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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 124 Accidental Changes

Chapter 124 Accidental Changes

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Zhang Yunyan saw Yan Xiaopeng’s movements were so fast. He had held a steel sword in his hands. She felt shocked. She stabilized her mind and regretted that she was too careless to give her enemy chance to take reaction.

She had been wrapped in the flame of hatred. Even though she still had wounds on her body, she felt no pain. Her eyes were full of killing intents and had no fear.

She believed that this was the right moment to kill her enemy.

Yan Xiaopeng avoided her attack and felt somewhat a relief. He regained the hope of survival. He had no retreat. In order to solve the crisis of death and keep his life, he had to fight for his own life.

The disaster had already come to him, so he had to try his best to struggle. He could not surrender his life in such an easy way. He waved his sword and hoped to cut this killing goddess into pieces.

Zhang Yunyan resisted the sword and waved her sword towards her enemy. She hoped to kill this vicious bully.

This was so-called the scene of enemies encountering each other. At this vital moment, neither of them would give in.

The slamming of weapons tore the trembling air, filling with senses of horror. It was shocking. In this narrow “hell”, everything was surrounded by terrible dangers. Blood and corps would be scattered everywhere soon.

Yan Xiaopeng was born in a family of martial arts and had a good cultivation. However, he was getting older and liked to enjoy his life instead of cultivation. He had been overdrawn and far less than the state of youth.

Besides, Zhang Yunyan was good at martial arts, who the Living Yama could not match. After a dozen rounds, he could not resist her attack.

At this moment, Yan Xiaopeng had been forced to a dead end. He had no other requirement, but to keep his life.

He really wanted to rush downstairs to escape, but Zhang Yunyan gave him no space or chance to escape. He was blocked in such a narrow house and had no way to escape. He was nearly losing his life.

The violent heroine felt greatly angry. The word of revenge covered all of her body and mind. She seemed to have endless strength, forcing the enemy to lose the power of resistance.

Living Yama was too scared to sweat and all of his clothes had got wet. He was desperate.

He was scared and shouted, “Yunxia, go and ask for help! Find someone to help me…”

The woman on the bed was terrified and could not move anymore. She was curling up in the corner of the bed and trembling.

“Yunxia, go fast! Go and find someone to help me! Quickly, be quick…” Yan Xiaopeng shouted again in a hurry. His voice changed because of scary.

“Ah…” In the trembling, the woman tried all her best to spit out a word.

Yunxia climbed to the bedside with tremble and rolled over to the ground. She did not know whether she felt pain or not. She even had no strength to stand up.

She looked at the two in a battle with horror and hurriedly bowed her head. She dared not look at this horrible scene. She struggled to move her trembling body and moved to the stairs slowly…

Zhang Yunyan had already turned into a violent goddess, so how could she allow her to leave. She immediately pulled back her sword and jumped over to the woman. She kicked at Yunxia. The latter one was too painful to scream out and rolled back to the side of the bed.

The heroine saw Living Yama had already run to the window and shouted, “B*stard, where are you going? Give me your life!”

With the shouts, she swooped towards him and entered in the fight again.

Yan Xiaopeng was anxious and scared. He was sweating and shouting with his best, “Yunxia, just run! Quickly, be quick. Otherwise, neither of us can survive…”

He had no way to escape and had no ability to fight against the killing goddess. He could only address his hope on that woman.

However, this only hope was too faint. It was hard to realize his dream. He was so worried that his blue veins stood up. He was desperate that he would die here.

Yunxia was kicked and felt painful. She was worried that the sword would fall on her body. She was too scared to move.

She seemed to have been unable to hear the shouts of Yan Xiaopeng. She was trying to escape and hoped to hide under the bed. However, she was blocked by the carved wooden board.

She was anxious and scared. She was hard to climb onto the bed. She pulled the quilt to wrap her. It seemed to be the safest way to escape the terrible “hell”.

The woman could not escape or leave. She could only stay here. She was always living in a pampering and happy environment and never saw this killing scene. It was lucky for her not to fall into a coma.

This woman only knew how to tease men but did not know how to save people. She could only hide at this vital moment. She had no ability to care about the lives of others.

Facing such a horrible goddess and a useless woman, Yan Xiaopeng was completely desperate.

He was both painful and depressed. All of his body and mind were covered by the emotions of fear and anxiety. He set no hopes on that woman and could only find another way to keep his life.

Yan Xiaopeng dealt with her while pleaded with bitterness, “Miss, it’s easier to solve a hatred instead of making a new one. You can tell me no matter how much you ask for, I will promise to give you. Let’s end our hatred here.”

He found that it was helpless to escape and thought of this method to keep his life. There were some expectation and eagerness in his words. At this moment, he only hoped to keep his life. He had no time to think about whether he would live up to his promise.

“Bullsh*t, do you think that you can use the money to buy my parents’ lives? Can you buy those people’s lives who have been killed by you? Now, you’re afraid of death. How can you be so vicious when you kill people? Yan, I will use your life to pay back all your crimes!”

Yan Xiaopeng was extremely fearful and desperate. His face turned pale and got sweat.

