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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 154 Colorful Demon Aura

Chapter 154 Colorful Demon Aura

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Zhang Yunyan looked at the moon-like hole that had suddenly appeared. Puzzled, she observed suspiciously. She was unable to figure out the reason for a while.

This was a closed cave—the round “moon” appearing at this time showed that it was mysterious and had a purpose. Perhaps, it had planned this for a long time; it showed up at this moment and the horrible danger would follow.

Yunyan looked at the hole that was opening so suddenly and could not help but think of the devil cave of the Qinglong Mountain. She was shocked. In the cave of Jiuyou Sage, there seemed to be two similar holes.

There, she was almost killed by the devils, and the poor Turtle Elf and her savior, Shikong, were killed by the monsters.

Yunyan looked at the “round moon” here and felt that thing would not be good. The horrible disaster was coming.

In an instant, a terrible thought entered her mind. Was the expert who had lived there before about to show up? Would the monster plan to exert horrible magic to destroy the entire cave and her soul?

The monster must be like Jiuyou Sage and the four King Ghosts. It must be a bloodthirsty demon. She could not escape from the danger.

Thinking of this, Yunyan became even more nervous and fearful. Facing those monsters, she had no ability to resist, and death would be her only outcome.

If she could choose to die quickly, it would be better. She did not know if her soul would be bullied by those demons. If so, it would be more horrible and miserable. She could not escape from this kind of disaster after death.

Although Zhang Yunyan was going to face the demons and ghosts and her soul would disappear, she was not willing to give up. She would fight with her best. She calmed down and prepared well. No matter how many ghosts came and how horrible they were, she would try her best to fight until her soul disappeared. She would not be bullied again.

The cave was quiet. There was absolutely no sound, nor was there any change. The demons and ghosts had not yet appeared. She did not know whether they were waiting for an opportune moment or if they had other arrangements.

Zhang Yunyan was nervously observant and was very vigilant in order to prevent any changes.

She looked at the colorful stone bead and felt even more nervous. The demon thing was motionless. Although nothing had changed, it would activate its magic at any time.

Yunyan looked at the dim “stone table” and knew that the disappearance of the writing must be related to the stone bead. Otherwise, the two would not be so tacit and there would not be such a beautiful melody.

Perhaps, after the stone bead “read” the four sentences from the beginning to the end. There was no more need for it to exist, therefore, it disappeared.

Yunyan was still puzzled and the four sentences were the bonds of the two demon things and the places for the two to vent their emotions. How could they disappear in an instant? The stone bead was born from the stone table, so why did its relationship with the “stone table” disappear?

It seemed that this matter would not be that simple. All of these changes had been accompanied by a loud noise. There must be some hidden reasons and some horrible plots. What would happen next would be unimaginable.

In the cave, it was quiet and the atmosphere was still terrible. She still felt nervous, and nothing changed.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the “moon-like” hole and felt puzzled. She did not know why. Perhaps, it was just a false alarm. All the demons and ghosts had left for a long time and would not come back.

Yunyan looked at the round hole and saw a glimmer of hope. Was it a secret exit? Could she escape from the closed cave through the hole?

She could not believe this. If the round “moon” was a secret exit, why did it open with a huge sound at this moment? Was the controller giving her a chance to survive?

Thinking of this, Yunyan silently smiled. The demons would always be demons. How could they suddenly change their mind and give her a chance to survive?

Although Zhang Yunyan dared not believe this, she also had a glimpse of hope and desire. A spark of hope was ignited in her mind.

She prayed to break free from the imprisonment and go to the underworld. Then, she would try to return to the human world to fulfill her unfinished vows and continue to fight for her lofty aspirations.

In any case, she should go into the hole to check. Even if monsters were hiding there and some vicious mechanisms were arranged inside, she needed to go and have a look. Perhaps she would make new discoveries.

She had no choice in this desperate situation. The hole was the only place for her to go. Besides, there was no more shelter for her to take refuge from this devastating disaster. She would have the same ending whether she went inside or not.

At this moment, in order to save her soul, Zhang Yunyan could not care too much. Life or death could only follow the arrangement of the underworld and the fate of her soul.

Just as Zhang Yunyan was having second thoughts, three puffs of smoke in red, yellow, and blue suddenly floated in the air, flying into her mouth and going straight into her body.

Yunyan was shocked, not knowing what was entering her body. She had no idea who was attacking her secretly with the poison smoke to destroy her soul.

She looked around in shock but did not see any trace of the monsters or ghosts. She also saw no active figures.

Was the monster who had attacked hiding to escape her notice? Did this guy live here before? Did it try to hurt her when it arrived here?

Zhang Yunyan had not discovered anything but could only suspect. There was no conclusion.

She shouted a few times, but there was no response. There was no sound in the cave.

Yunyan was very nervous and scared. If the demon who used to live here came back, she would die.

She dared not stay here anymore and could not care too much about whether it was dangerous or not inside the moon-like hole. She had to get through this way to avoid the monsters and have a look inside. Maybe she would make new discoveries.

Yunyan did not forget the magical colorful stone bead. It was a treasure, so she had to take it away.

