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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 152 Enchantment

Chapter 152 Enchantment

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Zhang Yunyan could not and would not believe it. The demon cave on the Qinglong Mountain was not only far from this cave, but in an entirely different world. How could they be related?

The human world and the underworld were unrelated. Their so-called connection was that they were both horrible caves. Both of them contained monsters and ghosts, which made them daunting “hells”.

Yunyan sighed. She believed that what she was thinking was overwhelming and unrealistic. How could she connect these two unrelated places? She was frightening herself.

Although these two places both had the word “fate” all over and had touching atmospheres, this could not confirm anything. The reason the two words “fate” had infected them was because of the demon method. Both places were injected with magic and could be daunting.

Was this theory right?

Zhang Yunyan was still unable to confirm it and thus could only suspect.

When she thought of the demon cave of the Qinglong Mountain, she felt heartbroken. Her friend Turtle Elf had been killed by Jiuyou Sage and his fellow for saving her. She still felt remorseful about this.

Turtle Elf’s death had been caused by Yunyan’s illusion. She had wanted to worship an expert, but had not fulfilled this wish. She had nearly lost her life. Without Turtle Elf’s rescue and all of its efforts, she would have died instead of her friend.

Yunyan’s mistake had caused Turtle Elf’s disaster. She would feel deeply guilty and blame herself whenever she thought of this.

Zhang Yunyan hated herself. Why was she obsessed with worshiping the “immortal” to learn skills at the moment? She acted like she had a death wish.

This painful issue would cause her trouble, but for Turtle Elf, it had been an accidental disaster.

It was too late. It was useless to blame herself. She could not allow her friend to recover. She could only feel pain her whole life.

Zhang Yunyan would ask herself whether she had been completely wrong to visit the immortal.

That night, she had gone to visit the immortal on the Qinglong Mountain to learn some magical skills and enhance her skills. Then, she would be able to complete the vows in her mind and realize her lofty aspirations. She would also do more for justice.

Her idea had not been wrong. Her actions had been blameless. She had not known that he was a vicious devil who would cause this unexpected result.

Although she deeply blamed herself for this rash behavior, there was some reasoning behind it. She had done something terrible by accident. It was unpredicted. Therefore, she had been unable to control it.

Worshipping an expert to learn some magical skills had been her wish ever since she had been young. Zhang Yunyan was persistant and eager. Once there was such an opportunity, she would thrive for it positively and not give up even if there was minimal hope.

That encounter on the Qinglong Mountain had been a result of her idea. She’d had to visit the “immortal” and take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Although she had done a very wrong thing and caused her friend Turtle Elf to lose its life, she blamed herself but also felt a little wronged. She could not have predicted the result.

It had been an accidental disaster. This was not the result she had aimed for, yet she’d had no ability to control it.

At the time, Zhang Yunyan’s body and mind had suffered a heavy blow. She would not give up her wish to worship an expert.

This wish had been engraved in her mind for more than a decade. Once she had a chance, she would thrive for it positively. Even if she only had a glimpse of a hope, she would never give up.

As far as the consequences were concerned, she could not know and did not care too much. She would not give up her wish of more than a decade just because of the unfortunate encounters on the Qinglong Mountain. She would not stop pursuing her dreams just because she was afraid of being bit again by a snake.

Yunyan, who had been deeply saddened by the death of Turtle Elf, could only sigh. After all, she lacked the ability to avenge her friend.

When she thought of little monk Shikong, she felt heartbroken.

Shikong was also her savior. Because of his rescue, she had not been killed by the banshee called Misty Flower.

Unexpectedly, even though Shikong had possessed strong abilities, he had also been captured by Jiuyou Sage and died tragically.

The reason Yunyan had a deep impression of Shikong was not only because he had saved her before, but also because she had an inexplicable feeling about her savior. She could not tell what this feeling was and why she had it, but she could confirm that it was related to Shikong.

She had really wanted to solve this mystery, yet she had not figured it out in the end. She could only keep this in her mind and continue to guess.

At the moment, Zhang Yunyan was in a desperate situation. While facing demon things, she had no time to think about the two saviors. It was important to solve the crisis in front of her. It was also a vital issue.

While facing the small stone bead, she remembered the countless words “fate” in Jiuyou Sage’s cave. All those overwhelming thoughts showed up again in her mind. She felt more nervous and puzzled now.

In the demon cave on the Qinglong Mountain, the words “fate” on the wall were countless. However, there were only three colorful words in this stone bead, which was both suspicious and daunting.

This closed cave and the demon cave on the Qinglong Mountain were very mysterious and terrible. Although they were in the human world and the underworld respectively, they seemed to have an unclear relationship with her. She could not stop suspecting this.

Why could she see the touching word in the caves of the human world and the underworld? Was this a kind of indication? Did it indicate that she had some connection to the demon things here?

