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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 62 : He Felt So Much Hatred

Chapter 62 : He Felt So Much Hatred

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“Your Highness, this servant heard that things like having black clouds hovering above, temples being dark, they’re all ill omens,” responded Ting Yue cooperatively.

“Shut up! This old man is the grand Prime Minister, how dare a servant like you say nonsense about me!” The moment Yao Zhenting saw Yao Mowan, he felt all the blood in his body boil from anger. Had their difference in status not been an issue, Yao Zhenting really would have rushed up right now to rip Yao Mowan apart.

“Ting Yue’s not really speaking nonsense, right? From the looks of it, Father had come from Pure Flowers Palace, right? As of now, the entire palace knows that Second Older Sister’s palace is extremely filthy so everyone is trying to avoid it as much as possible. Father, your visit this time has probably caused you to pick up quite a lot of bad luck. That’s why you look like you have black clouds hovering above. Mowan advises that Father had best be careful during this time.” Yao Mowan’s eyes narrowed slightly as her lips curved in a mysterious smile.

“Yao Mowan, had you not whispered things into His Majesty’s ears, would this old man be in this state now? However, you shouldn’t celebrate too early. This old man vows that there will come a day where you will regret this,” vowed Yao Zhenting viciously. If he succeeds in this, the first thing he’ll do is have Yao Mowan captured and brought to the execution grounds. He wanted to personally oversee her execution as she suffered the death of a thousand cuts!

“Father’s truly wrongly accusing Wan er, if Wan er hadn’t convinced His Majesty to calm down, who knows where Father’s head might be right now?” Yao Mowan blinked her eyes innocently as she said this with an earnest expression.

“As if you would be that kind-hearted!” Ever since what happened that day in Prime Minister Yao’s residence, Yao Zhenting had carefully thought through the past events, and he couldn’t help but feel lingering fear. Had Yao Mowan desired it, he would already be down in the Yellow Springs.

“Seems like Father’s the only one that knows me well, Wan er of course wouldn’t be that kind-hearted. Wan er just feels like it’s not satisfying enough to chop off Father’s head that soon. Although all things have a day where they come to an end, Wan er’s more interested in the process of the game. It’s not interesting if it ends too soon. Say, Father, don’t you agree?” Yao Mowan unconcerned attitude infuriated Yao Zhenting.

“Yao Mowan, victory is still not certain, so you shouldn’t celebrate yet.” After saying this, Yao Zhenting stormed past Yao Mowan to leave. However, just as he was passing by her, Yao Mowan suddenly pushed Jewel, who she had been carrying. Jewel was alarmed and reflexively scurried up Yao Zhenting’s body. His sharp claws passed through the clothing and sank into Yao Zhenting’s shoulder.

“Ah, it hurts! Damn animal! This old man will throttle you to death today!” Just as Yao Zhenting grabbed Jewel and was about to choke him, Ye Hongyi suddenly appeared in front of Yao Zhenting. Yao Mowan was in his arms, crying softly.

“Yao Zhenting, what did you say just now?” An extremely cold voice arose. Ye Hongyi’s eyes were like two black holes as he glowered at Yao Zhenting.

“This old servant… kowtows in salute to Your Majesty.” It is only now that Yao Zhenting realized he had fallen into Yao Mowan’s trap again.

“Your Majesty… the one Father was yelling at was Jewel, not Wan er…” This sentence contained such implicit meaning that Ye Hongyi’s expression immediately darkened even more.

“Replying Your Majesty, this old servant was just…” Even though his heart now lied with another party, currently his master was still the aloof and remote Ye Hongyi. Just as he was about to explain himself, Ye Hongyi spoke first.

“From now on, Prime Minister, if we do not summon you, there is no need for you to enter the palace.” After saying this, Ye Hongyi turned to look towards Yao Mowan. He felt heartache as he gently wiped away her tears. Then he left with her without bothering to look at Yao Zhenting again.

“Ting Yue, can you send Father out, and get Jewel back?” Yao Mowan deliberately feigned a timid manner as she sent Ting Yue a meaningful glance.

“This servant understands.” Ting Yue caught the message and bowed respectfully.

Once Ye Hongyi left, hugging Yao Mowan, Ting Yue walked quickly to get in front of Yao Zhenting.

“Seems like Her Highness was right, Prime Minister really has black clouds hovering above.” Ting Yue’s face was filled with schadenfreude and her tone was filled with ridicule.

