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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 111 She Was Misty Flower!

Chapter 111 She Was Misty Flower!

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The banshee was angry after hearing Zhang Yunyan’s word and sneered. She scolded, “Bullsh*t, I am truly a human being. How dare you disgrace me as a monster? You’re really hateful!”

Yunyan was stunned after hearing her words. Was not she a monster?

The banshee was full of anger and shouted, “B*tch, you are just a fledgling little woman. Who gives you the courage to disturb my business? You’re looking for death!”

Yunyan was somewhat confused and asked at once, “Who are you if you’re not a monster. Tell me your name. I’d like to see who was committing crimes over there.”

The woman stared at Yunyan and shouted with anger, “You’re really as blind as a bat. You even don’t know who I am. No wonder that you’re so arrogant. Well, I can give you a chance to die clearly. Listen, I am Misty Flower. I am famous over Jianghu. You should know my name. Since you are looking for death, I can kill you and play with the handsome man.”

The woman pulled out her steel whip when she was talking and waved it to Zhang Yunyan’s key parts, hoping to get rid of the girl who dared shout at her at once.

Zhang Yunyan was shocked to hear this name. “Ah, you’re Misty Flower?”

She dared not be careless and hurried to pull out of Magical Dragon Sword to resist.

The woman snorted disdainfully and said, “It’s me. Since you know my name, why not leave as soon as possible. Are you going to rob the handsome man from me? Hum, you’re looking for death. Don’t be ignorant of good or bad. I’m happy now and don’t want to be bloody. Get out of my way. Don’t make me kill you.”

Zhang Yunyan was deeply surprised to meet this monster that she met for the first time in Black Tiger Mountain. She had never expected that she would meet her again even at night. It was somewhat puzzling and frightening.

Was it a kind of fate?

Such fate was so terrible that no one wanted to be involved with monsters.

Zhang Yunyan was nervous and fearful. This vixen was fierce and even Black Killer could not match her, letting alone her.

She wondered why Misty Flower dared not admit she was a vixen. Why should she tell people she was a human being? What was her purpose? Did she avoid to be a different species? Was it necessary?

Perhaps, she did not deny she was an elf with cultivation, but just said she was not a harmful monster.

It could not deny that this woman was a harmful monster.

At this moment, the only purpose of the vixen was to get this handsome man. The reason why she said she was not a harmful monster was that she hoped to dispel the doubts of the handsome man. Then, he would obey her wills.

Zhang Yunyan had a deeper understanding of Misty Flower. The monster was not only a shameless monster, but a murderous vixen.

At this time, she had no good feeling of Misty Flower and really hoped that Black Killer could kill the vixen. If so, she would not be in danger tonight.

Yunyan understood that Misty Flower was not the banshee she met at Yan Mansion. Their weapons were different. The banshee she met before used sword, but Misty Flower used steel whip. Since they had got used to their weapons, they would not change casually.

She glanced at the man and shook her head silently. This person had encountered such a tough banshee. No wonder that he had no ability to get rid of it.

Zhang Yunyan was confused. Misty Flower was as beautiful as a fairy and even could attract people’s souls. Even Yunyan herself could not help praising her beauty. Men would be addicted to her beauty and could not escape the beauty pass.

Strange, the man should be happy to accept it since the beauty came to him deliberately. How could he refuse her?

It was rare to see such a man to insist on his consciousness so firmly.

Zhang Yunyan was puzzled. She hurried to pull out of her sword to resist Misty Flower’s whip.

She shouted, “You turn out to be the shameless Misty Flower. It seems that you not only behave badly, but also you’re a scourge of this world. You deserve to die!”

Misty Flower scolded, “B*tch, don’t dress me down. I like to do what I want. I’m looking for happiness and absorbing men’s masculine. I can do whatever I want. Why is it shameless or not right? Are you looking for troubles for me? I will not give you mercy! You can not get this handsome man and will die here!”

Zhang Yunyan hated this vixen and felt both nervous and fearful.

She knew she had no ability to save the man but she could not ignore his difficulty. The upright nature made her life. She would help everyone that met dangers.

Whether that person was the deceived or a monster, she should go for help, especially the victim.

Besides, she had fought against the banshee and could not escape. She could only go all out.

Zhang Yunyan cheered up and shouted while answering, “Misty Flower, it’s the end of your life when you meet me. I will kill you and revenge for those who were killed by you. Besides, I can kill you for people!”

Since it was so, she was not afraid of taking action. She waved her sword and tried to kill the banshee.

Misty Flower was even more disdainful. “Hum, Bodhisattva can’t persuade d*mn ghosts. How dare you be so arrogant in front of me? Since you look for death by all your mind, I can fulfill your dream!”

Misty Flower in a threatening manner and tried her best to fight against. She did not make a concession.

Zhang Yunyan lifted the Magical Dragon Sword and waved it like Tai Mountain coming over. Misty Flower waved her whip towards her and activated a tactic of Tiger Hang Out to attack her waist. Zhang Yunyan activated a tactic of Dragon Stirring Water to resist and avoid. Then, she waved her sword to the banshee.

They fought against each other and could not stop. They hoped to put their opponents to death.

After 10 more rounds, Zhang Yunyan and Misty Flower were untied. However, Yunyan took advantage.

