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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 59: No Harm in Giving Him a Push

Chapter 59: No Harm in Giving Him a Push

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“If he had decided against it, would Pure Flowers Palace and the luminescent prince’s residence still be so peaceful? He’s wavering. From what this consort knows about him, he’ll definitely find it very hard to take this step since he’s currently the prime minister. He’s currently below one person, but above thousands. There was no need for him to revolt at all. If it weren’t for the fact that Mowan had provoked him a little last time, he wouldn’t even remember that he had a daughter named Yao Suluan, much less step into Pure Flowers Palace,” said Yao Mowan lightly.

Yin Xue didn’t agree. That little bit of provocation had nearly taken Yao Zhenting’s life, if she had provoked him hard…

“Then Master, what do you plan to do?” asked Yin Xue.

“Since Yao Zhenting can’t bear to take this step, this consort will just give him another push.” Yao Mowan smiled. The reason why she had chosen to reveal her face to Yao Zhenting that day was due to two reasons. One, it’d give Yao Zhenting an even harder blow after what happened with Li Qingqing and two, Yao Suluan was currently lacking manpower. If Yao Zhenting looked for her, she would definitely drag him into this!

Yao Mowan knew better than anyone that there were only two things Yao Zhenting cared about, which were male heirs and influence. As of now, she had already shattered his dream of having a son, so next, she’d make it so that he truly had nothing left.

In Soul Sand Garden, Yao Mowan leaned into Ye Hongyi’s arms listlessly, her face a little pale.

“Wan er, what are you thinking about?” asked Ye Hongyi worriedly with heartache written on his face as he stroked Yao Mowan’s face.

“Your Majesty… Wan er heard that you punished Father?” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Hongyi timidly, her eyes glimmering.

“Silly girl! If Junqing hadn’t told us, we wouldn’t have even known how much you had suffered at the prime minister’s residence!” Just the thought that the woman he loved had almost been whipped by someone made his heart fill with hatred.

“Wan er shouldn’t have let di mother go, but Wan er really didn’t want di mother’s family to be beaten to death. Di mother still has to look after my little brother…” Yao Mowan’s tears started spilling down.

“No, our Wan er‘s right but even if Wan er was wrong, it still isn’t Yao Zhenting’s place to lecture you. As of now, you’re a noble consort. You’re his master, but he actually dared to scold you and hit you without restraint! It wouldn’t be excessive even if we had him killed for this crime!” said Ye Hongyi angrily.

“Your Majesty… Don’t be angry with Father anymore, alright?” asked Yao Mowan as she tugged at Ye Hongyi’s sleeve.

“Alright. We’ll always listen to what Wan er says!” Ye Hongyi hugged Yao Mowan indulgently, then started walking towards the soul sand tree that represented him.

To his astonishment, this soul sand tree which had always flourished looked about to wither. As wind arose, the pink petals were swept off the branches and fell to the ground. Every petal that fell caused Ye Hongyi’s heart to ache.

“What’s going on?” Yao Mowan walked out of Ye Hongyi’s arms and looked towards the soul sand tree in confusion.

“We visited just yesterday and it hadn’t seemed to be withering so severely at that time?” Ye Hongyi’s expression was grim and dark light flickered in his eyes.

“Wan er remembers that Eldest Sister had said that all the soul sand trees in this Soul Sand Garden must following a pattern of waning and waxing. If this tree’s withering, then there’s definitely a tree that’s starting to flourish. Let Wan er take a look… Your Majesty! Look, that tree looks like it’s growing much better than before!” Yao Mowan looked around, then her gaze landed on a soul sand tree in the southeast corner.

Ye Hongyi followed Yao Mowan’s gaze and looked over. His eyes darkened until they looked like ink. Could it be that someone in court harbored desire to revolt again?

“If Wan er didn’t remember it wrong, that tree corresponds to the Minister Star. The Minister Star must be growing in strength, which is why the tree’s flourishing,” said Yao Mowan earnestly, her eyes pure as water.

