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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 71: Conceited and Narcissistic Man

Chapter 71: Conceited and Narcissistic Man

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“Do you know what instructions Big Brother gave this prince before this trip?” When Chu Moxin saw that Yao Mowan wasn’t affected, he leaned over as he said this to provoke her.

“Yao Mowan is all ears,” replied Yao Mowan, unconcerned.

“Big Brother said that if you really did turn out to be a fool, to kill you so as to avoid you sullying Big Sister Moxin’s reputation. If you weren’t a fool, he told this prince to still kill you because he doesn’t wish for another Yao Moxin to appear in great Chu. However, since you’re so beautiful, this prince can’t really bear to, so what should this prince do?” Chu Moxin thought that his words would cause Yao Mowan’s face to fill with shock but instead, Yao Mowan just sighed.

“What kind of attitude is that?” Chu Moxin looked towards Yao Mowan in annoyance.

“With how conceited and narcissistic Chu Mobei is, there are two types of people he’d never kill in this lifetime. The first type is those with low intelligence because he’d feel like he was dirtying his own hands and disgracing his own reputation. The second type are those with extremely high intelligence because in his eyes, there’s no one that can be more intelligent than him. He would use his own abilities to prove that all those with high intelligence must concede defeat in front of him. So regardless of which type Mowan is, he still wouldn’t have Little Prince kill Mowan.

“This is true especially since he lost to Eldest Sister in chess by just one move and was tricked into giving up Mangyuan by Eldest Sister during the diplomatic talks. All these years, he must have been wanting to turn the tables on Eldest Sister, but sadly, Eldest Sister had passed away. If he knew that Mowan wasn’t a fool, what do you think he would do?” Yao Mowan’s words caused Chu Moxin to be speechless.

“Ahem… This prince was just joking a little, why are you prattling on so much? Meals should be eaten silently, don’t you know?” Chu Moxin angrily withdrew back to his seat to lift his bowl and start stuffing rice into his mouth.

At the side, Ye Junqing felt a drop of sweat slide down the back of his head. Yao Mowan’s classic phrase had actually come out of Chu Moxin’s mouth. They were truly birds of a feather.

After a few minutes, Chu Moxin suddenly set down the bowl and abruptly ran out. His facial color was very pale.

“Prince!” Huangfu Junxiu hastily followed after him. When Ye Junqing saw the two leave, he looked towards Yao Mowan in confusion.

“What’s with him?” asked Ye Junqing.

“Mowan had added Yin Xue’s personally concocted laxative into every dish. Don’t worry, this time he’ll be too busy to pull any more tricks…” As Yao Mowan’s lips curled up, Ye Junqing felt an abrupt chill.

“Then why didn’t you tell this prince?” Ye Junqing quickly threw away his chopsticks and looked towards Yao Mowan in astonishment.

“Mowan thought that Prince would definitely lose all appetite upon seeing Chu Moxin,” replied Yao Mowan innocently. Ye Junqing was speechless. Although it was said that revenge must be taken and anger must be vented, he seriously couldn’t afford to offend this woman.

Chu Moxin soon stormed back in furiously. Ye Junqing had expected this.

“Yao Mowan! You actually dared to give this prince a laxative!? Aren’t you worried that great Shu will send troops to great Chu!?” Chu Moxin rushed towards Yao Mowan like a raging lion.

“Mowan is nothing but a fool, why would Mowan care about so much?” Yao Mowan snorted. Great Shu was strong, but there was no way it’d send troops just because a prince had gotten diarrhea in Chu’s imperial palace.

“You! Then aren’t you scared that this prince will kill you?” Right after Chu Moxin shouted this, he felt like his insides were flooding with something and he had to run outside again.

“Noble Consort Yao, those who play with fire inevitably end up getting burned. It’s best if you hide.” After Huangfu Junxiu said this, he hastily followed the prince out.

“I think you should avoid him for now after all. This prince will help you block him.” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan worriedly. With his martial arts, it wouldn’t be a problem to deal with Yin Xiong. However, he wasn’t sure how many hidden guards Chu Moxin had brought.

