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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 94 The Dilemma of Love

Chapter 94 The Dilemma of Love

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The second prince came back and looked at Zhang Yunyan. He wore a deep smile and felt sweet in his heart and somewhat uneasy.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the handsome figure and her heart fluctuated. She was still surprised. He had not expected that the young master was the second prince of Tianyue Country.

She was very emotional. Her brother was a prince but could patrol on the street to see and check people’s situation and solve the disputes during the national disaster, so as to comfort the people who suffered in the war.

He just fled back from the enemy and did not care about his fatigue and fright, immediately plunging into the brutal war. Then, he tried his best to handle the post-war issues. It was not easy.

The second prince cared deeply about the country and people and did not live in his noble status. He considered people’s profit and was a prince with courage and knowledge. He was the pillar of the country, admirable and respective.

Zhang Yunyan remembered one thing and smiled. Was it real?

At the time when Samuume left, she said that she was fated with her brother. She thought of something.

The second prince was young and handsome with good martial arts. He was upright and warm, so as a person who was worried about the country and people. He was admirable, so she fell in love with him for a long time.

Yunyan hoped that she was really fated with her brother and got married. They could stay with each other for the whole life.

Zhang Yunyan’s smile quickly faded away and a bitter expression wore on her face. She sighed in her mind. Facing a prince of a country, she did not believe that they were fated since their status was so different.

She sighed silently. Let alone how incredible the marriage of two worlds with an interval of thousands of years was. They were extremely disproportionate from the perspective of their status.

Marriage would care about status. Zhang Yunyan knew that she was just an ordinary person and could not match with a prince of a country. She was just a normal person, so how could they get married.

She sighed and secretly laughed at herself. “I am too arrogant and even want to marry a swan. Stop thinking of it. Stop thinking. How could I think about this ridiculous thing…”

Yunyan was embarrassed for her illusion and felt a sense of shame.

At this moment, Xiao Tianlong asked, “Yun Feiyan, since you have met the second prince before and become sworn brother and sister, so as familiar friends, I’d like to know what you think of him.”

Zhang Yunyan acclaimed, “The second prince is a good man and good prince who is kind and cares about people and country. He is also good assistance of the king.”

Xiao Tianlong smiled and said, “Yes, the second prince is impeccable in appearance, warm and kind. He is respected by all the people and is a rare good prince.”

In this regard, Zhang Yunyan had known it for long and agreed with the imperial master’s words.

Xiao Tianlong changed his topic and said, “Yun Feiyan, I thought that I want to make a proposal for you to become the second prince’s wife. How do you like it?”

Xiao Tianlong’s tone was plain but his words were like a big boom for Zhang Yunyan. She did not know what to do for a second.

The good thing she was thinking came to her suddenly. She should be happy and agree at once. Her dream might be reached.

Indeed, Yunyan was surprised and happy when hearing the marriage that she dreamed of.

After a short moment passed, complicated thoughts came to her again. Yunyan opened her mouth and closed. She stopped the promised words that she planned to say. The ruddy expression on her face disappeared.

She was a little upset, while her expression was uneasy and nervous. She felt an inexplicable sense of fear. She did not know this fear came from the noble status of the prince, or the interval of two worlds. Perhaps, both.

Zhang Yunyan’s mind was stirring. Should she ask the imperial master to make a proposal?

No, this was the marriage of two worlds with an interval of thousands of years. How could she ask for it so easily?

Should she reject the imperial master’s kindness?

No, it was hard to meet such a good marriage and such a good man. She could not give up and should thrive for it. She could not give up this good opportunity.

Otherwise, once the opportunity was lost, she would be regretted and would no longer meet such a warmhearted man for the rest of her life.

For a time, Yunyan could not decide whether she should ask the imperial master to make the proposal. She did not know what to do.

It said that she should not hesitate because it was a way to realize her dream.

Who Zhang Yunyan would marry was a prince of a country. He was an upright and kind man, so as an honest brother. She could not give up this good opportunity. Once she could lie in her brother’s arms, she would become a respectable prince concubine. Everyone would envy her.

It was easy for a normal person to make a decision to accept it. They would hope to get married to their beloved men and make the rare to get marriage come true, so they would become lifelong companions with their beloved men.

However, Zhang Yunyan was not a normal person. This marriage was not that simple. Facing her beloved brother and this beautiful marriage, it was difficult to accept it at once.

This was a marriage of the two worlds with an interval of thousands of years. It involved all aspects, so she dared not easily agree.

Yunyan could not give up the love for the second prince and hoped to get married to her brother. This good thing came to her suddenly and she did not want to give up. She really hoped to seize the rare opportunity to get married to her brother and achieve her good wish.

Zhang Yunyan wanted to marry the second prince, not for the noble status of the prince concubine. She thought highly of her brother’s characters.

Even if her brother was an ordinary person, Yunyan would not change her mind or her love in her mind.

She did not care about the fame and wealth that the king rewarded her, nor the status of the prince concubine. What she wanted was an honest husband who could stay with her for the whole life. She did not care about the profits.

