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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 72: This Prince was Wrong

Chapter 72: This Prince was Wrong

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“It’s not important if Mowan is disappointed. What’s important is that Esteemed Prince probably won’t be able to get his flame soul blade back. And Chu Mobei definitely won’t blame Chu Moxin’s death only on Mowan.” Yao Mowan’s voice was as gentle as a clear spring.

“Don’t try to swindle me. Chu Moxin only took some laxatives. There’s no way he’d shit himself to death, right?” Yan Nansheng suddenly had a bad premonition. He couldn’t shake of the feeling that no matter how he refuted, there was no way he’d be able to keep that last nine revivals pill.

“In any case, what Yin Xue said was that there was only one antidote to the drug that she had concocted. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Yin Xue!” Yao Mowan looked towards Yan Nansheng with an expression of ‘even if you don’t believe me, you should believe her, right?’

That night, when Yin Xue came back from Phoenix Feather Manor, she handed the last existing nine revivals pill to Yao Mowan.

“Master, Yan Nansheng asked Yin Xue to deliver a message.” Since Yan Nansheng had already invited Yin Xiong to Phoenix Feather Manor, there was naturally no need for Yin Xue to hide out there anymore.

“What is it?” Yao Mowan looked at the nine revivals pill in her hand. Why was there only three of such a useful thing?

“He said that the one thing he regrets the most in this lifetime is meeting Master and that he hopes Master will be able to make his regret become something he doesn’t regret.” Yin Xue repeated the message word for word.

“That will depend on his future behavior. Yin Xue, is there really only three nine revivals pills in Phoenix Feather Manor? Are there any other treasures?” asked Yao Moxin as she looked over with bright eyes. Upon hearing this, Yin Xue’s forehead became covered with cold sweat. Yan Nansheng’s future looked bleak!

Yao Mowan thought that Chu Moxin’s arrogance would make him endure for three days before he came to beg for mercy, but unexpectedly, after Huangfu Junxiu’s kneeling turned out to be ineffective, Chu Moxin was helped into Guan Osprey Palace the second day.

“Little Prince looks in better condition than Mowan had expected!” exclaimed Yao Mowan in a tone of praise. She had sincerely been expecting Chu Moxin to be carried in.

“Junxiu…” Chu Moxin’s tone didn’t contain any of the haughtiness it used to and he sounded extremely weak. Huangfu Junxiu walked over and offered the flame soul blade to Yao Mowan with both hands.

“Well, you’re quite obedient, but Little Prince seems to still owe this consort a few words.” Yao Mowan played with the sword as she glanced over at Chu Moxin. It had only been a day, but Chu Moxin had already changed from a battle-ready peacock into a featherless rooster.

“This prince was wrong…” Chu Moxin didn’t have any energy and he was also very reluctant to apologize, so his voice was so feeble that Yao Mowan couldn’t hear what he said at all.

“What? What did Prince say?” Yao Mowan leaned forward like she was struggling to hear.

“This prince… This prince was wrong…” The more Yao Mowan acted like this, the more embarrassed Chu Moxin felt. As of now, Chu Moxin’s face was already flushed an abnormal red.

Although Ye Junqing didn’t like Chu Moxin, he also felt pity for him. When he recalled how he had been bullied by Yao Mowan countless times like this, he suddenly felt sympathy for this fellow sufferer.

“Esteemed Prince, did you hear what he said?” asked Yao Mowan as she looked towards Ye Junqing.

“He said…” Ye Junqing wanted to help Chu Moxin out of this, but then he saw Yao Mowan deliberately wave the sword in front of his eyes.

“Prince is becoming a turncoat at this time? Do you no longer want this sword?” Yao Mowan had spotted the sympathy in Ye Junqing’s eyes, but there was no point pitying someone who had been so ruthless in the past.

“Ahem, I didn’t,” replied Ye Junqing without hesitation.

“See? It’s not just this consort that couldn’t hear.” Yao Mowan looked back towards Chu Moxin. Her unspoken words were clear.

