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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 112 The First Time to Meet Shikong

Chapter 112 The First Time to Meet Shikong

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Zhang Yunyan saw the male monster coming over to her and felt very nervous and alerted. Once the monster became angry and tried to hurt her, she would fight against him even if she would lose her life. She would not be raped even if losing her life.

She also had the mind of luck. Since the monster was indifferent to the gorgeous and charming Misty Flower, he would not be obsessed by her.

The man came to Zhang Yunyan to check her injury and felt eased when finding she was OK. He did not stench his hands to the beauty. He took out an elixir for Yunyan to take in.

Moon had been covered by the thick clouds. The night was darker and the mountain was vague to see. The forest was also vague, so was the people… Everything was vague. The wildland was covered in the vague and could not be figured out.

Yunyan saw that he had no bad idea to her. Perhaps, he would not do something terrible. She felt eased and did not lose her alert.

Facing such an extraordinary elf, Zhang Yunyan wanted to see his appearance clearly and know his background. However, the night was too dark and even could not see him clearly even if she was staring at him.

In the darkness, Zhang Yunyan could feel something. It said that it might be a kind of feeling. If this man was young and handsome as Misty Flower said and even had extraordinary skills, he was not a mortal.

Yunyan admired and envy him. She did not know what kind of beast he transferred from and hoped that he could be an admirable elf as her sister Samuume.

The man sighed and thanked her, “Thanks to your help just now. Otherwise, the consequences are hard to expect. It is too terrible…”

Yunyan was somewhat puzzled. Although Misty Flower forced him to do something erotic, she did not hope to kill him. They would go on their own ways after tonight. It would not be that terrible.

Besides, men were not like women who had been bounded by so many rules and had no sayings of protecting their virgins.

In this case, why did the man say something like this? What was he frightened?

Not to mention that he was a monster, even if he was an ordinary person, he should not be so afraid of sex between men and women. Facing such a beautiful woman like a flower, he should accept it and follow the banshee’s mind even if for protecting his life, instead of pursuing a moment of happiness.

Strange, this person was not as the ordinary ones. He did not obey the banshee but started to resist. He even felt frightened after this issue. Why?

Zhang Yunyan saw this man have no bad behavior. It seemed that he was an elf with cultivation. She did not have to be so nervous.

The man put his hands together and made a bow to Yunyan to show his appreciation. “Thank you for your help. Otherwise, I, a monk, will be… by that woman. Ah, it’s too horrible.”

Ah, monk? It turned out that he was neither an elf nor a normal person. He was a monk.

Zhang Yunyan was very surprised and took a deep breath. The night was too vague for her to see it clearly. She tried her best to find that he wore a costume of Buddhist.

Yunyan sighed silently. Only if he was not an elf, she would not meet danger. A monk would not do something bad to her.

She refused gently. “No, no, it’s you… it’s you to save me. I should thank you so much.”

She was somewhat uneasy. She was shameless that she was even saved by a bounded man at the dangerous moment.

“No, it’s you to save me. You come to there timely. Otherwise, I will be hurt and my virgin body will be broken. Horrible, it’s too horrible. If you do not try to help me, the result will be unexpected. I haven’t expected that you will come here in the darkness. It’s fortunate!”

Zhang Yunyan was emotional. “You are a monk. I haven’t expected that you even have such deep cultivation at such a young age. You’re really admirable.”

She sighed in her mind. When could she have such kind of abilities like the monk? She might not realize this dream in this life.

The little monk said, “I have converted to Buddhism for a few years and follow my master to cultivate in the forest all the time. Under the fostering of my master, I can reach the level today. Today, I follow the order of my master to visit my martial uncles. I got out of the mountain when the night fell down. However, I met Misty Flower and nearly died there. Thank you so much to save me. Thank you again!”

“No, no, it’s you to save me.”

Zhang Yunyan had some understanding of the fright of the little monk. He had converted to Buddhism and would not pursue the love between men and women. He cherished her boy virgin deeply. It said that it was good for his martial arts. No wonder he was so frightened for Zhang Yunyan’s enforce.

She sighed silently. In order to protect her virgin, she could even spare her life, so could the little monk.

Yunyan still puzzled and asked, “Little master, since your martial arts are so great and Misty Flower can not match you, how can you be… captured by her?”

“Ah, it’s hard to say. I don’t care too much, so I fall into her trap. False friends are worse than bitter enemies.”

During the conversation, the monk sighed and his fright had not been reduced.

Zhang Yunyan realized that the vixen must use some dirty means. Otherwise, she would be the one to be captured.

In the agony, the little monk shook his head and sighed. “I will not forget your kindness. Could you please tell me your name? I can burn incenses and pray for the safety for your every day.”

“I…” Facing such an expert and a person in Buddism, Zhang Yunyan was somewhat embarrassed.

She secretly sighed. She could not match him. She was just a trivial when compared with him. How could she be as his savor?