If it was so, it would be really terrible. She could not escape from the devil and ghosts or avoid the harm of the demon things.

Zhang Yunyan felt uneasy while looking at the colorful stone bead. The more weird things that showed up, the weirder this was. There had to be some hidden secrets that would bring greater danger and disaster.

This colorful bead was beautiful and rare in the human world, as it was in the underworld. However, its beauty was superficial and its connotation was terrible. It was an uncompromising demon in a beautiful coat.

The three colorful words “fate” were amazing, incredible, and unbelievable.

Zhang Yunyan knew that the colorful bead was an extraordinary demon thing. Its behavior and composition were very mysterious and strange. Thus, she was worried and fearful.

The colorful stone bead was crystal clear. Except for the three red, yellow, and blue words “fate”, there was no other color.

The bead was transparent and flawless, without any impurities. The three characters that symbolized “fate” were shiny, smooth, and beautiful. Its exquisite nature had reached its limit.

She did not know what kind of material it was made of or why it would experience such a magical change. No one could solve these mysteries.

The colorful bead was strange and incredible. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was magical.

What was more peculiar was that the three words in the colorful bead were not only different in color, but also different handwriting-wise, which could give people different feelings.

The red “fate” was powerful and exciting.

The yellow “fate” was light and elegant, making people feel pleasant and relaxed.

The blue “fate” was powerful and sharp, exuding a strong and unrestrained feeling.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the three colorful words and felt their strong aura and appeal. She was attracted by the bead and touched by the three magical colorful words. She had forgotten the dangers behind beauty.

Yunyan smiled and looked at the beautiful bead. She could not put it down.

She enjoyed the magical colorful bead. There was a joyful expression on her beautiful face and she also had a strong feeling. She felt pleasant, motivated, emotional, and intoxicated…

The stone bead was crystal clear and clearly visible inside. Except for the three ribbons, it was pure and flameless. Its clearness was superficial, as it hid some secrets and killing intent behind its beauty.

These three colorful words were mysterious, strange, and insidious. Once the danger appeared, it would be extremely horrible…

In short, the consequences would be terrible. It was okay for her to think about anything.

The small colorful bead hid some killing intent and only had one purpose: to destroy the entire cave and bury the only soul there in the underworld.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the colorful bead with a deep smile. She had been moved by the mysterious characters. She had forgotten everything, including that she was in danger.

She was observing and guessing. How could the three colorful words be intertwined? Why could she not see the three words when she looked at it from different angles? How had the three words formed? Had they been refined by the expert who used to live there? Were they born from the “stone table”?

If the stone bead had been refined by an expert, the expert would have to be good at certain skills; if it had been born from the “stone table”, it would be even more amazing and incredible.

No matter how the colorful stone bead had been formed, it was a rare thing in heaven and earth. It was a unique treasure in the world. She was afraid that it would not be found even in the underworld.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the treasure and praised it. Although she could not put it down, there was an excited and joyful expression on her face. She had been deceived by the demon thing and lost her vigilance as a result. She could not see or think of the killing intent behind the beauty.

Yunyan was appreciating it and enjoying the joy brought by the beauty. She was excited, passionate, and already intoxicated.

Of course, this change in her feelings was a gradual process. In the beginning, Zhang Yunyan had felt very nervous, but she slowly reduced her vigilance and sense of prevention.

She felt that this bead was too beautiful to hurt her. If it had been a demon thing, it would have exerted its demon methods before instead of staying here quietly.

Later, she was enchanted by the colorful stone bead. She was unaware of the crisis and danger behind the beauty. She was completely obsessed with the illusion of beauty…

Zhang Yunyan was so deeply infected by the three colorful words “fate” that she had forgotten everything. There was only a colorful bead in her eyes, only the mysterious word “fate” and this wonderful feeling. There was nothing more, not even herself.

She was imprisoned in the closed cave in a perpetual state of nervousness and fear. Now, a rare smile was on her face.

She smiled very brightly and happily. She thought she was the only lucky person in the human world. No one could compare to her.

Zhang Yunyan forgot that she had been in a desperate situation in the underworld, that she was a lonely soul, that the horrible demon method was about to break out and the cave would be destroyed, and so would her soul. She was obsessed with this beauty…

How could this colorful stone bead have such a large magic power? Why would one exude a strong appeal to confuse a weak soul?

It was very strange and terrible indeed. Perhaps, this was the purpose of its appearance. As far as deeper secrets were concerned, no one could know. One could only suspect.

Perhaps, this was an alternative demon method used in the hopes that Zhang Yunyan’s soul would disappear with pleasure.

In that case, a good thing would come out of this misfortune. Yunyan would at least not suffer a lot. She would not die in desperation, which might be a comfort to poor Yunyan.

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