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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 69: Give the Sword Back to Me!

Chapter 69: Give the Sword Back to Me!

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After walking out of Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan spotted Chu Moxin who was standing in front of the distant palace doors. Under the sunlight, that green gem garment was so gorgeous that it was dazzling. What stunned Yao Mowan the most was the fact that Chu Moxin looked completely different from what she remembered.

At that time, in the palace of Shu, Chu Moxin had only been ten years old. He had a round chubby face, cute features, and his sly mischievous manner as he laughed made people’s hearts fill with motherly love.

It had only been five years, but Chu Moxin now seemed like a completely different person. His eyes had grown into slender phoenix eyes with slightly lifted corners, and his eyelashes seemed to curl even more than those of women. Beneath his high bridge nose, his peach blossom-like lips were curved in a beautiful arc. That clean smile glittered like the flowers of spring, but at the same time, contained a faint hint of wickedness.

He was seriously becoming more and more like him. Yao Mowan couldn’t help but think of Chu Mobei. Setting everything else aside, that demonic smile was identical to that of his older brother’s.

“Chu Moxin! You…” After Ye Junqing confirmed that the person standing there was Chu Moxin, he immediately charged towards the palace doors with his sword. However, right after he shouted that, he saw Chu Moxin greet him with an extremely sincere smile.

“Big Brother Junqing, long time no see! Moxin really missed you. Moxin even dreamed of Big Brother Junqing’s heroic figure on the battlefield. Whoa! After not seeing each other for five years, Big Brother Junqing has really become even more handsome. What do I do? Moxin really wants to hug you!” Chu Moxin’s words made Ye Junqing completely bewildered. How was he supposed to react? As Ye Junqing repeatedly asked himself this, Chu Moxin went over to hug him.

“You… You missed me?” Ye Junqing took in Chu Moxin’s innocent expression with a very confused look. Right at this time, Chu Moxin seemed to inadvertently spy Ye Junqing’s sword.

“Junxiu, seee? This prince told you that Big Brother Junqing was the one person in great Chu that wanted me to visit the most. Look, he even brought his favorite flame soul blade as a present for Moxin. How could Moxin accept such a precious gift?” Although he said this, he immediately took advantage of this chance while Ye Junqing was still confused to snatch the sword from his hand.

“Esteemed Prince, he’s taken your sword away, you know?” Yao Mowan slowly walked over to Ye Junqing’s side to remind him. Upon hearing this, Ye Junqing abruptly snapped out of his daze but it was already too late.

“Hey! Give this sword back to this prince!” Ye Junqing looked towards Chu Moxin angrily as he reached out for the sword.

“You must be Wan er.” Chu Moxin didn’t look at Ye Junqing and didn’t seem concerned that he was angry as he walked over to Yao Mowan with a smile. Although he was only 15 years old, he was already nearly as tall as Yao Mowan.”Wan er? His Majesty said that you were younger than me though. Shouldn’t you call me Big Sister Wan er?” Yao Mowan could tell that Chu Moxin was taking the same path as her. As Ye Junqing had said, she might as well use the same means to defeat him. She’d like to see how long Chu Moxin could act cute and naive in front of her.

“No, if I add big sister it sounds so distant so I’ll just call you Wan er,” said Chu Moxin a little willfully.

“Up to you.” Yao Mowan had no plans of arguing over these insignificant things with him so she turned around to walk towards Guan Osprey Palace.

“Hey! Give the sword back to this prince!” Ye Junqing wanted to stop Chu Moxin, but Huangfu Junxiu stepped forward.

“Excuse Junxiu for being talkative, but my master’s name isn’t hey.” Huangfu Junxiu’s words almost choked Ye Junqing to death.

“Ahem… then Austere Prince, please return the sword to this prince!” Ye Junqing adjusted his wording and spoke seriously.

“No, Big Brother Junqing had just gifted this sword to Moxin, how can you go back on your word so soon? No matter what, you should wait until Moxin has had enough of playing with it!” replied Chu Moxin angrily. Then he followed Yao Mowan into Guan Osprey Palace.

Ting Yue was the last one to walk into the main hall. As she stepped in, she turned around and shut the palace doors.

“Moxin knows Wan er’s older sister?” Yao Mowan trying to find an appropriate conversation topic.