“Since this consort had dared to do it, of course this consort dares to take responsibility for it. However, Mowan is touched that Prince is concerned about Mowan’s safety.” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing with a slight smile. Their relationship had gotten a lot better compared to when they had first met and were fighting tooth for claw almost every day.

“If you really are touched, then help this prince get the flame soul blade back,” replied Ye Junqing in slight embarrassment.

At this time, Chu Moxin had already returned. The moment he stepped into Guan Osprey Palace, he called out Yin Xiong.

“Yin Xiong! Help this prince teach them a proper lesson!” The laxative had seriously been no joke. Chu Moxin’s face was no longer healthily flushed like before and he looked completely worn out.

However, Yin Xiong didn’t appear.

“Yin Xiong!” Chu Moxin called again while looking around, but the room remained silent.

“Preposterous! How dare he ignore this prince’s commands!? Once this prince returns, this prince will definitely tell Big Brother and have him punish you!” Chu Moxin was infuriated, but then he suddenly saw two figures drop down and land in front of him.

“Nansheng is a little curious. If Little Prince lost his big brother and Yin Xiong, how is Little Prince suppose to keep living?” The light, slightly mocking voice spilled out from Yan Nansheng’s beautiful thin lips. Yin Xiong was standing next to Yan Nansheng, his movements completely sealed.

“Yan Nansheng? You truly do look like a woman! Give Yin Xiong back to this prince!” demanded Chu Moxin as he glared at Yan Nansheng.

“Tsk tsk… Nansheng seriously doesn’t know what right Little Prince has to be so unbridled in this sort of situation. Wan er ah, it looks like you went too light on the drug!” Yan Nansheng slowly walked to Yao Mowan’s side as he said this with a light sight.

“It’s already quite a lot. If Little Prince isn’t willing to admit his mistake and hand over the flame soul blade, then this consort guarantees that within three days, he wouldn’t even have the strength to speak anymore.” Yao Mowan lifted her brows as she looked towards Chu Moxin, her tone filled with delight.

“Do you think this prince doesn’t have the ability to look for an antidote!?” Chu Moxin was starting to panic but he refused to show any weakness.

“You can, of course. Feel free to search. However, Mowan will warn Prince that this drug has a component called skyseed flax. If Prince takes the wrong antidote, the result would be too terrible to imagine!” Yao Mowan leaned back into her chair as her smile widened into an evil grin.

“Skyseed flax… Isn’t this a little too vicious?” Huangfu Junxiu’s lips twitched. The so-called skyseed flax was very good for treating an upset digestive system, but taking too much of it would damage the mental nerves and cause people to become fools. Who would’ve thought that Yao Mowan would have the ability to add skyseed flax into a laxative? It seemed that Austere Prince has truly underestimated this woman.

“Humph! Just you wait!” Chu Moxin clearly didn’t want to apologize and he refused to hand the flame soul blade over.

“Nansheng will be inviting Yin Xiong to Phoenix Feather Manor as a guest for a couple days. Once Little Prince leaves, Nansheng will respectfully return Yin Xiong!” said Yan Nansheng teasingly when he saw that Chu Moxin was storming off.

“Do whatever you want! In any case, from now on, great Shu no longer welcomes you!” Chu Moxin wanted to say more, but sadly his stomach was starting to protest again.

Yan Nansheng watched as Chu Moxin hurried off before turning towards Yao Mowan.

“Hopefully Nansheng’s performance hasn’t disappointed the beauty.” Yan Nansheng’s slender phoenix eyes curved up slightly and the arc of his lips caused people’s imaginations to run wild. It wasn’t his fault that he was beautiful to the point that both humans and gods would envy, but it was definitely his fault for flaunting it. This look would probably cause countless young girls to pass out from nosebleeds!

“If Alliance Head can give Mowan the last ‘nine revival pill,’ then Mowan will be even less disappointed,” replied Yao Mowan with a slight smile. Upon hearing this, Yan Nansheng’s smile froze on his face.

“Then it’s best if the beauty is disappointed after all!” Yan Nansheng felt this place wasn’t friendly and it was wise to leave as quickly as possible. Just as he was about to go, Yao Mowan leisurely spoke again.


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