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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 161 Was It Him?

Chapter 161 Was It Him?

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Zhang Yunyan looked at the injured man and sighed silently. She denied the idea in her mind. How could it be? She thought too simply and was daydreaming. Ah, she must miss him so deeply and hoped to fly to her beloved one to share her yearning and the pain of parting.

It turned out that the injured man was unusual in Zhang Yunyan’s eyes. He looked similar to the second prince of Tianyue Country, not only in his appearance, but also his figure and voice. Even his expression and behavior were also similar.

Yunyan could not calm down when looking at that similar person. Was he really her beloved second prince?

Zhang Yunyan dared not believe it was true and would not believe that there would be such a magical thing. How could her beloved person come to her era if he was in the Tianyue Country thousands of years ago?

Although that savior was similar to her brother of that alien world in every aspect, he was not her beloved man. She sighed silently. The reason why she felt excited and emotional when meeting that similar person was that she missed the second prince so deeply, and hoped to fulfill her beautiful dream of love.

Yunyan looked at the injured person and felt somewhat upset. The similarity did not mean he was the right person. It was useless for her to be emotional. It was just her illusion and daydreaming.

Zhang Yunyan looked at that man, who resembled the second prince and missed the brother in the alternate world even deeper. Her mind could not calm down.

Facing the savior who looked like her beloved man, Yunyan was shy because of her cranky thoughts. Her heart beat fast and her face blushed. The rudy color made her look more beautiful.

She turned her eyesights away from the similar person and wore a bitter smile on her beautiful face. She blamed herself in her mind, “How can I become so emotional when meeting a man similar to the second prince? It is ridiculous and somewhat shameless.”

Fortunately, she was emotional in her mind but did not show it. She would not allow others to figure it out. It was embarrassing.

The injured man was in pain and groaned from time to time. He seemed to be concerned about Zhang Yunyan. Perhaps, it was because of her beauty or some other reasons.

While in pain, the man looked at Yunyan from time to time and seemed to be strange. It seemed that he was also moved. That kind of special expression originated from his mind. His mind could not be calmed. No one knew what he was thinking.

Did he fall in love with that beautiful girl?

Maybe, whoever saw such a beautiful woman would fall in love with her. Not to mention those villains; even the righteous gentlemen would be attracted. All of them hoped to hold her in their arms. However, they could not do such an immoral thing.

However, the man’s expression was not about love, but had some hidden feelings. Otherwise, although he was attracted by her, he would not be so emotional or show that kind of strange mood at the first time he met Yunyan.

It was the first time for the man to meet Zhang Yunyan and they were complete strangers. In addition to some affections, what kind of thoughts would he have? Was that surprise? Sorrow? Self-esteem? Desire? Yearning? Or frustration…?

His mood seemed to be complicated and hard to guess. Perhaps, it was mixed.

Yunyan wanted to know what her savior’s background was. Seeing he was weak and in so much pain, she did not want to bother him. She had to give up asking him.

Zhang Yunyan looked at another savior— the later in coming rescuer and also felt emotional. That person was good at martial arts and was also a handsome man who was rare to see. He was admirable and inspired respect.

She also hoped to know who he was and asked, “My savior, how can I address you? Since you save my life, I hope you can tell me your name.”

The man smiled and was shy about it. He said, “Miss, please don’t call me your savior. This is what I should do and it wasn’t a big deal. Well, if you are willing, you can call me brother.”

Yunyan smiled and her face blushed. She answered, “It’s my honor to have a brother like you. I’d like to.”

Then, she made a bow and felt really happy to become a sister of such a handsome man with high cultivation.

The man was carrying the injured person, so he had no way to return a salute. His face blushed and his expression was somewhat of embarrassment.

He smiled and said, “You don’t have to be restricted. I am so happy to have a sister like you. My name is Zhang Lianhu and I have traveled in Jianghu for a long time. People always call me Cloud-reaching Dragon. Later on, we can meet each other more often. Could you please tell me your name, my sister?”

Zhang Yunyan was shocked by his words. She had never expected that man to be the well-known hero Cloud-reaching Dragon. She felt happier. It was too surprising and lucky to become a sister of that kind of expert.

She was very emotional and said, “My brother, you’re well-known and I have admired you for a long time. My name is Yun Feiyan. Please go easy on me.”

Zhang Lianhu was stunned after hearing her words. He heard that there was a girl named Yun Feiyan who was admirable for helping the weak and punishing the wicked. He had never expected that it was the newly-met sister.

He was very happy to hear his sister’s praise and his face blushed even more. He could not calm down and felt surprised to have such an unparalleled and warmhearted beauty as his sister.

When it came to the rescue by accident, Zhang Lianhu felt emotional. He told her that when he passed nearby and saved Yunyan and the injured man by accident, it meant that the two did not deserve to die.

