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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 63: Chu Moxin’s Motive in This Trip

Chapter 63: Chu Moxin’s Motive in This Trip

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“Prince?” asked Yao Suluan reflexively when she sensed Ye Zixiao’s body tense.

“It’s nothing… Consort Li is right, this prince really does need to do something to make sure that Zirou’s death wasn’t for nothing.” Ye Zixiao buried his grief and indignation and his black pupils started shining with light.

“Prince, Suluan has good news to tell you. Hopefully it can give you some comfort.” Yao Suluan leaned with delight into Ye Zixiao’s arms, her eyes glowing brightly.

“Oh?” As Ye Zixiao looked at Yao Suluan’s snow-white neck, he felt the urge to just crush it, but he couldn’t. At the very least, he couldn’t do it right now.

“Suluan’s father, the current prime minister, Yao Zhenting, wishes to surrender to Prince as well. He is willing to fully follow Prince. As long as Prince gives him instructions, he will do his all to carry it out.” Yao Suluan was confident that Ye Zixiao would be happy to hear this news. Even though His Majesty had taken some of Father’s powers away now, his status and prestige were still there.

“Prime Minister is actually willing to support this prince?” Ye Zixiao’s eyes flickered slightly with a trace of ruthlessness. He had thought since Yao Suluan had been in the palace for such a long time, it wouldn’t be easy for her to find so many assassins so quickly. However, the confusion was cleared up now. So it had actually been Yao Zhenting’s doing.

“Father is wise as well and can see that Prince is an outstanding individual. With Suluan mediating, of course Father chose to support the obvious choice.” As Yao Suluan spoke, she slipped her fingers into Ye Zixiao’s collar.

“With the prime minister’s help, this prince will have double the power. Of course, this is due to Consort Li’s help. This prince really doesn’t know how to repay Consort Li.” Ye Zixiao seemed to inadvertently pull away Yao Suluan’s hands as he slowly got up.

“Prince is leaving?” Yao Suluan looked over in surprise. Ye Zixiao never rejected any of her invitations before.

“Tomorrow is the seventh day since Zirou has passed away. This prince must head back to make preparations,” replied Ye Zixiao as a cold light passed through his eyes. He did need to make proper preparations. If he didn’t give Yao Zhenting and Yao Suluan a proper return ‘gift,’ how was he supposed to face Zirou? As for the imperial throne, he had already waited for so many years, so a couple more was fine. However, he couldn’t take waiting to get revenge for Zirou!

“So that was it… Although Suluan can’t leave the palace, Suluan will eat only vegetarian foods for the time being and pray for Princess so that she can soon achieve happiness.” Yao Suluan acted as if she had found this a great tragedy.

Ye Junqing has been in a bad mood ever since he found out that Chu Moxin was coming to great Chu.

“In reality, there’s no need for Prince to harbor such groundless fears. Perhaps in these years he’s already become an upright young man.” Yao Mowan was consoling Ye Junqing with words that even she herself did not believe.

“This prince is willing to bet on this with you. This prince is willing to bet this prince’s life in exchange for Yin Xue!” Ye Junqing was extremely confident.

“Ahem… Mowan was just joking, Prince shouldn’t take it so seriously.” Yao Mowan forced a dry laugh and continued eating.

“This prince isn’t actually afraid of his arrival, this prince just doesn’t understand it. Great Chu’s relationship with the nation of Shu has always been very tense. Why would Chu Mobei suddenly let his younger brother come as an envoy to great Chu? There’s no point in doing so. Could it be that he wants to use Chu Moxin to cause an incident, then use that as an pretext to send troops?” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan questioningly.

“They’re different from Feng Yihan and Feng Duo. From what Mowan knows, Chu Mobei and Chu Moxin were born of the same parents and have an extremely good relationship, so Mowan is certain that Chu Mobei would never hurt Chu Moxin in order to start a conflict. On the contrary, over the years, Chu Mobei has gone to great lengths to guarantee Chu Moxin’s safety.” Yao Mowan was confident in her understanding of Chu Mobei.

