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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 66: Let’s Leave Together, Alright?

Chapter 66: Let’s Leave Together, Alright?

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“Shut up! You’re nothing but a lowly wretch, what right do you have to lecture me? All people die, even if I die, I wouldn’t regret killing Mo Li! It was all Mo Li, it was all because Mo Li gave birth to a lowly wretch like you!” bellowed Yao Zhenting hysterically as he pointed towards Yao Mowan furiously.

“It sounds like you’re shouting just to cover up your own feelings of remorse. As for death… Don’t worry. Mowan has already begged His Majesty to spare your life. However, from now on, Father, you’ll have to spend your life here with the mice as company until you die.” Yao Mowan’s voice seemed to come from the very depths of hell as she matter-of-factly stated Yao Zhenting’s fate.

“You mean His Majesty isn’t executing me? Why? Why won’t His Majesty kill me?” Yao Zhenting looked towards Yao Mowan in alarm and anger. His crime was plotting rebellion, so even if he wasn’t punished with the death of a thousand cuts, he should still be publicly executed. However, now, due to Yao Mowan’s words, His Majesty had actually abandoned the thought of killing him. Finding out about this infuriated Yao Zhenting.

“Mowan does believe that Father is sincere in wanting to die because once you die, you’ll be free. However, Mowan trusts even more that Father would definitely not do something like committing suicide.” Yao Mowan thoroughly understood this man, so her cold voice contained clear ridicule.

“Yao Mowan… You’re not my daughter. You’re a devil… You’re a demon…” Yao Zhenting collapsed weakly back into the straw pile. He really wanted to use his own death to prove Yao Mowan wrong. However, he truly couldn’t bear to close his eyes just like this.

Inside Pure Flowers Palace, Yao Suluan grabbed a wine cup with her slender fingers. Ye Hongyi had visited during the day and warned her not to follow in Yao Zhenting’s footsteps. He said that as long as he found any hint that she was up to something, even if it ended up being a life or death struggle between the two of them, he would still make her pay the price.

“Ye Hongyi, you fool! Yao Zhenting was nothing but a scapegoat! Are you blind? That’s right, you are blind! If not, why would you take a fancy to Yao Mowan? It was a fool encountering another fool! Haha! Wonderful! How wonderful!” Yao Suluan cursed as she poured wine into her mouth.

A breeze swept past and carried over the scent of sandalwood. In the next second, Yao Suluan’s throat felt completely dry and she could barely breathe. That intense, oppressive aura instantly made Yao Suluan’s head clear up.

“Luminescent Prince… Ye Zixiao! Damn you, you actually still dare come to this consort’s place? You caused Yao Residence to be completely destroyed! How could you still have the nerve to stand in front of this consort, you contemptible, shameless person! You gutless piece of trash!” Yao Suluan borrowed strength from the alcohol to shove Ye Zixiao aside. Her eyes were filled with fury as she glared at Ye Zixiao.

“Yao Suluan, why didn’t you go?” Ye Zixiao looked at Yao Suluan coldly. He had given up over ten thousand weapons for the sole purpose of framing Yao Zhenting and Yao Suluan. However, to his disappointment, Yao Suluan never appeared in black bamboo forest, and Yao Zhenting wasn’t executed by the death of a thousand cuts as he had hoped either. He couldn’t accept it. Zirou had died, but her murderers were still living completely unscathed.

“That’s because this consort isn’t fated to die yet, and naturally this consort isn’t fated to die at the hands of useless trash like you! You’re actually giving up the throne for the sake of a woman? It’s the throne! It’s something that the world scrambles madly for, that everyone in the world dreams of obtaining, but you’re actually giving it up for Duan Zirou? Ye Zixiao, without this consort, you’ll never be able to become emperor in this lifetime!” snarled Yao Suluan, her eyes filled with a crazed fury. Her last road of retreat, all of her hopes, in this moment, had vanished in a puff of smoke.