“This prince was wrong! This prince shouldn’t have mistaken the wolf as a little sheep! Did you hear it this time!?” shouted Chu Moxin in embarrassed fury. It might’ve been because he was too stirred up, but his stomach started growling again.

“Junxiu… hurry and help this prince over…” Before Chu Moxin even finished his words, Yao Mowan had already handed Huangfu Junxiu the nine revivals pill. After taking the medicine, Chu Moxin felt like his digestive system was finally no longer all twisted up and his head finally cleared up. The sordid sensation that had plagued him disappeared like smoke.

“Yao Mowan, you’re sure ruthless! Just you wait!” Right after recovering, Chu Moxin immediately became lively again and he pointed at Yao Mowan angrily.

“Even Chu Mobei understand the logic that not even a strong dragon can beat the local serpent. Prince, it’s best if you behave yourself, otherwise this consort can’t guarantee what this consort will feed Prince next.” Yao Mowan’s gaze was stern and cold.

When Chu Moxin saw that stern look in Yao Mowan’s eyes, he was taken aback. For a moment, Yao Mowan’s features seemed to merge with his memory of Yao Moxin and he couldn’t stop himself from feeling reverence.

“This prince isn’t scared…” muttered Chu Moxin as he flung his sleeves back and left.

It was only after Chu Moxin left the main hall that Ye Junqing finally stopped holding his breath.

“Actually, he’s still just a child,” sighed Ye Junqing as he recalled the fear that had flashed through Chu Moxin’s eyes.

“Prince, you lost your sword to a child, don’t you feel like blushing with shame?” Yao Mowan admitted that Chu Moxin was really only a child, but what was Chu Mobei’s motive in sending a child here?

“Ahem… Shouldn’t you return the sword to this prince now?” The one thing that gave Ye Junqing the worst headache was when he had to ask Yao Mowan for something.

“Put it away well.” Yao Mowan handed the flame soul blade to Ye Junqing solemnly, her eyes flickering with unreadable light.

“You… you’re giving it up to this prince this easily?” Ye Junqing felt overwhelmed by this favor.

“Mowan’s not giving it up, Mowan’s handing the sword over to Prince. It’s best if Prince speaks more clearly, otherwise someone who didn’t know the situation would think that there was something going on between Mowan and Prince.” Yao Mowan shot an angry glower towards Ting Yue who was snickering at the side.

“Ahem… This prince is heading back to wipe down the sword!” Ye Junqing’s cheeks were red as he quickly walked out of Guan Osprey Palace. If it weren’t for the fact that he had such desires, why would he want to avoid it so much? It was a long time before Ye Junqing finally understood that his feelings towards Yao Mowan were no longer that of simple like and dislike.

Ye Hongyi barely showed up even though Chu Moxin had already arrived for three days. He didn’t even send An Bingshan over to give his respects. Even the welcoming banquet was left completely to Ye Junqing. Yao Mowan understood why Ye Hongyi was doing this. The first reason was because Chu and Shu’s relationship had long already worsened to the point that it couldn’t be salvaged, so there was no need for him to show respect towards Shu. The second reason was because everyone knew of how two-faced Chu Moxin was. No matter what, he was the monarch of a nation, so it’d be bad for his reputation if a child managed to mess around with him.

That night, Yao Mowan sat in front of the dressing table and smoothed out her hair contemplatively. For some reason, she had dreamed of Chu Mobei two nights in a row. That sly but handsome face had been smiling meaningfully, but what exactly could he have been planning?

“Master, this subordinate saw Huangfu Junxiu pass a young eunuch a letter earlier. This subordinate had taken a look at the letter while the eunuch was unaware. The general meaning was that he hoped that Consort Chen, Huan Caier, could invite Austere Prince to dinner,” reported Yin Xue.

“Huan Caier… Ha! This consort has truly been careless to actually have forgotten about Huan Heng! It seemed that Chu Mobei had send Chu Moxin to diverge our attention. His true motive was to have Huangfu Junxiu approach Huan Caier and gain Huan Heng’s support through this! What a perfect feign!” exclaimed Yao Mowan in sudden realization. The apprehension she had felt finally settled down with this realization.


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