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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 98 Run for the Future

Chapter 98 Run for the Future

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Zhang Yunyan refused Xiao Tianlong to propose to the royal family for her and felt a little bit regretted. She really hoped to go back to renew her marriage.

At the moment to say farewell, she regretted to make this false decision, rendering her and her brother lose their beautiful love. They were so painful and would be painful for a lifetime.

In order to pursue his love, the second prince determined to stay away from home and relatives. He would abandon his generous life and noble status. She could not match with his persistence.

In contemplation, Yunyan wanted to go back to the city and get married to her beloved brother and could immerse herself in the happy love…

She looked at Xiao Tianlong and her heart was fluctuating. She wanted to ask the imperial master to make the proposal for her and realize her dream of love with the second prince.

However, what she worried about was not eliminated and what she hesitated was not eliminated. They would still be blocked by the reality of thousands of years.

Although Yunyan hoped to save this desirable marriage, she could not help worrying about the incident. She had to be fearful of the pain of being separated by the two different worlds. She also had no courage to pursue love.

The marriage of the two worlds still had no solution. Beautiful love could not be fulfilled. Yunyan was destined to hesitate and suffer.

The pain of losing was really miserable. She would continue this empty love and miss.

Zhang Yunyan lost her fiance, brother Jiaxiang. She felt painful so far.

Now, she got involved in the painful yearning of her brother in the alienated world.

Such a good marriage and such an upright and honest brother who was the pillar of the country were refused by her, so how could she stop feeling pain. Such an adorable marriage could not be realized.

Why was her love as struggling as her fate?

During the trip to the alienated world, the beautiful marriage passed by Zhang Yunyan and the second prince. They would bid a farewell to each other. This result would be the same as the love with brother Jiaxiang. She would feel the bitterness of love again.

Perhaps, her love should be so rough. Such a good marriage should be a beautiful dream. She could not get what she wanted or realize her dream.

Yunyan hoped to get married to the second prince. Facing the marriage between the two worlds, she was worried and difficult to make up her mind.

It was a dilemma. It was a dilemma indeed. Helpless, it was really helpless. The reluctant result was inevitable.

She really wanted to find a way to satisfy both sides. However, she could not find a way out in reality. She could only dream of it.

The good marriage was lost, which was like an arrow out of string and could not be recovered. The beloved brother had no fate with her. He could only be the husband of others.

Zhang Yunyan wanted to become the wife of her beloved man and would not be willing to give this position to any other woman of this era. She could only accept the reality in pain and miss the love in dreams.

Unknowingly, the carriage had entered the deep forest and came to the Tongtian Hole where the Tongtian Precious Carriage was placed.

Here, the mountains were undulating, ancient trees were towering, and the birds and beasts appeared from time to time, adding some living atmosphere to the deserted land.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the mountains, the thick green forest, the weed wildflowers, and the torrential water… Her eyes were wet.

She felt pain in her mind and did not hope to be apart from this world. She regained an unforgettable feeling to the short trip in this alienated world.

It was time to leave and it might be a farewell. Yunyan was reluctant and it was hard to ease her mood.

This was a nostalgia for the land of the alienated world. It was a nostalgia for Tianyue Country and her friends here. She also felt a yearning of the second prince. All the emotions were integrated into a painful farewell.

Farewell, the cute Tianyue Country!

Farewell, the friends of Tianyue Country.

Farewell, the land she had fought for!

Farewell, sister Samuume!

Farewell, the warm and kind second prince!

In the farewell of the alienated world, the figure of the second prince flashed by her mind. She felt so painful and desirable. Tears and grief could not cover the handsome face of her beloved man. He was still so adorable and charming.

Zhang Yunyan lamented silently, deeply yearning and love.

Would she lose such a good marriage? Would she bid a farewell to her beloved man? Was there any possibility to save this marriage?

Yunyan was somewhat unwilling. She was still thinking and hesitating…

The beautiful marriage was like a dream and could not get it. She could only stop this longing love in the beautiful dream.

The second prince, farewell. Facing the time and space interval of thousands of years, they could not come back to gather together…

As it said, it was helpless. It was really helpless.

In her yearning and pains, Zhang Yunyan could not refrain her inner feelings and could not help tearing town with pain and love…

The white clouds were floating in the blue sky. The green land was elegant and quiet. The person who would leave was reluctant to go, while the staying persons were yearning.

Zhang Yunyan came and went back in a hurry. She held a strange and mysterious mood to this alienated world with an uneasy mood.

She had never thought that this trip would be so horrible and exciting. It was pleasant, so as yearning and lovable…

Here, Zhang Yunyan had experienced the emotions of anger, hate, happiness, and sorrow. There was still the unforgettable pain of love.

The love here was very beautiful and hard to give up. Would she lose her beautiful love like this?

She was painful and regretted. She hoped to fulfill the hard dream of love.

In this regard, she was confused. All of those complicated emotions intertwined, making her tortured by the pain of loss…

The reality could not be changed. In the reality of the two worlds’ separation, Zhang Yunyan was unable to find a way to satisfy both sides. She was destined to suffer.

After that, she would miss her beloved brother and endlessly tortured by fruitless love.

Yunyan did not know when this painful torture would end and hoped that it would not last a lifetime. She hoped that time would take away the endless pain and calmed her bitter mind.

She also hoped to find a warmhearted man who could soothe the pain of her soul.

Xiao Tianlong sighed silently when finding that Zhang Yunyan felt somewhat upset.

He really hoped to keep this young heroine staying here, but could not reach his goal. He also felt the pain of loss. This was a pain to lose a friend with generations for him, while he also felt painful for the Tianyue Country to lose a heroine.