“If Zirou isn’t here to enjoy it with this prince, then what is the point of becoming emperor? Yao Suluan, you and your father have killed this prince’s most beloved person. This prince will definitely make both of you pay for it with your lives!” Ye Zixiao’s dark eyes shone with cold, bloodthirsty light. In the next instant, his palm was already clutching Yao Suluan’s snow-white neck with so much force that Yao Suluan was suspended in the air.

“Ugh… Ye Zixiao, if you kill this consort, you will die too…” Yao Suluan struggled in pain. She reached up with both hands to pry away Ye Zixiao’s hand, but the sensation of suffocation only got stronger. She could almost smell the scent of death.

Right at this time, there was the whistle of something cutting through the air and an arrow shot past Ye Zixiao before stabbing fiercely into the wall right beside Yao Suluan’s ear. Yao Suluan had already fainted from the sight of such a sharp weapon flying straight towards her.

When Ye Zixiao noticed that there was a letter attached to the arrow, he tossed Yao Suluan aside and reached over to pull down the letter. When he saw the content of the letter, his eyes which had been filled with bloodthirst suddenly lit up and he immediately ran out of Pure Flowers Palace.

In the depths of the night, the black bamboo forest was tranquil and completely silent. There was only the occasional soft rustling of windblown leaves. As the bamboo leaves swayed, an elegant guqin’s song drifted into the air like the tinkling of spring water. The leisurely sound slowly spread through the entire forest.

Beneath the moonlight, Duan Zirou was dressed in white garments as she sat in front of a white jade guqin. Her slender fingers gently stroked the strings and music unhurriedly rippled through the air, carrying her current song. It caused all listeners to feel sympathetic sorrow.

That day, she had stayed behind with full confidence. She believed that Ye Zixiao would definitely appear. They had once gone through too many unforgettable events together. They had survived too many life or death trials together, so as long as Ye Zixiao knew that she was here, he would definitely come to find her. But as the days passed one by one, Duan Zirou’s initial hope and anticipation gradually faded. All that remained was sadness. At this time, Duan Zirou’s heart was just like the sound of the music, filled with only sad melancholy.

“Zirou…” The rich, mellow voice contained unconcealable trembling. Ye Zixiao walked step by step towards the small building. Beneath the moonlight, his eyes gleamed with overflowing tears.

Duan Zirou’s heart reflexively skipped a beat at the sound of this voice. Her hands froze and the soft music abruptly stopped. However, she didn’t dare to look. She was afraid that this was only another hallucination. She was afraid of being disappointed once again.

It was only when she smelled that familiar scent, that scent that belonged solely to Ye Zixiao, that she abruptly lifted her eyes. Tears immediately spilled down like broken strands of pearls.

They faced each other silently with their tears showing their sincerest emotions.

With tears blurring her vision, Duan Zirou looked up at the man standing in front of her. Her hands which were still on top of the guqin trembled uncontrollably.

“Zirou, it’s been a long time since you’ve played ‘Seeking Destiny’ for me, Zixiao wants to hear it…” Ye Zixiao slowly sat down in front of Duan Zirou. His gentle gaze was filled with warmth.

He felt like his heart was about to burst out of his chest from joy. He was so grateful that the heavens didn’t take Zirou away. This experience of losing something precious, then regaining it made Ye Zixiao finally understand that, in this world, what he treasured the most was not the grand and aloof dragon throne, but the perfection that was already in front of him. What he treasured the most was the one woman he loved in this world, Duan Zirou.

The music started again, this time carrying incomparable joy as it rung through the forest. The moonlight was like a hazy curtain, making this beautiful scene inexplicably touching.

The song ended, but neither of them left. Tears continued to stream down Duan Zirou’s face as she leaned into Ye Zixiao’s arms.

“Zixiao, thank you for appearing… Thank you… “ Regardless of what would happen in the future, Ye Zixiao’s appearance this time made Duan Zirou very relieved. She truly hadn’t chosen the wrong person in this lifetime.

“Don’t compete for the throne anymore, alright? Let’s just leave together.” Duan Zirou knew that this was an unreasonable request, but she couldn’t stop herself from asking. She wouldn’t be able to feel at ease until they were away from the imperial city, the root of all their troubles.


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