Yao Zhenting? Ye Hongyi’s eyes narrowed slightly. It should’ve occurred to him from the start that it was the old man. He had seriously been getting more and more unbridled lately. Not only had he missed court sessions for no reason, he even had the nerve to try and whip his woman! Yao Zhenting must be brooding about being punished, but what a shame. Yao Zhenting probably never imagined that his daughter had left something that would expose all his intentions. Since you were the one that had started this, you shouldn’t blame us for not being just.

Yao Mowan saw that Ye Hongyi had sank deep into thought and knew that her method had worked. She inwardly sighed in relief and her smile deepened meaningfully.

Just as expected, the day after that visit to Soul Sand Garden, Ye Hongyi, using groundless excuses, transferred several important matters that Yao Zhenting should’ve been responsible for to Huan Heng. Ye Hongyi’s decision caused Yao Zhenting to give up on struggling and make the decision to work with Yao Suluan and help the luminescent prince, Ye Zixiao, ascend to the throne.

In Guan Osprey Palace, Yin Xue was standing respectfully next to Yao Mowan.

“Reporting, Master. This subordinate discovered that Yao Zhenting has already hired twenty assassins and plan to kill Duan Zirou as she heads to Thousand Buddha Temple to pray for blessings.”

“After he takes this step, he’ll never be able to turn back. Yin Xue, come here.” Yao Mowan called Yin Xue over and gave her several instructions before having her withdraw.

After Yin Xue left, Yao Mowan was about to head to her bedroom to rest when she saw Ye Junqing storm in angrily.

“Who upset Prince again so early in the morning?” Yao Mowan stopped walking and went back to sit down on the chaise lounge.

“Chu Moxin!” Yao Mowan was about to reach out for Fluffy again, but when she heard this name, her hand froze in midair. A trace of shock flashed through her eyes and her lips subconsciously twitched. Why was it that kid!? She suddenly felt a severe headache.

“Your Majesty just summoned this prince. He said that Shu would be sending an envoy to great Chu in ten days and he told this prince to handle the reception. And the envoy is Shu’s Austere Prince, Chu Moxin.” Ye Junqing rubbed his forehead as he said this in an irritated tone.

“This really is bad news. That’s a renown little devil ah! Mowan seriously doesn’t understand why Chu Mobei would suddenly let his younger brother come to great Chu?” Yao Mowan frowned slightly as she muttered this.

No wonder Ye Junqing was so annoyed. If it was said that Chu Mobei was extremely crafty and full of cunning, then this younger brother of his was definitely a student that surpassed the teacher. It was fortunate that Chu Moxin was only ten and was not as ruthless as his older brother yet. However, no matter what, his arrival was a huge problem for Yao Mowan.

“All this prince knows is that his strongest skill is maintaining an innocent and harmless appearance while doing completely evil things in secret… Actually, he’s quite like you in this aspect,” said Ye Junqing indignantly. Back then, when he had gone to the nation of Shu to negotiate peace for great Chu, he had suffered quite a lot at Chu Moxin’s hands.

“Prince is flattering me. In comparison to Chu Moxin, Mowan’s far inferior! I heard that Prince had only said a few things about him back then and he had immediately drugged you with tendons softening powder, lit some soul-calming fragrance, then locked the door and set the building on fire. Prince really almost got roasted!” Yao Mowan had also gone to that negotiation meeting so she naturally knew what happened.

“How do you know about this?” Ye Junqing looked up towards her in astonishment.

“It’s something that everyone knows, so how could Mowan not know? Prince, you should stop deceiving yourself already.” Yao Mowan still remember that after that incident, Ye Junqing had intimidated everyone present at the negotiation to keep their mouths shut. However, the grand esteemed prince of great Chu had been trolled by a kid. It was such a great story, how could they possibly keep it in just because he glared at them?

“That brat! This time this prince definitely won’t let him have his way!” vowed Ye Junqing indignantly.

“Then Mowan will wish Prince good luck in advance!” Yao Mowan got up and gracefully walked past Ye Junqing. “However, good luck always seems to be so far away from Prince!” After tossing him this remark, she continued walking leisurely towards her bedroom.

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