“Audacious, a palace maid like you…” Yao Zhenting had pent up anger from the start, and now he was being ridiculed by a palace maid! He immediately started glowering at her.

“What about me being a palace maid? Although Ting Yue’s status is humble, at least I don’t feel guilty about what I do as a person. Back then, Second Madame had suffered so much in Prime Minister Yao’s residence! She had been tormented so much! If Lord hadn’t indulged Dou Xianglan’s doings, why would Second Madame have died? Everyone says that a day as husband and wife leads to a hundred days’ grace. However, Madame, in your eyes, probably hadn’t even mattered as much as a dog.

“However, now, Lord, in Ting Yue’s eyes, you’re also nothing more than an animal! Oh, and that’s right, infertile too! Ting Yue had personally prepared that rootless water. Did Lord find it satisfactory?” Ting Yue looked towards Yao Zhenting indignantly, her eyes filled with contempt.

“Preposterous! You damned wretch, you actually dared to…!” Yao Zhenting was so angry that he was breathing unevenly and he loosened his grip on Jewel slightly. Jewel immediately took advantage of this chance to struggle free. As it escaped, it made sure to leave some deep scratches on Yao Zhenting’s hand.

“Lord, you shouldn’t forget that this is the imperial palace, it’s not a place where Lord can afford to be unbridled. Lord probably knows the way out, so this servant won’t see you off any further. Do as you please.” After saying that, Ting Yue turned around leisurely and walked off.

The moment she turned around, she had to clutch at her chest with both hands. After following Master for so long, she had naturally picked up some of Master’s skills, but that imposing, arrogant air was one thing she could never pull off as well as Master. However, Ting Yue was sure that even if her attempt fell short, it was still enough to anger Yao Zhenting half to death.

After the confrontation, Yao Zhenting threw caution to the wind and truly bet everything he had on Ye Zixiao. Of course, this was exactly what Yao Mowan wanted.

Ye Zixiao only reappeared in Pure Flowers Palace ten days after Duan Zirou had fallen down the cliff.

Inside the bedroom, there was a faint aroma from incense and the candlelight flickered. The faint candlelight made the sharp angles on Ye Zixiao’s face even more prominent. It had only been ten days, but Ye Zixiao seemed like a completely different person. His handsome face was now worn and sallow. Due to the fact that he had become thinner, his bones seemed to protrude.

“Prince, my condolences. Suluan has also heard of Princess’s death. Who would have thought that things would happen so suddenly?” said Yao Suluan with a sorrowful expression as she lifted the teapot to pour Ye Zixiao a cup of tea.

“Suddenly? Isn’t Zirou’s death within Consort Li’s plans?” The mild voice contained no warmth but no traces of anger could be made out either. Ye Zixiao’s eyes narrowed slightly as they flickered with unreadable light.

“How could Prince say this? Could it be… Prince, although Suluan does not like Luminescent Princess, Suluan still wouldn’t resort to such malicious means. And, even if Suluan has that intention, Suluan doesn’t have that ability. Ever since Prince transferred Ling Yun away, Suluan has found it difficult to do anything in the imperial palace. It is all I can do to look after myself, how could I possibly have the time to think about unrelated matters like this?” Yao Suluan immediately made her position clear.

“Of course this prince doesn’t think it’s Consort Li’s doing. Otherwise, this prince wouldn’t be here.” Ye Zixiao’s expression relaxed slightly and his hoarse voice seemed to ease somewhat.

“No one would wanted to see Princess fall off the cliff, but since things have already happened, Prince should try to get over it. As of now, there are more important things waiting for you, Prince. As long as Prince is able to ascend to the throne, Princess’s spirit down in the Ninth Spring will probably also find peace.” Yao Suluan gently wrapped her arms around Ye Zixiao’s neck as she gently consoled him.

Ye Zixiao suddenly felt like his heart had been stabbed a hundred times by a knife and was dripping blood. Ye Zixiao had announced that Duan Zirou had died because she encountered bandits on her way to Thousand Buddha Temple. Aside from he and Zhao Wu, the perpetrators were the only ones who would know that Duan Zirou had fallen down a cliff. However, just now, he actually heard the words ‘fallen off the cliff’ come from Yao Suluan’s mouth.

At this moment, he felt hatred, so much hatred. If he hadn’t gotten involved with Yao Suluan, there was no way that Zirou would’ve died!


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