At the moment of death, he could only do whatever he could. Anger covered his ugly face again. He wore a sly expression and planned to compete with the killing goddess.

He had been forced to a desperate situation and could only fight to the end, praying that he could see a glimpse of hope from death.

Zhang Yunyan smashed a whirlwind sword tactic. The Living Yama was avoiding it in a hurry. However, although he had successfully avoided the Magical Dragon Sword, he was kicked on to the ground and the steel sword was off his hand.

At the same time, Living Yama was controlled by the treasure sword.

Yunyan’s shouts shook people’s minds and souls, “Yan, go to the hell!”

With the screams of anger, the Magical Dragon Sword over his head was about to fall down.

At the imperative moment, Yan Xiaopeng’s trembling words turned out, “Wait! Wait! I, I have something… to tell you.”

Zhang Yunyan stunned and held her sword, shouting, “Say it. I can’t wait to kill you!”

“I, I have something to tell you. It’s important. Don’t worry and let me take a breath. I mean… I want to, to…”

Yan Xiaopeng stuttered and could not continue his words.

“Huh, you are delaying the time. Don’t think about it. Go to hell!” With powerful words, the cannibal sword raised again.

Yan Xiaopeng saw that the Magical Dragon Sword was about to cut down and could not help trembling.

He raised his hand to resist her attack and shouted, “Wait! Wait! I have something important to tell you, I… well, I have a relic of your parents. You can kill me after I find you this thing. I will die soon. If I can return it to its original owner, I can redeem my sins and give you something to miss them.”

Zhang Yunyan was stunned again and hurriedly took back her falling sword.

She shouted, “What is the relic? Where is it? Hand it over!”

Under the pressure of the Magical Dragon Sword, Yan Xiaopeng took out a delicate small wooden paint box from the cabinet. He opened it and took out a yellow satin cloth bag. He opened the cloth bag and several oil paper bags showed up.

He took out a small paper bag with his trembling hand and stabilized his tension and fear. Then, he opened it carefully.

He immediately said, “It is the relic. Here you are!”

When he was saying, Yan Xiaopeng turned around and threw the thing inside the bag towards Zhang Yunyan. Some white powder scattered on her face, accompanied by a strong aroma.

For a moment, Zhang Yunyan felt dizzy and could not control herself. She fell down to the ground and was out of consciousness.

Yan Xiaopeng was extremely excited because he could escape from death. He was overjoyed and tore down. He laughed like a madman. His laughter was filled with the tear of horror.

After the release of the emotions of sorrow and joy, Living Yama stabilized his excitement. He kicked at the comatose Zhang Yunyan.

He looked at the enemy with anger and arrogance. He shouted, “B*tch, how dare you come to my home to make trouble. You’re looking for death! Huh, I am Living Yama. I have traveled around the Jianghu for many years and have experienced a lot. Kill me? You’re too young. Since your parents have been killed by me, you will not escape out of my hands. You come into my trap by yourself, so I can kill you in case of further troubles!”

Zhang Yunyan was unconscious and motionless. She did not know what the enemy would do for her.

Yan Xiaopeng took a long breath and felt emotional. “As the saying goes, dangers come with luck. Although things were horrible just now, it’s threatening but not dangerous. It’s also worthwhile to experience this. I can also remove a scourge for my family. It’s my luck.”

Yan Xiaopeng struggled through this fight of life and death. His body and mind had been greatly tortured, while his desperate emotion had reached the extreme. He was exhausted.

He glared at Zhang Yunyan and the thought of revenge was burning in his mind. He forgot the fear and exhaustion temporarily. He hoped to get rid of this enemy and vent his anger and fear.

Living Yama widened his eyes and stared at this killing goddess. He was too hateful to gnash his teeth. Just now, he was tortured to death by the horrible danger. His soul was nearly out of his body. He could not allow his enemy to die so easily.

He thought for a while and wondered how to deal with the terrible fierce goddess.

Yan Xiaopeng saw Zhang Yunyan was so beautiful. He could not find such a beauty in the whole county. The lust arose in his mind of revenge. He was in a hurry.

He really wanted to have fun with the beauty. It could fulfill his desire and vent his revenge. This beauty would feel extremely painful and hope to die if she knew that she had been raped by her enemy.

Living Yama’s lust was getting stronger and stronger. He squinted down and wanted to touch this beauty. He suddenly thought of there was another person in this room, so he glanced at the direction of the bed.

Yunxia was still afraid, looking at Yan Xiaopeng and the unconscious Zhang Yunyan with eyesights of horror.

Living Yama shook his head and sighed helplessly. She was at present. It was difficult. He was discouraged, so he had to suppress his lust. He could only have fun with her later.

He thought about it and decided to arrest Zhang Yunyan first. He could come for this beauty tomorrow. Then, he could vent his lust heartily and make his enemy’s body and mind greatly painful. Then, he would find all kinds of ways to torture this horrible goddess until she died.

He could not allow Zhang Yunyan to die so easily and would find happiness out of the bitterness and desperate of his enemy. Only in this way could he relieve his hatred and vent his fears and anger in his heart.

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