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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 58: You Want to Revolt!?

Chapter 58: You Want to Revolt!?

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“Suluan ah, it’s been a while since Father has seen you. Have you been well?” Yao Zhenting noticed the contempt in Yao Suluan’s tone, but he didn’t get angry.

He knew that he wasn’t a match for Yao Mowan with how strong her schemes were. In addition, His Majesty had fully believed Yao Mowan’s side and didn’t even give him a chance to explain himself before deducting his salary. It was clear from this that Yao Mowan had already captured His Majesty’s heart. If he wanted to topple Yao Mowan in this situation, he had to have Yao Suluan’s support.

“Father? If this consort didn’t remember wrong, Prime Minister seemed to have said that you only had one daughter, which is Yao Mowan from Guan Osprey Palace. Prime Minister couldn’t be lost, right? Ming Yu, lead the prime minister to Guan Osprey Palace.” Yao Suluan was furious with Yao Zhenting’s heartlessness. Towards her, towards her mother, Yao Zhenting was completely heartless.

“Suluan, Father was wrong to blame you back then. It was only because Father never imagined that Yao Mowan was concealing such a treacherous face! Father finally understands now. You’re the only one that’s Father’s true good daughter!” Yao Suluan could not recall a time when Yao Zhenting had ever humbly admitted his mistake like this. It seemed that Yao Mowan had truly injured him severely.

“Forget it. We’re family after all, Suluan doesn’t want to continue holding this against you. Father, please have a seat.” Yao Zhenting’s heart leapt in joy when he heard this and he quickly sat down next to the table. At this time, Ming Yu went over to offer him the freshly brewed tea.

“Ming Yu, head outside to guard the doors.” Yao Suluan had Ming Yu leave, then turned to look towards Yao Zhenting.

“Alright, so Father, why have you come to look for Suluan this time?” Yao Suluan feigned ignorance despite being clear on the situation.

“I’ve has decided to do everything I can to help you snatch imperial favor back from Yao Mowan!” Yao Zhenting thought that his words would make Yao Suluan’s eyes light up, but unexpectedly, she responded with a snort.

“What a shame. Father, had you said this one month earlier, Suluan definitely would’ve been extremely touched. However, now, the one thing Suluan views as useless is imperial favor.” Yao Suluan slowly walked over to sit down in front of Yao Zhenting.

“Suluan, could it be that you’re willing to resign yourself to being treated this coldly? You’re willing to accept Yao Mowan trampling over you like this for the rest of your life?” Yao Zhenting was stunned by Yao Suluan’s reaction and also very confused.

“Of course there’s no way that this consort would just sit and wait for death. Actually, this consort already has a plan. Does Father have any interest in hearing about it?” Yao Suluan lifted her brows as she looked towards Yao Zhenting. Just because she was willing to accept Yao Zhenting’s peace offer didn’t mean that she could forget about the humiliation she had suffered in the past. It was only because she lacked manpower right now that she had even allowed Yao Zhenting to step into Pure Flowers Palace.

“What plan?” asked Yao Zhenting as he scrutinized her.

“Thanks to Yao Mowan, this consort’s relationship with His Majesty has gotten to the point that it’s beyond salvaging. Even if this consort knelt in front of His Majesty and licked his toe, His Majesty still wouldn’t bother to even glance at this consort. This consort has nowhere left to go, but fortunately at my darkest hour, there appeared a glimmer of hope. The luminescent prince has recently visited this consort.” Yao Suluan briefly stated her current situation with a slightly probing tone.

“The luminescent prince? Why was the luminescent prince looking for you?” Yao Zhenting’s brows furrowed as a trace of worry flashed through his eyes. From what he knew of the luminescent prince, that person wasn’t an easy person to deal with.

“With how intelligent Father is, does this consort really need to explain?” Yao Suluan lifted a teacup and took a light sip as she waited for Yao Zhenting’s reaction.

“The luminescent prince wishes to revolt and you want to help him?” Yao Zhenting naturally had outstanding skill at analyzing situations since he had been able to become prime minister.

“What does Father think about it?” Yao Suluan put down her cup and looked towards him seriously.

“Suluan, you must be muddled! Revolting is a great crime punishable by the extermination of all nine extended clans! No matter what, you can’t be rash!” Yao Zhenting looked towards Yao Suluan in astonishment. He felt like all the strength had left his body. He didn’t dare to imagine the consequences of His Majesty finding out about this.