Yunyan was somewhat difficult to say anything but stammered, “I am just a normal girl with normal skills. It’s you to save me. You should not pray for me.”

“No, I appreciate you so deeply and really hope to know your name. Please tell me.” He introduced himself, “My name is Shikong. I come out rarely and live in the mountain. I will pray for you every day to show my appreciation.”

“No, no, don’t do this for me. I can’t accept your prayers. I meet you by accident and just try a little to help you. My name is Yun Feiyan, an ordinary girl. Things pass by, so you don’t have to keep it on your mind.”

He introduced his religious name and should not refuse him. Then, she told him her name.

Since being shackled by the government a few years ago, Zhang Yunyan had been anonymously named and renamed Yun Feiyan. She had never revealed the real name.

Later, the government had nowhere to find “vicious crime” and gave up.

She had got used to the name, Yun Feiyan. She built a little frame and did not want to change again, in case the government would reveal the case of long-standing.

Now, no one on this world knew she was Zhang Yunyan, including Tianyue Country in the alienated world.

Of course, the so-called Millennium Covenant was excluded.

In this regard, Yunyan was puzzled. If the ancient person was real, how could he know that she was both Zhang Yunyan and Yun Feiyan?

If the “Millennium Covenant” was not an ancient person, who was he? Was it a trick word that the monster used to false her?

Yunyan was suspected that the “Millennium Covenant” was someone else and could not confirm. She did not want to waste her time. She just thought of it and did not care too much.

Zhang Yunyan told Shikong her name and thought it was good to make a friend with this expert in Buddhism. This was a good thing. If there was a chance, she could ask Shikong for advice. Perhaps, it could help her to enhance her cultivation.

The night was dark, while the mountain was silent. The insects stopped calling. Little elves fell into sweet dreams with their companions.

The little monk hurried to move on and said goodbye to her. He activated his ability to step on the top of trees and stones. For a second, he flew to the root of the mountain like a bird and disappeared.

Zhang Yunyan was shocked and had not expected that such a young monk would have deep cultivation and even Misty Flower was not his opponent.

Since it was so, Shikong’s martial arts could match some heroes, like Cloud-reaching Crane, Bai Yunfei. Even the horrible Black Killer would be defeated when fighting against him.

Facing such a young and promising person, she was both admired and envious. She sighed for their difference.

She sighed silently. When could she have similar abilities like those experts? When could she worship those experts? Did she still have a chance to cultivate esoteric exercises in this life?

Yunyan went on a patrol and prayed silently. She hoped that that immortal would come here tonight and she could worship him to cultivate deep skills.

Since Zhang Yunyan went into Jianghu, she was happy that she had learned some profound skills.

In tonight’s battle, she had witnessed two experts to activate magical skills. The momentum was terrified and shook the heaven and earth. She was eye-opening.

Although she was also good at martial arts, she was so incompetent and trivial in front of those experts with high-level cultivation. She nearly lost her life.

With such abilities, how could she travel in Jianghu? When could she complete her vows to revenge?

Not to mention to build her own place, she was difficult to live in Jianghu. She was frustrated and disappointed. She was upset about his incapacity.

Zhang Yunyan met Shikong by accident and widened her horizon. She was envious of the little monk with wonderful skills.

The little monk looked just little elder than her, but was an expert with extraordinary martial arts. She could not match him.

Facing such a young man, an expert who she could only look upon, Yunyan was really emotional. She felt somewhat shameful to be incapable and respected him in her mind.

Thinking of the little monk, she was moved. Since she met Shikong, she felt the experience in her talking and behaving.

She could not tell what was that. In her consciousness, she thought it was not her imaginary.

Yunyan and Shikong had never met each other before. As usual, one would not have an inexplicable feeling to a stranger. She had never had this kind of feeling although she had met some many strangers and acquaintances before.

Somehow, she felt different for the newly-met Shikong. It was strange.

What was that? Was it because he was a monk? Was it because he saved her? Was it because she envied this young expert with high cultivation? Did she feel gratitude to him? Was she feeling familiar to him? Was it…

Zhang Yunyan thought about it and could not tell the reasons.

If this was because Shikong was a monk, she should not have this kind of feeling. After all, they were strangers. Besides, she had met so many monks before and had never had this kind of feeling.

If it was because he had saved her, it was reasonable. However, it seemed to be unrelated to this kind of feeling. Besides, Shikong was not the only one who saved her before. Not to mention too long ago, she had no feelings of Xiao Tianlong and Samuume.

If it was because she was envious Shikong’s magical skills, it could be OK. However, what she envied was his deep-level martial arts at such a young age. It had nothing to do with this kind of feeling.

If it was because of her gratitude, it was inevitable. Since Shikong had saved her, she must thank him. However, this strange feeling was not because of gratitude.

If it was because they were familiar, it was even more impossible. She was the first time she met Shikong, so how could she have a familiar feeling?

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