As she planned to pick it up, she was shocked to find that the colorful bead had disappeared from the “stone table.”

Em? The colorful bead had stayed there after it passed through the four sentences. She had seen it was there just now, so why had it disappeared?

Zhang Yunyan looked around and still found nothing.

The “stone table” was dull and was quietly placed in the original location. Nothing had changed. Those piers were also at their original places. Nothing else had changed.

The cave was very quiet with no ghosts and no sneak attacks.

Suddenly, Zhang Yunyan realized that the three puffs of smoke must have been transferred by the stone bead.

She was shocked and could confirm. The words of fate in the stone bead were in red, yellow, and blue respectively. They transformed into three puffs of smoke in these three colors and flew into her body. They might cause some trouble soon.

It seemed that the colorful bead had come for her on purpose and needed to get into her body to hurt her. It was a vicious demon thing.

These changes occurred one after another within a short span of time. It had ended before she could even react. It was impossible to guard against it.

Zhang Yunyan became even more panicked. The demon intent had gotten into her body. Even if she were not be poisoned, she would be controlled by the demon method and would not be in good condition.

At the moment when the colorful bead reached the last word of “fate,” an amazing change had appeared in the cave with a huge noise—the disappearance of the shine and writing of the “stone table,” and the appearance of the moon-like hole…

Before Zhang Yunyan could realize what had happened, the colorful stone bead had turned into three puffs of smoke in three colors and had flown into her body.

This change was sudden and very quick. Everything happened and ended in an instant.

By the time she realized that the three-color smoke had come to her, the demon aura had gotten into her body, leaving her no time to react. In her sluggishness, the terrible thing was over.

Zhang Yunyan finally realized that, but everything was too late. She was screaming in fear. She was panicked and took a deep breath but did not spit the colorful smoke out.

Yunyan was shocked and terrified. She knew that things had gone wrong. Her soul would be controlled by the stone bead and would be slaughtered by the demon thing.

She had a strong feeling when the three-colored smoke entered her body. The colorful demon aura went through her whole body and had merged with her own blood. It was difficult to separate them from each other.

The mixed blood flowed rapidly in her body and impacted all of her organs. It passed everywhere and totally merged with her. It was like a huge wave that could not be stopped.

Zhang Yunyan felt her body become bloated and hot. She felt it difficult to bear the scorching heat and seemed about to explode soon. It was so painful that she could not take it, falling to the ground and rolling around. She was hitting herself and screaming in pain and desperation.

Yunyan knew that it was caused by the demon aura of the colorful bead. It was hurting her body and eroding her soul. This feeling tortured her. She had no ability to resist the magic inside her body or get rid of the colorful demon aura. She could only bear this painful torture.

She knew that the consequences were terrible and her soul would disappear soon. Perhaps her soul would become a tool of the demon.

In the mysterious cave, the atmosphere of horror rose again. She felt the endless anxiety out of nervousness. The silent and dim place had been torn into pieces by the painful screams. It was horrible, and the ending was bitter…

After a while, Zhang Yunyan quieted down and looked around before she got up from the ground. She patted the dust from her clothes and sat down on the stone pier as if nothing had happened.

Yunyan lamented in her mind, “Ah, it’s horrible. It’s really horrible. I can’t bear the pain and even want to die!”

Her soul was still there. It was lucky for her to be able to keep it. She took respite, knowing that the colorful demon aura had just stopped for a while. Once it broke out again, she would feel great pain again from the scorching heat.

Zhang Yunyan looked around and found nothing suspicious. The “stone table” and the piers had not moved. There was no sign of the ghosts or demons.

It seemed that the monsters had not yet appeared but just allowed the stone bead to torture her with its demon aura. She would not know when they would take action themselves.

Yunyan’s emotions were slightly relieved but she still felt uneasy. Based on her feelings, her soul still had its own consciousness. She was not controlled by the demon aura, or her soul had not been harnessed by it for now.

She could predict what would happen later on. She hoped that she would not be controlled by the demon method and became a vicious tool of theirs. She did not want to see more tragedies.

As the saying went, where it came, it was safe. Since it was so, it was useless for her to feel fearful and angry. She had to face reality.

Zhang Yunyan sighed a few times and stabilized her horrified mind. Another thought occurred to her. This thought was somewhat ridiculous, but it was still a bit possible.

Yunyan wondered if she might be ablet use this demon aura since she could not get rid of it. Maybe she could return to the human world with its help and complete her missions.

This was a beautiful wish, a desire in her mind, and an impossible fantasy. She had no ability to control the demon aura. She would feel happy if she would not be controlled by the demon method.

Whether this beautiful wish could be realized or not, it was also a comfort to her fearful mind. At this moment, her soul was still there. She hoped to return to the human world with the help of the demon aura.

She needed to complete the vows that she had not fulfilled when she was alive. She needed to kill her enemies, Yan Xiaopeng and Feng Jiabao. She also needed to look for her lost brother Yuntian and sister Yunxia.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the small moon-like hole, which was her any hope. She had no other choice. If her soul still had a chance to survive, she should be able to find this in the mysterious hole.

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