Facing a strong enemy, Zhang Yunyan was somewhat surprised. She remembered that Misty Flower was powerful in legend. Even Black Killer would feel a little bit frightened for her. She had not expected that she was just so so.

She had confidence in her mind and took a deep breath. All of her nervous body and mind were eased. She speeded up at this fight, which made her opponent feel nervous.

Misty Flower had already felt that Zhang Yunyan’s martial arts were good and she would get lost once she was a little careless. She might be killed. She had to find ways to kill the hateful little girl.

The banshee was a little nervous and dared not continue this fight. She scolded, “B*tch, don’t be proud of yourself. You can’t care about my thing. You don’t know that Master Ma has the third eye if I don’t show my real skills. Let me show you my abilities. This handsome man is mine and not yours. I will kill you first and then, I can play with him as my wish.”

The vixen snorted and jumped to the side. She waved her weapon and whispered at the same time.

At that time, a cold wind rose and there was a nip in the air. The shouting was fierce, which could absorb people’s souls. The strong cold wind rolled up the litter and screamed at the opponent. The horror of the momentum was earth-shattering. The result was so fierce and necessary.

Zhang Yunyan saw Misty Flower activate her magical whip tactics, which made her stunned. She had no time to escape and could only accept her life and death.

Just at the urgent moment, the fog surged suddenly while the colorful clouds soared. They surged forward to Misty Flower with the sound of the screaming.

Almost at the same time, Zhang Yunyan was thrown onto the ground for more than 10 feet by the cold winds. She had inner wounds and screamed for pain.

Fortunately, the strength of the cold wind was removed a little by the fog and clouds. Otherwise, she would get hurt even if she did not die. She might roll down to the mountain and die for breaking her bones.

Misty Flower was shocked and dared not be careless. She had no time to care about Zhang Yunyan and continued to activate some demon methods to resist the sudden coming fog and colorful clouds.

In the blink of eyes, the colorful clouds and the cold winds were strangled together. It was like thunder and shocking.

The fog surged up like a colorful phoenix. The cold wind was screaming and horrible. The two were strangling together. The momentum was surging and the fight was fierce. It was heartbreaking and shocking.

In the fierce battle, Misty Flower glanced at Zhang Yunyan and scolded, “B*tch, it’s your tragic to bother my good thing. After conquering this handsome man, I will take your life first. Then, I can play with him.

The vixen was shouting angrily and wanted to immediately capture the handsome man and kill this hateful person who dared to make her trouble.

Zhang Yunyan struggled to sit up and finally found that the bounded man had broken off the ropes after looking around. He was activating skills and fighting against Misty Flower.

She was shocked and had never expected that such a young man knew some magical skills and his skills were not less than Misty Flower.

Who was the man? Was he a monster? What kind of elf with cultivation he was?

Yunyan was very surprised, nervous, and afraid. She had not expected that she met two monsters again, a male and a female. They were both powerful. It was a surprise.

In the midst of nervousness and fear, she was deeply depressed. Why did she always meet monsters? Why did this kind of disasters always fall on her head? Was she so unlucky and so unsatisfactory? Was she always ill-fated?

A curved moon just showed its head. Under the moonlight, the man’s figure showed up.

He had a good body and was eye-catching, quick-moving, and light-moving. He was like a civet.

He was good at martial arts at this young age and owned such a magical ability. He was not a normal person and dared to come alone to Qinglong Mountain. He must be a monster.

Needless to say, even if he was not a hateful monster, he was also an elf with cultivation. Perhaps, he was an extraordinary person with profound skills.

Facing the strong enemy Misty Flower, the man was extremely angry and had no fear. He planned to kill this banshee to revenge.

The colorful phoenix-like clouds were strong and nearly forced the cold wind back. The man’s martial arts were much better than Misty Flower. If they continued this fight, the opponent would lose this battle.

The banshee was very surprised and very anxious. She tried to resist while thinking about the way to retreat.

She was not willing to lose in her “prey’s” hands and did not want to lose this handsome man. However, the situation was not to allow her to go. She could only dream about this. She had no ability to reverse the crisis.

Misty Flower sighed. The danger was compelling. Keeping her life was the most important thing. She could only hold her desire in her mind and prepare to retreat.

Facing such a handsome man, the banshee was not willing to leave. She was resisting while saying, “Brother, you are not only handsome but also good at martial arts. You are admirable. However, I can not stay with you tonight. It is unfortunate.”

Zhang Yunyan looked at the two monsters in the fierce battle and was greatly shocked. She was envious and hoped that she could have similar skills like them.

Misty Flower glanced at Yunyan and said with anger, “Hey, it’s all because of this b*tch who breaks our good moments. I will kill her in the future. Ah, since I have no fate with you tonight, my brother, I can only wait for someday. I will find you in the future.”

Between the words, Misty Flower was retreating while fighting against. Then, she flew away on her skill.

The man was not willing to let the banshee escape. He hesitated and stopped before he intended to run after her. He was worried about Zhang Yunyan’s wounds and had to hold back. He shouted at the direction of the banshee.

Zhang Yunyan saw him coming towards her and felt that her heart was beating too fast. She did not know what the monster would do to her and whether he would treat his savor with bad things. She needed to secretly prepare for the emergency.

A monster was always a monster. The nature of monsters would not change. They would be greatly attracted by beauties and might take actions regardless of anything.

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