“If we fail, then yes, it’ll be a crime punishable by the extermination of all nine extended clans, but what if we succeed!? Then we’ll be ministers that have contributed outstanding service to the new dynasty! As of now, this consort’s just waiting in Pure Flowers Palace for death. Rather than that, it’d be better to take the initiative and attack!” Yao Suluan narrowed her eyes slightly as she replied in a cold tone.

“Then that means you’ve already agreed to help the luminescent prince?” Yao Zhenting sighed. Originally he thought that Yao Suluan was the easiest one to control out of his three daughters. The other two had always been strange ones. He understood very well that if it weren’t for Yao Moxin, Ye Hongyi probably wouldn’t have been able to become emperor. As for Yao Mowan, her schemes were so deep that even he was unable to see through them. However, the daughter he had always felt to be easiest to control had now gone crazy as well.

“That’s right. This consort has already agreed. Right now Father has two options. One is to leave Pure Flowers Palace and head straight to the imperial study to report this to His Majesty. The other is to support the luminescent prince with this consort. When Luminescent Prince succeeds, he’ll allow you to remain in your respectable post.” The reason why Yao Suluan laid out the cards so plainly was because she was certain that Yao Zhenting wouldn’t reject this offer.

“Oh well. As of now, His Majesty is completely captivated by Yao Mowan, that wretch, so the future truly does not bode well. It’s just that the luminescent prince has always been a very crafty person. Are you certain that he won’t burn the crossed bridges once he obtains the throne?” Yao Zhenting looked towards Yao Suluan doubtfully. If it weren’t for the fact that Ye Hongyi had punished him without even bothering to hear his side of things, he definitely wouldn’t have agreed to Yao Suluan’s proposal. However, it was just a pity that there was no turning back from this once it was started. Even if he regretted this later, it was already too late.

“I can’t be certain about the future either, but I have no choice but to make this gamble. In addition, one shapes their own fates. As long as we deal with things well, Ye Zixiao wouldn’t have any reason to kill us. Actually, Father had come just in time. There’s one matter that has been bothering this consort quite a lot. This consort hopes that Father can help with this.” Yao Suluan inwardly sighed in relief when she saw that Yao Zhenting had accepted this proposal, then spoke to test him.

“What is it?” Yao Zhenting never imagined that after one trip to Pure Flowers Palace, he somehow ended up as a traitor. Life was truly unpredictable. He didn’t understand how he had ended up at this point.

“This consort hopes that Father can send assassins to deal with Luminescent Princess, Duan Zirou!” Cold light flashed in Yao Suluan’s eyes as she said this in a low voice.

“You just said that you were going to help the luminescent prince revolt, but now you want to kill the luminescent princess?” Yao Zhenting looked towards Yao Suluan in disbelief.

“It’s precisely because this consort wants to help the luminescent prince that Duan Zirou must die. When Ye Zixiao ascends to the throne, the throne of empress can only fall to this consort!” Yao Suluan smiled. As long as Duan Zirou died, she was confident that she could capture Ye Zixiao’s heart.

“Are you certain that Ye Zixiao wouldn’t become hostile towards you after you kill the luminescent princess? This old man heard that they care deeply for each other.” Yao Zhenting felt that this decision was way too immature.

“Father just needs to do it. This consort will naturally arrange for everything after.” Yao Suluan wasn’t really confident that Ye Zixiao wouldn’t become hostile towards her, but if she allowed Duan Zirou to live, everything she did would end up being a gift for someone else. So no matter what, things were better for her if Duan Zirou was dead.

This was a huge choice between helping the luminescent prince obtain the throne and exposing the luminescent prince’s intentions to revolt, so Yao Zhenting thought about this for a very long time after he returned to his residence. However, he still couldn’t come to a decision, so he didn’t start arranging to assassinate Duan Zirou for a long time either.

In Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan was gently stroking Fluffy. Next to her, Jewel was helping lick the fur above Fluffy’s head. Yao Mowan found this display of filial piety inexplicably touching. The cow licking its calf fondly clearly didn’t suit people like Ye Hongyi and Yao Zhenting, was what Yao Mowan was thinking.

“Master, Yao Zhenting hasn’t done anything these last few days. Could it be that he’s already abandoned Yao Suluan’s proposal?” Yin Xue had hidden in the prime minister’s residence and had been observing all of Yao Zhenting’s movements these last few days.


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