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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 133 Immortal Was Coming

Chapter 133 Immortal Was Coming

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Yan Xiaopeng looked at Zhang Yunyan without blinking. He sighed silently. This beauty was even more beautiful than a fairy. She was so attractive. If she was not his enemy, he must recruit her to stay by his side. Then, he could have fun with her. It was really fantastic.

It was a pity. It could only be a pity. This enemy was too horrible. If she did not die, he would not be alive. Therefore, he had to get rid of her.

At this point, Yan Xiaopeng had no chance to hold this beauty in his arms. Since he could not vent his lust, he could only give up.

He was very helpless. He watched Yunyan and sighed from time to time. He had no choice, but still had to suppress the filthy soul.

He was psychologically distorted and annoyed, eager to vent his anger at the enemy.

Yan Xiaopeng widened his eyes and stared at Zhang Yunyan. He cursed, “B*tch, since you fall in the trap by yourself and allow me to get rid of you, it’s heaven to bless me. I will diminish your family Zhang! You will die and must die. Otherwise, my family Yan will not be at peace. Your whole family is destined to die. Your father should die, your mother should serve me, and you also should serve… ah…”

Yan Xiaopeng shook his head and felt pitiful for not finding happiness on this beauty. He could not heal his lust and was still dreaming about her.

At this moment, it was useless for him to be eager. He had no way to make it happen. He could only suppress it and felt hateful.

Living Yama sighed silently and said with a bad voice, “Girl, your parents have been killed by me. Today, you will also die under my sword. You have to accept your life. This is your fate. You can’t commit crimes in my yard. Your whole family can not live in this world and the souls will also go to hell and have bad results.”

The words and laughter were like lightening over the sky, shaking people’s minds. They were like arrows, piercing Zhang Yunyan’s body with anger…

Yan Xiaopeng was full of savage and could not cover his lust. Although he hated his enemy, he could not ease his lust to her. The mind of lust was still moving, but he could not take any action in public.

He sighed silently. He still had no luck. It was a pity…

Living Yama had no way to satisfy the distorted psychology and was even more annoyed. Thinking of the horrible scene happening last night, he still felt scared. He was full of hatred and finally went to the moment to vent his anger.

The vicious words were spat out of his mouth continuously, “B*tch, this is your fate and no one can change it. You have to accept it. Although your family is too miserable, it’s no way to change it, because your family can not be accepted by heaven. Your fates should be like this, this miserable result. No one can change it. You can’t blame anyone. For you and your parents, I have done what I should. It’s right for me to do this. It is diminishing pollution from the world, haha…”

In “Hell”, the laughter came out continuously, venting his vicious emotions. It made people tremble and scared.

This waiting “lamb” was extremely angry, both sad and desperate, and also overflew with hatred and violence…

Zhang Yunyan stared at the enemy in front and had no ability to kill him. Her mouth was blocked and had no way to vent her anger. She could not yield at him, but could only snort.

Her heart was bleeding and the anger was burning in her mind. The emotion of anger was full of her body and mind. Her eyes were full of flames and she stared at Living Yama. She could not bear it and seemed to explode at once and hoped to completely bury this vicious “hell”.

Even though Yunyan was extremely angry and it was like a raging wave impacting her body and mind, it was useless. It could not ease the bitterness and despair and could not hurt her enemy.

Pain, despair, misery, death… all of these crashed down to her and she had no place to hide. It would not reverse this horrible tragedy or stop the madness of the enemy.

Yan Xiaopeng looked at the angry Zhang Yunyan disdainfully. His face was full of sinister and vicious expressions. The ugly face was even more embarrassing. He was like the devil and stung people’s hearts.

He smacked on Zhang Yunyan’s shoulder and immediately her flesh broke forth and was bleeding.

The heroine was too painful to frown and snort. She gritted her teeth and glared at Living Yama.

Yan Xiaopeng giggled and said viciously and arrogantly, “Girl, how do you feel? Can’t you bear it? Haha, I feel really happy! Hum, this is the first time. You’ll feel more painful and miserable later on. This is the last “enjoyment” for you in the human world. Taste it slowly.”

The screams and giggles shocked the horrible “hell”, piercing people’s minds.

Facing these miserable killings, people seemed to feel that the sharp sword was cutting on them. They lowered down their bodies and minds with trembling, but had to bear this torture relentlessly.

In the pain, Zhang Yunyan glared at him with flaming eyes, hoping to swallow the enemy in front.

In the mad laughter, Living Yama made the second cut, the third…

Each cut made this vicious heroine feel greatly painful. He felt even angrier and more desperate.

Each cut pierced people’s minds and silently shed tears. They felt sorry for her silently.

People always said hell was horrible, but the horrible Yan Mansion was much more horrible; People always said demons were vicious, but Living Yama was much more horrible to be compared with the demons.

In the hellish Yan Mansion, laughter was raging, and screamings were desperate. The brutal atrocities were ruthlessly swallowing the poor life…

Horrible. It was too horrible. The anger was venting in powerlessness. The tears of sympathy were reluctantly flowing, trembling souls were devastated, and tragedies were being relentlessly staged…

The bad persons were powerful, but good persons were suffering. Where was the justice in this world?