Facing her dreamy marriage, she felt hard to agree or not. She fell into a dilemma.

In addition, she felt somewhat inferior and upset. Compared with the second prince, she was an ordinary person. Their status was quite different. How dared she dream of it?

Zhang Yunyan felt that it was like an ugly frog wanting a swan. How dared she dream to marry the second prince as she was such a normal person.

Once the matter was refused by the king, it would be so embarrassing. People would consider this as an idle tale and look down upon her.

It was reasonable that Yunyan was afraid of being rejected. The words of the imperial master meant that he was planning to make a proposal for her, while the king did not ask her to be his son’s wife directly. Therefore, she would have scruples.

The starting point of the proposal was different, while the object was different. One was the initiative to make a proposal, while the other was passive acceptance. There would be all kinds of ideas and pressures for Zhang Yunyan to take the initiative to get the marriage.

The king intended to recruit Zhang Yunyan as his daughter-in-law. Why did he push this matter to her?

The reason why the king changed his initiative into passive might be that he was worried that Yunyan would reject his suggestion. He said in this way deliberately to give consideration to the fame of the royal family.

If the king and the queen meant this, Zhang Yunyan could understand. After all, it was related to the prestige of the royal family and the second prince. However, they did not know that they might obstacle this good marriage and lost the heroine who might plan to stay.

When Xiao Tianlong saw Zhang Yunyan speak nothing, he felt hesitated and uneasy.

He persuaded, “Yun Feiyan, it’s rare to meet such a good thing. You should think twice. For this, everyone young lady in Tianyue Country would dream about it, while even the foreigners would want to marry him. It was rare to get this chance, so you could not miss it. How do you think about it?”

Zhang Yunyan looked at the imperial master. It was hard to answer it but she had to. “I, I need to go back home, I…”

Her face turned ruddy and could not speak a full sentence. She said some stuttering words and lowered down her head to sigh.

Yunyan was very embarrassed and did not answer the question directly. The words she tried to express were not the same as what she thought in her mind, but she had to say it out. However, she did not mean to refuse. At least, she thought so.

Yunyan wanted to go back to her own world. Her home was there, while his parents, adopted parents, and the brothers and sisters of the Lin family were all buried there. Her leaving brother Yuntian and sister Yunxia were still there. She also had to reach those uncompleted vows there…

That world was her final destination and she would not leave there for her whole life. Otherwise, she would regret it in this life.

Zhang Yunyan wanted to return to her homeland, but was reluctant to give up this marriage. She hoped to ask Xiao Tianlong to make the proposal for her and strived for marrying her beloved brother.

The imperial master was right. This was a rare marriage to meet while the second prince was a rare good man. Everyone wanted to marry him. It was a godsent marriage. Once she lost it, she would never meet it again.

She fell in love with the second prince on first acquaintance. If she gave up this marriage, she would be regretted her whole life.

His brother was handsome and had a good figure. He was good at martial arts and was reasonable and fair. It was rare to meet such a good man, neither in her own world.

Moreover, her brother was a prince of a country. Once lost, there would be no such good marriage in this life. Whether in Tianyue Country or in her own time, it was a great opportunity and the only chance.

Zhang Yunyan wanted to marry her brother and wanted to spend the rest of her life with their children. This was what she thought in her mind. She was reluctant to give it up.

However, facing such a good marriage and beloved brother, she would be regretted her whole life whether she agreed or refused.

This was a marriage that she could not make a choice. She could not agree or refuse. It really stumped the heroine.

“Should I ask the imperial master to make a proposal?” thought Zhang Yunyan.

Zhang Yunyan was still hesitant. Let alone the king and the queen might refuse her. It was hard to be accepted for the interval of thousands of years.

If she stayed here, she would stay away from her hometown and beloved relatives. It was a departure of life and death. She would never see them again. What was worse, she would fail the mission given by family Lin and family Zhang. All of her uncompleted vows would be ended. Everything, since she was born, would be abandoned.

“Should not I ask to make the proposal?”

Yunyan did not want to give up. If she lost this warmhearted brother, she might not find another handsome man like him, not to mention a prince of a country.

It was difficult to make a proposal to be made. Facing such a suitable marriage, this heroine fell into a dilemma.

The imperial master frowned and asked, “Yun Feiyan, don’t you like the second prince?”

“No, no, I… like… I like, but I… could not stay here. I need to go back home.”

She could not refuse, but she still needed to go back to her own time. It was the words in her mind, but she could not say it out.

Facing her beloved brother and marriage that did not want to give up, Zhang Yunyan was hesitant. She had to go back to her world and could not abandon everything from friends and hometown.

She really wanted to marry the second prince and could not give up everything for love. It was not just about loss, but a sin to family Zhang and family Lin.

This was a marriage of two different worlds, which prevented her from loving and pursuing her brother.

Besides, the status of her and the second prince was quite different. She had no courage to make a proposal to the royal family. She was afraid that she would be rejected by the superior king and queen or laughed by the ministers.

Zhang Yunyan should be worried about it. If she became a laughingstock than an ugly frog wanted to marry a swan, she would be totally embarrassed.

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