“Junxiu had stated things very clearly earlier. You shouldn’t tell this prince that you hadn’t heard!” The arrogant voice carried a trace of disdain. Chu Moxin took the liberty of getting himself a seat and sat down with his legs crossed. There was no longer any trace of that naive innocence on his face. It had already been replaced by sly charm. It was hard to imagine that this sort of expression would appear on a fifteen year old child.

“You? This prince?” He had still been calling her Wan er sweetly just a moment earlier, but now it had turned into you. Yao Mowan sensed Chu Moxin’s abnormality and looked over in surprise.

“Then what, should this prince continue to pinch his throat and call you Wan er? Even if you don’t feel awkward hearing it, this prince feels disgusted saying it.” Chu Moxin shrugged and his beautiful eyes narrowed slightly.”However, your looks actually don’t lose to Yao Moxin’s. Beautiful. Even in Shu, it would be hard to find a beauty like you.” Chu Moxin nodded in an earnest manner as he expressed his praise.

“You have no manners at all! Wan er will definitely tell His Majesty not to let you stay here anymore. Who wants to get familiar with you?” Although Chu Moxin could show his true self, Yao Mowan couldn’t. Just as Yao Mowan was pretending to grumble, Chu Moxin suddenly burst out laughing.

“Moxin had only pretended for a little bit, but that short experience was already agonizing enough. However, you were actually able to keep up this act for over 20 years. It’s no wonder Big Brother sent me to take a look at you.” Chu Moxin’s smile was just like his personality, arrogant to the point that Yao Mowan felt tempted to smack him.

“This prince advises Austere Prince to be more conscious of your words. Everyone in great Chu knows of Consort Yao’s situation. If you continue to be so rude in your words, this prince will definitely not be polite.” Ye Junqing was shocked by Chu Moxin’s words. Chu Mobei was the one that sent him to investigate Yao Mowan? Wasn’t that making a big fuss over a minor issue?

“Just because everyone in great Chu knows something doesn’t make it the truth. This prince sure does not believe that a fool could make Yan Nansheng willingingly give Yin Xue to her, and this prince doesn’t believe that a fool could possibly become the most favored consort of the palace without relying on anything. Yao Mowan, what do you think? Doesn’t this prince’s words make some sense?” Chu Moxin lifted his handsome face which was exquisite to the point of cuteness as he looked over with a devilishly charming smile.

“If someone said that you weren’t Chu Mobei’s biological younger brother, this consort would definitely fight them with her life.” Yao Mowan took a deep breath, then looked towards Chu Moxin with lifted brows.

“It’s because Esteemed Prince knows the truth that you feel no hesitation upon revealing your true self in front of this prince, right?” Chu Moxin ignored Yao Mowan’s words of ridicule and continued questioning her calmly.

Yao Mowan was silent. Chu Moxin’s momentum was too strong. She felt like she could no longer quite hold her own.

“The King of Chu is at odds with the esteemed prince but the esteemed prince actually knows your secret? What does this mean?” Chu Moxin lifted his finger and pressed it against his chin contemplatively.

“In reality, doesn’t Prince feel that these words should be unspoken criticism? Is there really a need to voice them? The walls have ears, so for better or worse, prince should abstain a little right?” As Yao Mowan looked at the two-faced and arrogant brat in front of her, black lines gradually appeared on her forehead.

“If this prince wasn’t abstaining, then there was no need to accompany you in acting innocent out there. But things are different inside the house. With Yin Xiong’s presence, who would dare to approach this building?” said Chu Moxin with a confident expression.

“Yin Xiong? You brought Yin Xiong here?” Yao Mowan was shocked by this information. The Yin clan had only produced two hidden guards in this generation; one was with her and the other was Yin Xue’s older brother, Yin Xiong. However, Yan Nansheng had said before that Yin Xiong was Chu Mobei’s hidden guard, so why was he with Chu Moxin?

“That’s right. This prince knows that it’s been a long time since Yin Xiong had seen his younger sister, so this prince especially requested Big Brother to allow Yin Xiong to accompany this prince on this trip,” answered Chu Moxin earnestly. However, there was no way that Yao Mowan would believe a single word that came out of his lips. Chu Moxin seemed to sense Yao Mowan’s skepticism because he changed his words.


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