Previously, Cloud-reaching Dragon Zhang Lianhu had some urgent issue to be solved. He was on his way in a hurry. Suddenly, he heard some screams in the woods. It sounded urgent and seemed that someone was in danger. He was shocked and stopped to look around. However, he could not see clearly because of the trees.

He figured out that someone was shouting and it was urgent. There must have been a man and a woman near the woods. He frowned and could not ignore that. He took out his steel sword and went to have a check.

By a big tree, a woman had been controlled by two men. A man nearby was lying on the ground, who may have been injured and was groaning in pain. Another man was beating the man on the ground.

That woman was very young and attractive. She was pushed onto the ground by a man and was struggling and screaming. The other man was holding a stick and was ready to beat the man on the ground.

Zhang Lianhu realized that the couple may have met some villains. The man would be killed while the woman might be raped later. He was angry and enraged. How could he allow those villains get away with it? He shouted when seeing how one of the men was about to kill the injured man on the ground and rushed towards them. He took out of his sword and saved the man on the ground.

Wave Monster was about to kill the injured man and held the beauty. Suddenly, Zhang Lianhu reached him and gave him a shock. He hurriedly avoided the person’s incoming attack. Recovering his senses, he took out of his sword and resisted the attack.

Wave Monster was out of his mind and screamed, “Bastard, how dare you come to bother us? You are looking for death! We the ‘Three Dragon-driving Monsters’ are trouble incarnate. I will let you die in misery!”

Zhang Lianhu was even more hateful and somewhat nervous when hearing that they were the “Three Dragon-driving Monsters”. He knew that he had met some strong enemies that were difficult to handle. The results would be unpredictable.

At that point, he no longer thought too much nor he tried to hide. No matter what happened, he would not allow the villains to do those vicious things. He had to rescue the couple with his best effort. Fortunately, one of the villains was badly hurt and could not join the battle. The odds were good when trying to defeat two of them.

In the fight, Zhang Lianhu felt that the two guys were good at martial arts. He fell into danger for some moments and also felt both nervous and anxious.

Fortunately, after several rounds, Wave Monster and Wave-following Monster had to flee to save their accomplice. The three of them could finally keep their lives.

Zhang Yunyan was very grateful to the brother she had just met. She was envious of his martial arts and admired his handsome appearance. That was really a good brother.

Zhang Lianhu understood that they weren’t a couple but two strangers who had just met. He smiled silently. Although he misunderstood they were a couple, he did not feel uncomfortable. One of the two was a handsome man, while the other was a beauty. They were determined to be a couple, but they did not have a fate.

The three went to a village. It was big and had hundreds of households. The streets were wide and plain. Stores on both sides were connected. Everything could be bought there and it was lively.

They found a hotel by the street and booked a room to settle the injured man. Then, they asked the waiter to invite a doctor for them.

At that point, the injured person was in a coma because of losing a lot of blood.

Zhang Yunyan was very worried and did not know her savior was hurt so seriously. Would his condition be life-threatening?

The doctor told them that the patient was seriously injured and had bled too much, which affected his life. He needed a period of rest and recuperation. The doctor cleaned up his wound and bound him up with herbs. Then, he left after urging the injured man again and again.

Zhang Lianhu had some urgent things and could not stay there for long. He had to leave.

Zhang Yunyan was eager to kill Yan Xiaopeng for revenge but could not leave her injured savior alone. She fell into a dilemma. The man was unconscious and was alone. He needed someone to clean him up and change the bandaging. Someone had to take care of him.

Yunyan had no other choice and could only leave out the revenge. Besides, that was an issue she could complete at once. She stayed there to look after her savior and prayed that he could wake up and recover as soon as possible.

Looking after a patient seemed to be easy but it was too difficult for Zhang Yunyan. She didn’t even know what to do first.

The young man was unconscious and everything needed someone’s aid.

The doctor repeatedly reminded her that the patient was easy to become sweaty because of the hot weather. His body needed to be cleaned from time to time, in case of skin edema and the aggravation of his situation. Especially his wound, it needed to be kept clean. She needed to change his bandage in case of suppuration. It would impact the healing of his wound. Once the wound became suppurative, his situation would get worse and might cause other illnesses. It might be hard to cure.

Zhang Yunyan was very nervous and worried when hearing the doctor’s words. She prayed in her mind that her savior’s situation would not become worse and could heal as soon as possible.

She had to go all out to take care of him. Whether his situation would get better or he would be infected with other viruses would be relative to her care. She could not make any mistakes.

In that regard, Yunyan felt worried. She was still an unmarried girl and had never seen the body of an adult man. Besides, it was in a hotel. How could she take care of him?

Would she clean up a man’s body? Would she bind up his wound? As for taking care of his daily issues, what should she do?

Zhang Yunyan was too embarrassed. Not to mention that she had yet to marry, she could not take care of an unknown man even if she was already married. Besides, the place where she would take care of him was a private room. Ah, what… what should she do?

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