The imperial master could understand Zhang Yunyan’s mood that the handsome second prince could not touch his friend’s mind. It seemed how deep she missed her hometown. This feeling could not be replaced.

He sighed silently. It was moving that his friend had such a deep feeling to her hometown.

The friend of the alienated world decided to leave. The marriage of the two worlds could not be reached. It was a tragedy of the two eras and an inevitable reality.

Neither the pair of the handsome man and beautiful woman or any outsider could not change the reality. They could only accept this inevitable ending, although they were reluctant in all the aspects.

Under the reminder of Xiao Tianlong, Zhang Yunyan freed from the sadness and went into the Tongtian Hole with the imperial master. They reached the Tongtian Precious Carriage.

Tongtian Precious Carriage was still shining and protected by the green light out of blue. There was no soul-absorbing vase on the magical flower tray. It looked a little bit regretted.

Zhang Yunyan felt deeply regretted and asked, “Imperial master, can the soul-absorbing vase be repaired?”

Xiao Tianlong frowned and sighed. “It’s possible to repair it, but it will take time. I will refine it again after I come back. Meanwhile, the Ninth Heaven Pearl which is protecting the city, is also related to the safety of the country. I need to recover their power. It’s an urgent issue. After I come back, I will concentrate on accomplishing these two major events.”

In the shining cover of the Tongtian Precious Carriage, some light spots were constantly flashing.

Xiao Tianlong looked at the light spots and sighed. “These are the souls the vase absorbed. I kept them in the Tongtian Precious Carriage when I came back yesterday. Now, it’s time to go back and I should take it with us, to allow these souls to go back to their flesh.”

Zhang Yunyan remembered that those souls were controlled by the Black Killer, who were Turtle Demon, Wind-blown Monster, Misty Flower, and some other elves. Besides, there were Black Killer’s two brothers—Fire Dragon and Bailin Fairy.

These souls were mixed together and could not be extinguished. Both hateful monsters and Black Killer’s enemies were all there. They could only let them go together.

She felt that it was also right if they could release those elves which were beneficial to the world. Black Bear Demon and the other demon would not be in peace and would meet quite a lot of dangers, or even lost their lives.

Zhang Yunyan thought of Wind-blown Monster and Turtle Demon. She felt somewhat upset. They were enemies that Black Killer frightened. She hoped that they were good elves that benefited human beings and could remove the monsters such as Black Bear Demon.

A beautiful figure flashed by her mind, which was the vixen Misty Flower.

Yunyan could not help sighing. Both the appearance and martial arts of Misty Flower could match with Samuume in the alienated world. Misty Flower was so-called fascinating, stunning, beautiful, and amazing.

She would like to persuade the beautiful elf to be humble in the future, not to do those shameful things and to relieve the suffering of the people.

Zhang Yunyan did not know whether the time of the alienated world was the same as the time in her own rea and did not know whether the day and night here were the same as in her own era. When she thought of it, she felt really anxious.

She felt that the length of day and night in the alienated world was similar to her own era. Even if it was not at the same time, she spent a whole night in Black Tiger Mountain thousands of years later.

It was a horrible night. She did not know whether there was an amazing change in Black Tiger Mountain and whether there was something bloody happening.

A small figure passed by her mind, who was Iron Egg. She did not know whether the poor kid was still alive. She hoped that he could be safe and nothing changed.

Zhang Yunyan had left Black Tiger Mountain for more than one day. When she thought of Iron Egg, she felt really anxious and painful.

When she thought of Black Killer, she raged and was very rash. She could not wait to rush towards the Black Tiger Cave and killed the fierce monsters.

Xiao Tianlong also raged. He was imprisoned by the brothers of Black Killer for more than three years and nearly caused big mistakes. He must take revenge.

The imperial master checked the Tongtian Precious Carriage and turned the button to the selected direction, coming with the rumbling sounded.

The Tongtian Precious Carriage was slowly starting up and there was a bright light outside the carriage. It moved at a fast speed and fell into the darkness.

The Tongtian Precious Carriage left Tianyue Country and moved towards the age of the future.

Zhang Yunyan felt bitter in her mind. The beautiful love was completely lost. The beloved brother would be the husband of others.

Thinking of this, she was even more heart-wrenching and even felt jealous of the future wife of the second prince. The woman in her brother’s arms was supposed to be her, but was replaced by an unknown girl. She could not accept it and felt very bitter.

In the bitterness of love, Yunyan’s mind was unsure. Should not she refuse such a good marriage? She could not meet such a good man like her brother. Should she retrieve it?

She really wanted to be a sweet lady in the arms of her beloved man and did not want to give the position of prince concubine to any other woman.

However, this was a marriage of two different worlds. She could not find a suitable way to satisfy both sides. What should she do?

Zhang Yunyan had always wanted to get married to her beloved brother, but dared not promise this marriage. She fell into a dilemma.

At this moment, facing the reality of two different worlds, she had no courage to change this decision.

The reality was so horrible and she had no way to change. She hesitated and sighed. She was falling into a vague dream of love.

She really hoped that the second prince was a person of her era. Even if he was a normal person like her, they could live a happy life together.

Xiao Tianlong looked at Zhang Yunyan and felt heartfelt. She could not ease the feeling of loss.

He sighed and said, “Yun Feiyan, I met you by accident and build a friendship of life and death. We are good friends, so I don’t want to say goodbye to you. Ah, it’s just my own thought. I have no way to keep you here. It’s time to say goodbye.”

Hearing this, Zhang Yunyan was still upset. She also hoped to stay there. In the Tianyue Country where she strived for a victory, she had a sister Samuume who saved her life, the beloved second prince, and Xiao Tianlong in front of her…

She was still hesitating. Should she save this good marriage?

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