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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 114 Was He an Immortal?

Chapter 114 Was He an Immortal?

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Under the night sky and on that wildland, a puff of black smoke surged, with colorful glare showing up from time to time.

Zhang Yunyan was puzzled about the colorful clouds. It seemed that this was not mentioned in the legend, while Sun Jianlin had never talked about it.

Did people miss something in their description? Were the colorful clouds too weak to be worth mentioning?

She did not know why and could only suspect, observe, wait, and pray for the immortal to come out soon.

The colorful clouds were swallowed by the black air. The former one seemed not willing to be swallowed and surged greatly. It attacked the black air and avoided it, hurrying to tear the horrible darkness.

However, the black air was intensive and covered the colorful clouds.

The colorful clouds had no ability to break out and disappeared soon. The horrible sound disappeared, too. The ground recovered into peace.

Zhang Yunyan looked at it without a blink. She was nervous and somewhat puzzled. She did not know what happened there.

She did not hope to worry about it and could not guess out what happened. She hoped that the immortal could come to the Qinglong Mountain soon and recruit her as his apprentice so that she could learn some magical skills from him.

Suddenly, a shouting tore the space and came to her. The puff of black air with bloody smell came to her and fell down on the half of the mountain.

The black air scattered and a figure showed out.

Yunyan was anxious and was eagerly praying. She had never expected that the immortal she dreamed about showed up finally.

She was very excited and nervous. It seemed that she was fated with this immortal, so she could see him on the last night.

God blessed Zhang Yunyan and gave her this rare opportunity. Since childhood, the wish to learn from an expert would finally realize. Since then, she could cultivate tactics to defeat enemies with the immortal. With his teaching, she might match those experts soon.

Zhang Yunyan was happy and nervous when finding the immortal had come nearby. She calmed down herself and prepared to make a bow to him, asking him to accept her as a disciple.

She stared at the immortal not far away. Although the night was dark, the immortal was surrounded with flashing, so she could see him clearly.

In her observation, Yunyan was shocked and felt more nervous and somewhat uneasy.

Was he an immortal? Why did he look like this?

She saw that this falling immortal was pale with his eyes shining blue and gloomy glare, which made her feel scared.

His nose was plain, showing out two black nostrils. His cheekbones were out of blush. His mouth was widely opening, revealing shining teeth. This face was as ugly as a mole.

This guy dressed in a black robe with wide sleeves and long collar, swinging in the smoky wind. Under the robe, one and another obvious corner showed up on his covered body, releasing a puff of suffocating air.

His hands were even more horrible, which were thin and sharp and were shining the scaring light as swords.

Was he the immortal? Why did this immortal look so horrible?

Zhang Yunyan’s body and mind were intense and cold. She could not believe this was the immortal in legend.

She did not move and dared not move. Her excitement of meeting the immortal had disappeared, so as to the eagerness and desire of worshiping the immortal.

For a moment, she dared not to meet the horrible immortal. She lay on the ground to observe and take action depending on the situation.

On the half of the mountain, it was dark and silent, which was as suffocating as the hell and made people feel scared.

Zhang Yunyan finally met the immortal in her desire, but was greatly shocked by his ugly face and could not move. She hesitated and did not know whether she should go to meet him or not. She did not know what would happen next.

There were no insect callings in the “Hell” and there was no living atmosphere. The air was condensed and every creature was suffocated as a zombie. They dared not to move or make out any noise, praying that the horrible monster could leave soon and leave them a lifeline.

Zhang Yunyan dared not to move. She was observing and waiting, but could not find a situation to make a decision. She did not see any indication to move on.

She hesitated and could not stop her hesitation when facing such a horrible monster. It was hard to decide where to go.

In her hesitation, she found something more and felt puzzled again. She found that the immortal was not alone here and there was another person.

The immortal was covered by shining glare. Zhang Yunyan could not see the person’s face and figure. She could see his cloth roughly. It seemed that he was dressed in a Buddhist costume.

Yunyan could not make sure that the person was dressed in Buddhism robe. This robe made her think of the little monk Shikong.

She could not stop thinking. Was that person her savor?

Yunyan denied at once. Shikong was good at martial arts, including the extraordinary flying skills. He had run out of more than 10 miles. It would not be him.

Was this person a monk? If he was a monk, who was he? Was he an accomplice of the immortal and taken back because of his injuries?

Yunyan was suspicious and could only suspect. She knew nothing.

Suddenly, the glare was shining as the lightening. The ground was bright and light. For a second, it disappeared. Heaven and earth were darker.

At this moment, “boom—” It was as loud as thunder. Then, it shook the mountain and earth. Sand and dust were flying, while the stones were falling. Branches were broken…

In “Hell”, huge changes suddenly happened. It was surprising and chilling.

Zhang Yunyan was shocked and could not help but roll around before she could react. She could not control herself and could only allow this to happen.

