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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 85 Unchangeable Decision

Chapter 85 Unchangeable Decision

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In the battle with the demon wolf, Zhang Yunyan felt the power of the monster. She deeply knew how bad her ability was. It was lucky enough for her to get rid of the monster.

She could not believe that such a powerful demon wolf even died under her sword and could not figure out the doubts in her mind.

How did the demon wolf get lost at that moment since it had cultivated to such a deep level?

It was difficult for her to fight against a monster with Magical Dragon Sword, so how could she kill the demon wolf? It was exciting and suspicious.

Samuume sighed and told her the reasons

The beautiful elf told her that her doubts were very reasonable. The reason why she could kill the monster was that Xiao Tianlong played a certain role.

At that time, because of the imperial master, the demon wolf should keep an eye on him and restrained itself. It dared not let go of killing.

Although the monster was very afraid of Xiao Tianlong, it was not willing to give up capturing Samuume and felt no fear of Zhang Yunyan. It planned to kill the person who interrupted its movement and was eager to get its prey. Then, it could escape as soon as possible.

In the assassination, the demon wolf had been worried about Xiao Tianlong’s movement and had to care about the imperial master. Once there was something wrong, it could flee away.

Because of this, the monster was distracted and was chopped by the Magical Dragon Sword by accident. It was surprising and fortunate.

Otherwise, the demon wolf would show its abilities without any scruples. Not only could Samuume escape from death, Zhang Yunyan but also could not keep her life.

Hearing Samuume’s explanation, Yunyan could finally know the reasons and was still frightened.

However, she felt that only if Xiao Tianlong was there, no matter how tough the demon wolf was, it would not hurt her or Samuume. When it came to some emergency, the imperial master would save them and kill the monster.

Zhang Yunyan looked at Samuume and thought of the vixen Misty Flower. She had not expected that she could meet two beautiful elves in the worlds of thousands of year’s interval. It seemed that Samuume’s senior apprentice sister must also be a beautiful woman.

When talking about her senior apprentice sister, Samuume smiled and told her that she named Yun Shuangyue, whose figure and appearance was similar to her. They were as intimate as sisters.

In the alienated world, people called them “Yun Shuangyue Samuume” or “Shuangyue Samuume”. They were intimate.

Samuume saw Zhang Yunyan come to the mountains again, feeling puzzled and asking, “Sister, I remembered you have left here before, so why are you still there? Is there something else?”

Yunyan sighed and said, “Sister, I come for something indeed. It’s tough. The second prince of Tianyue Country has been captured by a monster and I don’t know whether he is still alive or not. I come here for saving him.” Sister, do you know which monster captured the second prince?

Samuume shook her head. “I don’t know and haven’t heard about this issue. This kind of thing would happen every day. I could not pay all attention to them. It’s impossible for me to know since the mountains are so wild. Furthermore, I don’t know the title of the monster, so we have nowhere to look for it. Even if we know which monster did this, we have nowhere to find it.”

Yunyan sighed. The mountains and forests were vast, where monsters were everywhere. Let alone that she had nowhere to look for it, it was difficult to find out the relevant news.

Samuume advised, “Sister, just go back home. Stop looking for him blindly. It’s in vain. Besides, you don’t have enough time to search all the mountains. Perhaps, you might meet dangers.”

Zhang Yunyan shook her head and sighed. “I know what you mean. However, I can’t ignore the evil behaviors of the monsters, so I have to search for a while. Even if I can’t find the monster or save the second prince, I would not regret.”

Samuume smiled bitterly when finding that she could not persuade her. She really wanted to help her savor, but she had no idea how to help her, so she could only sigh silently.

The beautiful elf thought about it and asked, “Sister, have you ever seen the second prince before? How old is he?”

“I have never seen the second prince before. I heard that he’s young and at around 20 years old.”

“Oh, it’s really young, how is he looking?”

“In order to save him, I ask the soldiers for the characteristics of the second prince. They said he’s handsome and has a good figure. He’s a rarely handsome man.”

“Oh, that’s it.” Samuume thought thoughtfully and murmured, “So, it might be her work.”

When Zhang Yunyan was anxious that she had no idea where she could look for the second prince, she was moved when hearing her words.

She hurriedly asked, “Sister, which monster could take the second prince away? Where is he?”

“My sister, don’t be hurried, it’s just my suspicion. I can make sure it’s her who captured the second prince. The monster is eager for beauty. If the second prince is really a handsome man, it might be her work.”

Then, Samuume told Zhang Yunyan that the monster was titled as Xuanling Female Saint, who was cultivated by a black spider. This spider elf had powerful skills and she was a tough guy to deal with.

It was hard to save the second prince, if he was captured by Xuanling Female Saint.

Yunyan finally heard a little bit about the second prince. Although she could not confirm, she still had a glimpse of hope in her mind, hoping to have a check over the spider elf.

Samuume shook her head and tried to stop her. For the one hand, the second prince might not be there, for the other hand, the banshee was too powerful and she should not go to provoke her.

The beautiful elf would not allow Zhang Yunyan to take the risk. For capability, the two sisters could not win the Xuanling Female Saint even if they joined hands. If the second prince was really there, she could not save him.

She advised Yunyan not to act rashly. Otherwise, she could not save the prince, but also lose her life there.

Zhang Yunyan was nervous when hearing this but did not want to retreat. She gained some clues of the prince’s situation when she had no idea about this issue, so she did not hope to give up. No matter whether the second prince was captured by Xuanling Female Saint, she should go for a check.

