwise, he would not go around in hunger.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yunyan breathed a sigh of relief and the anxiety was relieved.

She looked at Treasure with excitement and still felt confused for its escape from the demon method. She did not know the reason.

How could this powerful demon method be broken for no reason?

For this, Treasure thought that the reason why the demon method which constrained it was broken might be relative to the continuous attacks from Free Saint. The two powerful demon methods collided and caused both losses, resulting in such a gratifying result.

Zhang Yunyan agreed with this statement and did not have some other explanation.

She and Treasure were both afraid of the consequence. If Free Saint continued to attack them, the bond demon method would be broken. Treasure must die and Yunyan could not escape.

It was Magical Dragon Sword’s merit that she and ganoderma lucidum elf were lucky enough to escape from this disaster. It could be said that the precious sword had saved their lives. Free Saint had to give up the two preys and leave reluctantly after being chopped by the sword. Finally, the two survived.

Yunyan accidentally encountered Free Saint and felt fearful. However, she was really fortunate that the guy was there and did her a great favor inadvertently, giving Treasure a chance to escape.

Treasure wanted to spend a few days more with its life savor and showed its gratitude. However, Yunyan was hurried to go for saving the second prince, so it had to give up.

It had limited skills to protect itself and was the object that the monsters were running after. It dared not help its savor to save the second prince, but could only tell her some tips.

The gathering moment was short, while the reunion would be unpredicted. Treasure felt painful in its heart.

It was reluctant to apart with her and was more worried about the safety of the friend. It told Yunyan to be cautious when taking actions again and again and should not save people out of her ability.

It said that it must repay her life-saving in the future and hoped to meet its savor as soon as possible.

Yunyan and Treasure were both reluctant to leave. They said goodbye to each other and went for their destination separately.

Treasure prayed for Yunyan to be safe in her travel and be able to reach her goals.

It hoped to gather with Yunyan in the future, enhance their friendship, and repay her life-saving.

Zhang Yunyan understood that she did not belong to this era and she would leave this world soon. It was the first acquaintance for her and Treasure, but also a farewell.

She wished that Treasure would be safe and smooth in its cultivation. She wished that it would never encounter those monsters in the future.

This experience was terrible. Yunyan and ganoderma lucidum elf established a deep friendship in this alienated world. It was hard for her to say goodbye. She could only keep this kind of friendship in her mind.

The terrible danger finally passed. Zhang Yunyan had escaped from death, while Treasure kept its life. They were both safe out of dangers. It was glad and fortunate.

Where should she go to save the second prince?

Looking at the rolling hills, Zhang Yunyan felt awkward in her mind. She did not know what kind of monster had captured the second prince and where she should look for the monster and save the prince.

In her confusion, she found that this place was unusual. She not only killed the monster-like wolf and saved the little sika deer which was suspected to be an elf, but also met the toad elf Free Saint and saved Treasure who had been captured by mouse elf Pingtian Saint. It was not peaceful in this mountain.

Since there were monsters showing up from time to time, perhaps, the second prince had been captured by the monsters in this mountain.

Looking at the quiet mountain, Zhang Yunyan could not calm down her mind.

She did not know where the second prince was and she had no direction to search for him. Since it was so, why did she still look for him? Let alone she would be tired, she was afraid that it was in vain in the end.

Now, since Yunyan was here, why not look for him over the surroundings? She might find some clues.

Besides, time would not wait for people. The longer she lasted, the more dangerous the second prince would be. She must take time.

Saving people was as emergent as putting off the fire. Zhang Yunyan was worried for the safety of the second prince, so she set up to the deep forest.

She had no idea about who had captured the second prince and whether he was alive or not. She could only look for him in the rolling mountains and did not know whether she would reach her wishes.

There was no result after Yunyan looked for him for a long time. She was anxious and frustrated.

She was very tired, sitting down when finding there was a big rock. She was wiping her sweat while having a rest.

She sometimes sighed for the safety of the second prince. It was not suitable to look for him in such a blind way, but she had to do so. She was anxious and disappointed. In this way, she did not know how long she would look for him and whether she would find the one who captured him.

When Zhang Yunyan was having the rest, she heard a slight voice and immediately became nervous.

She got up and observed, finding a sika deer running from a distance. She was stunned.

She was very surprised. How could it be a sika deer again? Was it the same sika deer as she had rescued?

Looking at the distance, she did not see any monster chasing it, but she could not ease her tension.

