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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 60: Duan Zirou, Get Ready To Die

Chapter 60: Duan Zirou, Get Ready To Die

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“Hey! Don’t leave! For better or for worse, this prince is staying in Guan Osprey Palace and also counts a someone of Guan Osprey Palace! You don’t plan to ally with this prince to face the same adversary!?” This was Ye Junqing’s true motive in coming here. Using violence against violence was the best option since Yao Mowan and Chu Moxin were both genius hoodlums.

“Mowan doesn’t have the habit of asking to be traumatized.” Then she slammed the door without hesitation.

“How can this be called asking to be traumatized? If you set out, the victory’s definitely still undecided! This prince has faith in you!” However, no matter what praises Ye Junqing said towards the door, he wasn’t able to get Yao Mowan to walk back out.

In the main house of the luminescent prince’s residence.

Ye Zixiao watched with a distressed expression as Duan Zirou packed up.

“Zirou, why must you do this? This prince has already told you that no matter what has happened between this prince and Yao Suluan, it’s all just a pretense. There’s no one in the world that can take your place in this prince’s heart. We’ve gone through life and death together, could it be that you still don’t understand Zixiao’s true feelings?” said Ye Zixiao gently as he reached out to take Duan Zirou’s bag.

“We’ve been husband and wife for so long and grew up together, how could Zirou not know what you’re thinking? You don’t truly care about Yao Suluan. Actually, you don’t even like her. Zirou was just too riled up at that time. Zirou hasn’t fallen to the point of being jealous of her.” Duan Zirou walked to the dressing table with the cloth bundle and grabbed a few simple hairpins to put in the bundle.

“Since you know my feelings, why do you insist on leaving?” Ye Zixiao looked towards Duan Zirou in confusion.

“Why did you approach Yao Suluan? And why are you storing soldiers in Jishou? Do you think that Zirou wouldn’t know? Don’t you remember how bad the struggle for the throne was back then? You only managed to dodge that calamity because you promised Zirou that you would stay out of it. Zirou thought that you would’ve learned from that experience, but unexpectedly you’re still pigheadedly coveting the throne!”

“Since you won’t listen to Zirou’s words, then there’s no point in Zirou staying here and becoming a hinderance for you. Zirou has already decided to go to Thousand Buddha Temple to become a nun so as to avoid Duan Residence getting implicated once your plots are exposed. However, don’t worry, should you fail within sight of success, as your wife, Zirou will face the Yellow Springs with you. Should you succeed in your cause, there’s no need to remember that there exists a person named Duan Zirou in the mortal world.”

Duan Zirou’s voice was calm and without ripples, but tears flickered in her eyes. She cared deeply for him, so how could she bear to leave him? This was her last gamble. She hoped that Ye Zixiao would give up on fighting for the throne for the sake of their relationship.

“Zirou, this prince can’t accept it though! This country should have belonged to Imperial Father! Back then, if the late Emperor hadn’t resorted to base means and killed Imperial Father, the person sitting on the throne right now would be me, Ye Zixiao!” Ye Zixiao had never been able to forget the odd circumstances in which his father had died back then.

“In the struggle for the throne, there’s only success or failure. There’s no right or wrong! As people of the imperial clan, both of us should understand this! Forget it. No matter what Zirou says, you won’t change your mind. Let us part. Zirou hopes that we’ll never meet again.” Duan Zirou lifted the cloth bundle and turned decisively to leave. As she stepped out of the room, tears trickled silently down her cheeks.

Even when Duan Zirou got on the palanquin to leave the luminescent prince’s residence, Ye Zixiao didn’t move to stop her again. Zirou, don’t worry. If Zixiao succeeds in obtaining the throne, Zixiao will definitely make you empress! Should Zixiao fail… It’s also good that you left…

Inside the palanquin, Ye Zixiao was already convulsing with sobs. Tears streamed down her cheeks and soaked her clothes. She wanted to lift the curtain and look back so many times, to rush back and throw herself into Ye Zixiao’s arms, but she forced down these impulses. Not so long ago, no matter how bad the trials they faced, they would never part, but as of now, this was her only choice.