With this huge sound, there was a huge crack showing out on half of the mountain.

Yunyan did not know what had happened and felt shocked and horrible. She did not know what kind of horrible thing would happen and what caused the mountain to fall.

Sudden flashes, sudden loud noises, sudden cracks… all of these sudden changes came one by one at a moment. Soon, everything calmed down.

In the moment of lightening, Zhang Yunyan saw the ugly face of the immortal and felt the stinking smell and coldness of the chilly wind. She felt nervous and horrible.

In the lightning, she saw the person clearly. It was really a monk. It seemed that the immortal had a friend in Buddhism who could help him to cure his wounds.

In a sudden, the immortal took the monk away and disappeared in the crack.

Zhang Yunyan was shocked in both body and mind. She could not have any reaction.

When she regained her consciousness, she was regretted. She got there for worshiping the immortal, but why did she hesitate at the critical moment?

The immortal went away and this great opportunity had been lost. It was a pity. It was really a pity.

She had guarded here for a long time, but watched the immortal leaving. She was regretted.

Tonight, Zhang Yunyan saw the arising smoke, thick black clouds, bright flashing, and heard the shocking sound. All of these were the mysterious signs in the legend. Besides, the immortal had reached in front of her. It had no suspicion.

However, she hesitated to go for him because she was frightened by his face. Such a good opportunity disappeared from the eyes. It was too hateful.

It was reasonable that the immortal looked ugly. Each immortal or elf would look like this. It was natural they looked scaring. She should not hesitate.

Immortals were always immortals, which were different from ordinary people. The ugly and odd appearance was his extraordinary character. It was not the standard of evil and good. It could not decide whether he was kind or not.

At the crucial moment, Yunyan judged people by appearance, missed this good opportunity, and ruined the hope in her heart. It was really sad.

All the efforts she had exerted a few days ago disappeared in the short moment. She had no way to regain it. Her dream to worship an expert had no chance to realize.

Perhaps, this was the only chance for Yunyan in this life and was the last time the Heaven would take care of her. She pushed it away. It was a pity. The wish that she dreamed about for more than a decade would become a beautiful illusion.

The immortal could ride the clouds and come and go as fast as flying. He could also exert skills to split the mountain. It could be told that his cultivation was deep and his skills were profound.

It was difficult for her to see an immortal with such profound skills in front of her. It was really a good opportunity. It was really a pity that it disappeared in front of her.

Zhang Yunyan sighed and could not stop blaming herself. However, the immortal did not come back. It was too late for her to regret. She could only swallow the bitter result she made.

Yunyan did not give up, but came to the crack with a glimpse of hope, to check whether the immortal was still there. She really hoped to go for a piece of advice.

This crack was long and deep. The width was different. It was really dark inside and she could not see anything. It was as deep as a deep cave, unpredictable and horrible.

Zhang Yunyan was shocked and could not help doubting. Was this crack an entrance of this hole? Was there really a cave below?

This crack was not like an entrance of a hole, but the immortal took his friend inside indeed. She could not deny this.

It seemed that this crack was not simple and must be a mysterious cave. It was probably a living place of the immortal. Otherwise, the immortal would not come here on purpose. The hole would not be open for him. He would not take his friend inside.

The legend passed down from many generations. It seemed that the immortal had lived there for years. This was his mysterious cave.

Zhang Yunyan did not give up and shouted a few times against the dark cracks, but there was no response.

The immortal did not hear her shouts. It seemed that he was not here and had gone inside the cave.

She was upset and blamed herself. She was really an incompetent and useless little woman. She had no usage at a critical moment.

Yunyan really hoped to visit the immortal and asked him for help sincerely. However, she could not see the situation below clearly and did not know how deep this cave was. She also did not know whether there was any horrible traps or mechanisms. She dared not get inside abruptly.

It was a good opportunity for Zhang Yunyan to meet, but she lost it by accident. She felt frustrated and could not stop blaming herself. She was sighing.

She was not willing to give up and walking around the crack, hoping to save this rare opportunity and realize her long-cherished wish.

Yunyan was walking while observing. She was listening carefully and praying that the immortal could find her soon. He came to meet her and she could worship him face to face.

Suddenly, she felt dizzy and could not control herself. She fell down into the dark crack by accident…

There was a shocking change that there was a cave on the half of the mountain. Needless to say, there must be hidden secrets inside and she did not know whether there were some terrible killing chances.

It was dark inside the cave and was hard to tell how deep it was. No sound could be heard and everything was drowned in the darkness.

At the moment when Zhang Yunyan fell down, she recovered at once. She was too scared and could not control herself. It felt that she was falling into a bottomless abyss at fast speed…

It was horrible and miserable. At such a young age, Yunyan just started her life. She had not completed her life-long missions. She needed to realize her ambitions. She had never expected that she would end her life in this way…

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