The sika deer was not afraid of Zhang Yunyan and soon came to her side, leaning against her and whispering.

Needless to say, it was the one which was rescued by her. Otherwise, it would be afraid of strangers and would stay away instead of being so intimate.

When finding that the sika deer had shining fur and a plum spot on the left leg, she was sure that it was the one chased by the wolf.

She laughed in her mind and all of her tension completely dissipated. She felt really close to it.

The appearance of this sika deer made Yunyan somewhat surprised and happy. In the vast and wild mountain and at the moment of loneliness and anxiety, it was not easy for her to meet the sika deer, which could relieve her bad feelings.

Zhang Yunyan wore a smile, saying while rubbing it, “My little deer, why are you running around again? Aren’t you afraid of being hurt by the monsters? “Go home soon. Monsters would show up from time to time. I just met Free Saint. It was too dangerous.”

The little sika deer called at a low voice and jumped to the side, transferring into another figure.

A slim and beautiful girl was standing in front of her and smiled.

Zhang Yunyan was shocked and wondered that this sika deer even had such an amazing change. Needless to say, it was an extraordinary elf.

Facing the changed elf, Yunyan was deeply shocked and did not feel fearful. After all, she saved this deer, so it would not harm her with resentment.

This woman looked younger than Yunyan at 16 or 17 years old. She looked charming and beautiful. Her figure was tall and slim. She was really a perfect elf, who was much more beautiful than a fairy or a beauty in the human world. Everyone would dream of her.

The beautiful elf gave a deep bow to Zhang Yunyan and said, “My savor, thank you so much for saving my life before, so I can escape from death. Thank you!”

Zhang Yunyan replied on her bow and asked in shock, “Who are you, why do you transfer into a deer?”

The woman smiled with all kinds of charm. It was fascinating. “My savor, please forgive me. My name is Samuume and used to be a sika deer. I could transfer into a human shape because I have become an elf with cultivation. When you saved me, I should show my human shape to show my appreciation. However, there were full of people around, so I had to leave. I’m so regretted and haven’t expected that I can meet you there. It’s our fate.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I just saved you by accident, so you don’t have to be so polite. My name is Yun Feiyan. Don’t call me a savor, but just address my name.”

Yunyan could not help thinking of a beauty in her own world, who was also a very beautiful elf. That was vixen Misty Flower. This Samuume was similar to Misty Flower, who were both elves much more beautiful than fairies.

Unexpectedly, the heterogeneous women were all so beautiful and charming. It was enviable and admirable.

The woman smiled with her face turning ruddy, which set her much more charming. “Well, we look at a similar age. Shall we call each other sisters? We could be closer in this way.”

Zhang Yunyan was very happy to hear her words. She just met a brother in this alienated world and now acquainted another sister, who was an extraordinary elf. It was fate.

Samuume looked at her savor and wore a charming smile. “Your name is Yun Feiyan, so you will have clouds to accompany you; while my name is Samuume, so I will smell the scent of plum at moon night. We both like the scenery with the moon and clouds. We are really fated. You, such a wild goose, company with me, a branch of plum. It’s a good scene.”

She said and smiled.

Zhang Yunyan also smiled. She also felt that it was reasonable. Otherwise, they would not meet twice in one day.

In this vast and endless mountain, such a coincidence was indeed a bit of a mystery. Perhaps, it was the so-called fate.

Yunyan remembered the scene when the first time she met this beautiful elf. She was confused again.

She asked inexplicably, “Sister, is the gray wolf chasing you also an elf?”

Samuume sighed and said, “It was an evil wolf elf, but has no ability to transfer into a human being. However, it is superb at demon methods and I could not defeat it.”

Zhang Yunyan was secretly surprised. She guessed right. No wonder that wolf was so powerful. It was really a fierce monster.

Samuume sighed and continued to say, “Today, I am going to meet with my senior sister apprentice, but I met the wolf demon. Without your help, I would be killed by that guy. I still feel frightened now.”

Zhang Yunyan knew it deeply that the guy had extraordinary ability. It was acute and fierce. It was very difficult to deal with.

She was suspicious of her ability to slaughter the monster. Since the wolf demon was so powerful that even her sister Samuume could not win, how could she remove it by her own?

The result had no doubt, but Yunyan did not know the reason for this result. So why was this unexpected ending happening?

In this regard, Samuume had her explanation…

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