If the second prince was really caught by the banshee, she had to try her best to save him. Escaping from danger was not her nature.

Yunyan came to save the second prince purposely. Since she had reached there, she should not retreat. She needed to find out the vicious monster and figure out the whereabouts of the second prince. Then, she could save her.

Samuume found that it was hard to persuade Zhang Yunyan whose will was firm, so she could only shake her head and wore a worried look.

She was somewhat regretful. Why did she mention Xuanling Female Saint? Why did she look for troubles? If her savor met danger, it would be her fault.

Since things went on like this, it was too late to regret. The beautiful elf did not hope her savor to take the risk or go with her. She did not know what to do since she could not refuse to go with her at once.

At the request of Yunyan, Samuume fell into a dilemma. She thought for a while and could not refuse Yunyan’s request. Hence, she had to lead Yunyan to have a check.

They were running fast all the way. Zhang Yunyan was frustrated and sweating.

She was shocked when finding Samuume had no change and still walked as usual. She deeply felt that this beautiful elf had extraordinary skills, whom she could not compare with.

It seemed that Samuume had slow down for her sake. Otherwise, she would have been dropping her for a long distance.

Samuume stopped at the foot of a mountain after a long-time running. She was nervous and looked around.

Zhang Yunyan was tired and panting, continuing to wipe her sweat.

Here, the forest was luxuriant and the bamboo grove was fresh and green. The rock scattered while weeds sprang up. All of these formed a deserted scene.

Birds flew over and called, adding a piece of elegance and quietness. It seemed that there was no danger.

Zhang Yunyan looked around and found nobody here or anything suspicious.

She was observing while asking, “Sister, where is the Xuanling Female Saint? Why do we stop here?”

Samuume pointed to the bamboo grove under their feet and said, “There’s a cave behind the bamboo grove, where Xuanling Female Saint lives. If the second prince was captured by her, he must be inside.”

Hearing this, Zhang Yunyan was nervous at once, staring at the bamboo grove in case of the monster coming out.

Samuume sighed and persuaded her, “Sister, Xuanling Female Saint’s too tough to deal with. We can’t defeat her and save the second prince. You should rethink about it. If you insist to save him, you must fall into great danger and lose your life. Listen to me. Don’t go inside and just leave.”

Zhang Yunyan made up her mind and insisted on saving the second prince.

Since they had reached the monster’s living place, how could she escape now? Besides, her extraordinary sister Samuume was here with her. Things were not that terrible.

Samuume was helpless and shook her head. “Ah, since you have decided to go to save the second prince, I can’t change your mind, but I am worried about you. It’s hard to tell you, but I need to tell you with a long-time consideration. I hope you can understand my situation.”

Yunyan did not know her meaning. It seemed that she had some difficulty. “My sister, you can tell me directly. I can understand.”

Samuume smiled bitterly. “Xuanling Female Saint and I know each other for a long time and I know her ability. As usual, we keep clear of each other and never meet. I don’t want to bother her or provoke her. If we become enemies, I will have quite a lot of troubles and will not be safe anymore. Ah, I have no choice. I can’t, can’t go inside with you. I hope you can understand my difficulties.”

Zhang Yunyan was deeply surprised by her words. It was harder to save the second prince if her sister did not get inside. Perhaps, she would really lose her life.

She was anxious and could not say anything, but just looked at the beautiful elf.

Samuume sighed and blamed herself. “It’s not reasonable for me to say so and I also feel sorry. You save my life at the urgent moment, but I ask to leave when you’re in danger. I really have no face to face you, my sister…”

Zhang Yunyan secretly sighed. Her effective helper would leave and she could not rely on her, so she could only take risks alone.

This time, when facing such a powerful banshee, she was at a close call. It was likely to Samuume’s words that she could not save the second prince but lost her life.

Should she still come to the demon cave regardless of her life?

Under the encouragement of her integrity, Zhang Yunyan did not want to retreat and decided to get inside to have a check. If the second prince was there, she could not ignore this sinful behavior and tried her best to rescue him.

Although she had made up her decision, Yunyan’s abilities were limited, so it was hard to save the second prince. She had no ability to fight against the spider elf and the result would be horrible.

She was very nervous and worried. This was a ghost gate. Was it really necessary for her to break in regardless of anything?

Zhang Yunyan looked at Samuume and hoped to ask her to go inside with her, but she could not require her to do something she was not willing to do, so she could only give up.

Although she was alone, she did not want to retreat. Whether the second prince was there or not, she needed to get inside to have a check.

If the prince was there, she could not ignore him and had to save him. As for whether she could succeed or not, she could only believe in her fate and the second prince’s fate.

Samuume was worried and helpless, because she could not stop her to go, but let her savor take risks.

She repeatedly said, “Sister, it’s really dangerous inside, so you have to keep alert and careful. If you’re found by Xuanling Female Saint, you should escape out as soon as possible. No matter what happens, you can’t fight against the monster. You must remember my words that you should not ignore everything in order to save the second prince. This would hurt yourself. You must remember my advice. Otherwise, you could not save the second prince but would lose your life. Be careful, my sister. Be cautious!”

She looked at Zhang Yunyan with anxiety and helpless expression in her eyes, praying that her savor could be safe and reach her goal.

Yunyan promised her. Although she was very nervous and frightened, she did not hesitate and immediately got up and left.

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