As Zhang Yunyan said, the morals in this world were not fair. The laws of heaven were not fair. Everything was not fair!

Suddenly, a bright figure flashed by and knocked Living Yama over to the ground.

The bright shadow suddenly appeared, shocking all the people at present. They were terrific and stunned.

At this moment, “Hell” was as silent as death. It seemed that everything was melted into nothingness.

The sudden silence flashed by, following an uproar. Their yelling was horrified.

This bright shadow came over unexpectedly. The movement was fast, which made people feel shocked and horrified.

What was that? Why did it make people so shocked and terrified?

It turned out that this was a person wearing a white mask and white gauze.

He leaped and jumped over there at a fast speed. He came here all of sudden and was as shocking as a ghost’s coming.

The person was tall and alert. His speed of movement could not be described. From his flying speed, it could tell that he was a person with high-level cultivation. Perhaps, he was an extraordinary elf.

The man dressed in white said nothing. He ignored Yan Xiaopeng and jumped to Zhang Yunyan’s side and untied her.

At this moment, Yan Feiying and Yan Feilong woke up and shouted.

The man dressed in white dared not neglect their attacks and was hurried to resist. He started to fight against them.

The two brothers of the family Yan were terrified, but could not look at the horrible enemy to escape. They could not ignore their father was beaten and had to clench their teeth to fight against.

In “Hell,” it was horrible and was even more terrific. Shoutings continued and people were hiding. Some of them escaped back to the “human world.”

Living Yama was both surprised and annoyed, shouting loudly.

He stood up and had no time to care about the coming person. He held his sword and rushed towards Zhang Yunyan, hoping to get rid of this horrible and hateful enemy. Otherwise, he would never be peaceful. Perhaps, he would die in the hands of the enemy.

Yan Xiaopeng stared at her and shouted, “B*tch, go to hell!”

With the roar, the sharp sword was stabbing at Zhang Yunyan’s chest. This poor heroine would die at once.

At this vital moment, a bright shadow rushed over like a sharp arrow and knocked Living Yama onto the ground.

It turned out that the person dressed in white saw Yan Xiaopeng was trying to kill Zhang Yunyan and came to solve the crisis.

The man dressed in white took actions at the same time and kicked Living Yama into the river. Then, he turned around and stopped the two brothers who were trying to kill Zhang Yunyan. They fought against each other.

Yan Feiying panicked and shouted, “Save the master! Go to save the master…”

Yan Xiaopeng struggled in the river and stopped moving for a moment.

The family members dared not hesitate and jumped into the river to lift Yan Xiaopeng up to the shore. Their masters had been chocked out of consciousness. They patted him and robbed him. They could not care about the thrilling killing.

In the killing, Yan Feilong could not wait to kill the person dressed in white. Then, he could kill his enemy. However, he was lack of abilities, but could only scream at him with anger.

Yan Feiying widened his eyes and shouted, “Man, who are you? Why are you against my family Yan? What’s your name? What’s your relationship with Yun Feiyan?”

The man dressed in white did not answer and kept an eye on Zhang Yunyan’s safety. He was still fighting against the two opponents.

The brothers of family Yan were both good at martial arts, but could not beat the man in white. Soon, they had to retreat for being hurt badly.

Facing such a horrible god, they were both frightened and panicked. They did not know what to do next. They stared at the extraordinary person and felt angry. They dared not move forwards or stop his coming.

Yan Xiaopeng finally recovered with the help of his family members. He looked around when he woke up. He was suddenly flustered and even more annoyed when finding that his enemy would be saved.

He could not let go of this horrible enemy. Otherwise, his Yan Mansion would have no peace. He would die in the hands of this little woman someday. This was about life and death, so as to the rise and fall of Yan Mansion. He must get rid of her.

Living Yama could not care about anything. He was coughing while shouting in a hurry, “Quickly, kill the two! Kill them at once!”

Yan Xiaopeng was very angry and very panicked. He could not help coughing and shouting crazily.

The family members did not answer him, but escaped. At the vital moment, they could only see the two horrible persons. Their master was not that important.

They were terrified and retreated. No one dared go forward with their lives.

Living Yama was too angry to scream out. It was useless.

When he saw no one dared go forward, he promised them with bonuses if they caught the man in white or killed Zhang Yunyan. However, no one would like to spare his life for money.

Yan Xiaopeng felt helpless and frustrated when finding that even money could not encourage people to help him to kill the two.

He lost his arrogance in the past and could not stop sighing. Even his sons were too scared to go forwards, so who dared go for the fight for him?

He knew it deeply. To let alone the tough man in white, even the badly hurt Zhang Yunyan was as horrible as a monster. No one in Yan Mansion could conquer the two strong enemies.

His face was full of anger and his mind showed out a sense of horror. He was both anxious and helpless. He could only watch the coming man untie Zhang Yunyan and take his enemy away.

People looked at the extraordinary person in white and felt both fearful and suspicious. Who was he? Was he really a god from heaven?

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