Soon they had already reached the forest leading to Thousand Buddha Temple. Just as Duan Zirou was wiping at her tears, she suddenly felt the palanquin stop.

“Princess, it’s bad!” When Duan Zirou heard the porter’s trembling voice, she quickly wiped dry her tears and reached out to lift the palanquin curtain, only to find that there about a dozen people dressed in black blocking their way.

“Who are you guys?” demanded Duan Zirou sternly as she got off the palanquin.

“We’re the people that will be sending you to the underworld! Attack!” The people in black didn’t say anything else and immediately rushed towards Duan Zirou with their swords. When the porters saw this, they ran up to block him. One of them hastily grabbed Duan Zirou’s arm.

“Princess! Hurry and leave!” Glints of blades lit up the forest and the clashes of the weapon were so sharp it hurt the eardrums. The porter pulled Duan Zirou and ran like their lives depended on it. Behind them, about five people in black followed.

As the sharp sounds gradually disappeared, more and more people in black started chasing after them. Duan Zirou knew that those three porters had definitely died.

“Zhao Wu! Let go of me! You should flee on your own!” Duan Zirou knew that the people in black had the advantage so there was no way she’d be able to live. Since that was the case, why drag down an innocent life?

“Don’t worry, Princess! Even if this servant must put this life on the line, This servant will still make sure that Princess is unharmed!” Zhao Wu refused to let go of Duan Zirou’s hand. It was clear how extremely loyal he was.

“Hurry and go! Head back and tell Prince to get revenge for me! Otherwise both of us will die and Prince will never know! If you don’t go now, this princess will bite her tongue to commit suicide!” Duan Zirou saw that there was a fork in the road ahead and abruptly shoved Zhao Wu towards one side while running in the other direction. Zhao Wu hesitated for a moment, then ran back towards the luminescent prince’s residence.

As Duan Zirou looked at the cliff in front of her, she smiled bitterly. Perhaps the Heavens were pitying her and sparing her the agony of having to watch Ye Zixiao’s tragic end after his plot failed.

This was good. Dying like this was also good. If Ye Zixiao still had feelings for her, he’d definitely get revenge for her. Perhaps this would make him change for the better. If she could use her own death to guarantee Ye Zixiao’s life, then she had no regrets dying.

“You won’t be able to escape!” shouted the person in the lead.

“Who hired you guys?” Duan Zirou looked towards them coldly. Her voice was calm and there was no trace of fear on her face.

“You probably already know that we can’t tell you!” The assassin respected Duan Zirou’s ability to remain calm, but since they had accepted the money, they had to carry out the job.

Duan Zirou then turned silently to glance at the cliff before jumping down. When the people in black saw this, they shared looks, then left.

By the time Ye Zixiao got to the cliff, all that was left were Duan Zirou’s embroidered shoes.

“Zirou! Zirou ah…” Ye Zixiao grabbed the shoes as tears streamed down his cheeks. There were no bloodstains on the ground, nor any trace of struggle and torn cloth. He knew from this that Duan Zirou had definitely jumped down the cliff.

“I’m sorry… It was Zixiao that implicated you! Zirou… Where are you!?” Ye Zixiao hugged Duan Zirou’s shoes as he screamed in grief. His face was completely pale and he trembled uncontrollably. That agony of losing something precious and never being able to get it back again pierced his heart so badly that he couldn’t even breathe.

“Prince, this subordinate shouldn’t have left Princess alone. This subordinate has sinned!” Zhao Wu instantly kneeled down and pulled out a dagger to stab it towards his own chest.

Ye Zixiao abruptly snatched the dagger out of his hand.

“This prince commands you to find out immediately who was behind the princess’s assassination! If you can’t get to the bottom of this, I won’t let you off!” said Ye Zixiao coldly, his bloodshot eyes flickering with cold murderous intent.

“Understood!” Having received instructions, Zhao Wu withdrew.


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