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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel)








Action Drama Fantasy Historical Josei Martial Arts Mystery Romance

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Yao Mo Xin, the empress of Da Chu died in a cruel way a day after she gave birth at the hands of her husband the emperor, Ye Hong Yi, and her legitimate second sister, Yao Shu Ran. Ye Hong Yi got the throne because of the smartness of Yao Mo Xin, but he hated her because she made him feel like a useless person who needed a woman to become the emperor.

Her soul got in the body of her illegitimate third sister from the same mother Yao Mo Wan. Yao Mo Wan has the mentality of a child because the legitimate wife of her father fed poison to her mother while she was carrying Yao Mo Wan. Yao Mo Xin wants revenge for everything that happened to her, so she seduced the emperor and began her plan of taking everything away from him. She did that while pretending to still have the mentality of a child. She also wants to repay Ye Jun Qing back for everything he did for her while she was Yao Mo Xin. In the process of revenge, she met many people who will fall in love with her wit and intelligence.

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The chapterAddition Time
Volume , Chapter 57: Give One’s Life for Each Other2020-05-23
Volume , Chapter 56: Chu Moxin’s Rescue2020-05-23
Volume , Chapter 55: Meeting with Chu Mobei2020-05-23
Volume , Chapter 54: Get Rid of Yao Mowan?2020-05-23
Volume , Chapter 53: Pull out the Store from Mangyuan2020-05-23
Volume , Chapter 52: Three Person Interview2020-05-23
Volume , Chapter 51: It Had Been Her Wishful Thinking2020-05-23
Volume , Chapter 50: Yu Funing’s appearance2020-05-23
Volume , Chapter 49: Thousand Paths’s Provocation2020-05-23
Volume , Chapter 48: Would Recognize Even if He Turn Into Dust2020-05-23
Volume , Chapter 47: Feigning Illness to Go Investigate2020-05-23
Volume 3 Chapter 0462020-04-16
Volume 3 Chapter 0452020-04-16
Volume 3 Chapter 0442020-04-16
Volume 3 Chapter 0432020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0422020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0412020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0402020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0392020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0382020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0372020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0362020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0352020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0342020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0332020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0322020-04-09
Volume 3 Chapter 0312020-04-09
Volume 3, Chapter 30: Jue Chen Takes Over the Task of Refining Pills2019-09-19
Volume 3, Chapter 29: An Bingshan’s Death Day2019-09-19
Volume 3, Chapter 28: The Corpses in the Well2019-09-13
Chapter 27: Low Intelligence Second Older Sister2019-09-09
Chapter 26: He’s Fallen for the Trap2019-09-09
Chapter 25: Antidote to the Pill2019-09-09
Chapter 24: Swapped Out Pill2019-09-09
Chapter 23: Entering the Palace Was Worth It2019-09-09
Chapter 22: The Lingzhi Growing in the Ground2019-09-09
Chapter 21: Fellow Disciples Who are as Incompatible as Fire and Water2019-09-09
Chapter 20: Charlatan Jue Chen2019-09-09
Chapter 19: Do You Want Him to Die?2019-09-09
Chapter 18: Edict Naming the Empress2019-09-09
Chapter 17: The Prime Minister Has Gone Insane2019-09-09
Chapter 16: The Devil-like Chu Mobei2019-09-09
Chapter 15: Blood of a Returned Soul2019-09-09
Chapter 14: The Princess’s Illness is Flaring Up2019-09-09
Chapter 13: The Sunshine Princess’s Strange Illness2019-09-09
Chapter 12: Beauty Envied by the Heavens2019-09-09
Chapter 11: Squabbling Urchins2019-09-09
Chapter 10: To the Highest Bidder2019-09-09
Chapter 9: Fierce Women2019-09-09
Chapter 8: A Naive Young Girl2019-09-09
Chapter 7: Meet Once Again2019-09-09
Chapter 6: Torment of an Enjoyment2019-09-09
Chapter 5: Made Empress Once Again2019-09-09
Chapter 4: Can’t Get Fat With Only One Mouthful2019-09-09
Chapter 3: Wouldn’t Satisfy This Feeling of Hatred2019-09-09
Chapter 2: She Can’t Die Yet2019-09-09
Chapter 1: A Lie Filled with Half-truths2019-09-09
Chapter 100: Leave Together With Her2019-09-09
Chapter 99: Wake Her Up With Her Own Death2019-09-09
Chapter 98: Huo Feng’s Sorrow2019-09-09
Chapter 97: You’re Too Naive2019-09-09
Chapter 96: She’s Been Framed2019-09-09
Chapter 95: A Plucked Fat Sheep2019-09-09
Chapter 94: Loved Too Deeply2019-09-09
Chapter 93: Will Depend on Your Performance2019-09-09
Chapter 92: This Prince Wants to Know the Truth2019-09-09
Chapter 91: Did I Fall in Love with the Wrong Person?2019-09-09
Chapter 90: She’s Just Pretending to be a Fool2019-09-09
Chapter 89: Quiet Confrontation Between the Two Consorts2019-09-09
Chapter 88: Something Nice That Big Brother Gave2019-09-09
Chapter 87: A Woman Whose Entire Body Gives Off A Strange Smell2019-09-09
Chapter 86: Rest Properly2019-09-09
Chapter 85: Unsolvable Riddle2019-09-09
Chapter 84: Poisoned Pastries2019-09-09
Chapter 83: The Pitiful Little Prince2019-09-09
Chapter 82: Trodded on Her Tail2019-09-09
Chapter 81: Her Highness is Awake2019-09-09
Chapter 80: Would You Die If You Came Sooner?2019-09-09
Chapter 79: The Little Prince Has Gotten Poisoned2019-09-09
Chapter 78: You’re Precisely the One We Want to Kidnap2019-09-09
Chapter 77: Graceful Words, Flowery Speech2019-09-09
Chapter 76: Why Are They All Angry?2019-09-09
Chapter 75: She Likes Huangfu Junxiu?2019-09-09
Chapter 74: An Unfavored Prince2019-09-09
Chapter 73: The Little Demon King was Crying!2019-09-09
Chapter 72: This Prince was Wrong2019-09-09
Chapter 71: Conceited and Narcissistic Man2019-09-09
Chapter 70: Two-faced Child2019-09-09
Chapter 69: Give the Sword Back to Me!2019-09-09
Chapter 68: Austere Prince’s Ice Silk Garment2019-09-09
Chapter 67: You Don’t Have Any Routes of Retreat Left2019-09-09
Chapter 66: Let’s Leave Together, Alright?2019-09-09
Chapter 65: Critical Flaw in the Careful Plan2019-09-09
Chapter 64: Prime Minister, You Still Want to Escape?2019-09-09
Chapter 63: Chu Moxin’s Motive in This Trip2019-09-09
Chapter 62 : He Felt So Much Hatred2019-09-09
Chapter 61: She was Waiting, and also Gambling2019-09-09
Chapter 60: Duan Zirou, Get Ready To Die2019-09-09
Chapter 59: No Harm in Giving Him a Push2019-09-09
Chapter 58: You Want to Revolt!?2019-09-09
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