“Then this prince really can’t guess Chu Moxin’s motive.” Ye Junqing decided to give up.

“In reality, there’s no need for Prince to go through such pains. Won’t you know once Chu Moxin gets here?” said Yao Mowan lightly, completely unaware that she was the target of Chu Moxin’s visit this time.

On the second day after Duan Zirou’s funeral arrangements, Yao Zhenting got a secret letter from Ye Zixiao. The secret letter basically said that if Yao Zhenting really did have the intention of supporting him, then meet him at the black bamboo forest behind the imperial family’s cemetery at six, as there was something to discuss. Yao Zhenting had been wanting to express his loyalty, so he found this to be great news.

In Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan was calculating the days. In five days, Chu Moxin would arrive in great Chu. Would she be able to deal with Ye Zixiao’s matter before that?

“Your Highness, Ye Zixiao has made a move!” Yao Mowan was delighted to hear this news.

“Where’s the location?” Yao Mowan immediately got up.

“The black bamboo forest behind the imperial cemetery.”

“Oh? So Ye Zixiao really is going to part with… Let’s go, come with this consort to watch the show.” For a moment, Yao Mowan was gratified. It seemed that Duan Zirou hadn’t waited in vain.

It was already autumn, so around six, the sky was already darkening. By the time Yao Zhenting arrived at the black bamboo forest, the surroundings were already pitch black. Because this was a huge secret, he didn’t even bring his personal steward.

Yao Zhenting headed into the bamboo forest by himself. After about an hour, he seemed to hear a slight disturbance and started walking faster. He only saw two figures once he walked to the other end of the forest.

“Who’s there?” asked Yao Zhenting guardedly as he reflexively stopped walking.

“This subordinate kowtows in salute to Prime Minister. Prime Minister, please come this way.” When the person in the lead saw Yao Zhenting, he saluted respectfully.

“You two are…” Yao Zhenting was just about to question him when he saw the other person walk up.

“Prime Minister, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Please come this way,” urged the man, then the two of them turned around and started walking toward the hillside. Yao Zhenting didn’t have the chance to ask any questions, so he just followed after them. He assumed them to be people that Luminescent Prince had sent to receive him, so he wasn’t suspicious of them at all.

They soon reached shrubbery that was over half a meter tall and one of them walked over to turn on a mechanism. The lush shrubbery parted on both sides and a stone door suddenly appeared. Once the door opened, Yao Zhenting followed the two in without even thinking about it.

Inside was a very long hidden tunnel with torches on both sides. After walking for about five minutes, Yao Zhenting finally saw light on the other side.

“What is this place?” asked Yao Zhenting in surprise.

“Prime Minister, don’t be in such a rush. We’ll be there soon,” replied one of the people. After turning a corner, Yao Zhenting was stunned by the scene in front of him. The stone room that he had walked into was filled with knives and swords. This was probably enough weaponry to arm a hundred thousand troops.

“May I ask where Luminescent Prince is?” After seeing this, Yao Zhenting fully believed that Ye Zixiao really did have enough power to compete with Ye Hongyi. Perhaps he really has made the right move this time.

“Prime Minister, don’t be in such a rush. Take a look at this sword, how is its quality?” One of the two took a longsword and respectfully offered it to Yao Zhenting. Yao Zhenting took the sword and swung it a couple times to listen to the sound of it slashing through the air.

“From the sound, it seems like a very good blade!” Yao Zhenting sighed in admiration.

Right at this time, there came the sound of urgent footsteps from the passageway.

“Prime Minister! Hurry and leave!” The moment those two heard that noise, their expressions changed drastically and they pulled Yao Zhenting to run towards the other end of the room..

“Why do we have to run?” Yao Zhenting was completely confused, but he had no choice but to run with the other two towards another secret passageway. However, not long after they entered, they were forced back out again.


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