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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 73: The Little Demon King was Crying!

Chapter 73: The Little Demon King was Crying!

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“Master, I’ve already had Ben Lei secretly look for people to pose as Shu envoys and make contact with him. Huan Heng has already gotten ready to change sides. If Huan Heng finds out that those people weren’t sent by Chu Mobei, wouldn’t everything we’ve done have gone to waste?” asked Yin Xue worriedly.

The only duty hidden guards had were to protect their masters and obey their masters’ commands. However, ever since Yao Mowan had shown her sincerity, Yin Xue had already started subconsciously started caring about Yao Mowan as more than just a master.

As of now, she had already violated the most important doctrine of hidden guards, which was that they couldn’t have feelings. A hidden guard didn’t know how many masters they’d have in one lifetime. If they had feelings towards a previous master, it was a sign of disloyalty towards their next master.

It seemed like a heartless doctrine, but it was the most applicable since unless their master gifted or sold them to someone else, they would never leave their master. That was why they had to have no emotions. They must not care about their master above everything else in order for them to be loyal to their current master.

“Good thing you discovered this. Now that this consort knows what they’re planning, of course there’s no way this consort will let them get what they want. The reason we haven’t done anything to Huan Caier so far was mostly because of Huan Heng. Yin Xue, send a pigeon to Ben Lei and instruct him to spread rumors in Mangyuan that although Chu Moxin and Chu Mobei look like close brothers on the surface, in reality they’re like fire and water. Remember, the more realistic it seems and the more intense the conflict, the better. You understand what this consort means?” said Yao Mowan, her eyes glowing with shrewd light.

“This subordinate understands.” There was a proverb that went, rumors were fiercer than tigers. As long as Huan Heng believed the Chu Moxin and Chu Mobei were actually secretly fighting over power, with how cautious he was, there was no way he’d believe anything Huangfu Junxiu said.

Ever since Yao Mowan’s stern warning that day, Chu Moxin seemed to have changed into a completely different person. The fact that he now followed Yao Mowan everywhere was especially puzzling for Yao Mowan.

“Why do you carry that fat cat wherever you go?” asked Chu Moxin with an expression of contempt as he looked at Fluffy who was cuddling in Yao Mowan’s arms.

“Does this have anything to do with you?” Yao Mowan turned to look towards Chu Moxin. He had already followed her for an entire afternoon and he still showed no signs of wanting to leave. She was about to go crazy.

“Of course! This prince doesn’t like it!” replied Chu Moxin coldly.

“Then Prince can leave. Hasn’t Prince heard of the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’?” reminded Yao Mowan kindly.

“Then forget it, let’s go.” Chu Moxin shot one more contemptful look at Fluffy, then fell silent.

“If Prince is insisting on bothering Mowan as revenge for what happened earlier, then Mowan is honored to tell Prince that you have succeeded! If you continue doing this, Mowan will show you the meaning of crazy!” Yao Mowan seriously couldn’t take it anymore and turned towards Chu Moxin to say this sternly.

“That’s what you’re thinking?” Chu Moxin looked towards Yao Mowan in naive confusion with his eyes wide. If it weren’t for the fact that she had witnessed how mischievous he could be, she really would’ve been fooled by his innocent act.

“What else could it be?” replied Yao Mowan in an exasperated tone.

“Actually, this prince just wanted to know a few things about Big Sister Moxin.” Chu Moxin’s tone actually contained a trace of hurt. For an instant, Yao Mowan felt an intense urge to dig out her ears to make sure that she hadn’t imagined things!

“For example?” Yao Mowan lifted her brows.

“For example, how did Big Sister Moxin die? Big Brother said that Big Sister Moxin had definitely not died due to childbirth.” The sadness in Chu Moxin’s eyes stunned Yao Mowan. When she saw those eyes glimmer with tears, she finally believed that he was telling the truth. People who were arrogant from their very bones hated using tears to trick others the most.

“Did your older brother see it with his own eyes? Why’s he so certain?” Yao Mowan restrained her feelings of irritation and replied indifferently as she started walking towards Changle Palace.

“Since Big Brother said it, it’s definitely true! He’s never made an error in judgement!” Chu Moxin’s reverence towards Chu Mobei was beyond just faith.

“Is that so? Then what if… Big Sister was killed by someone?” asked Yao Mowan casually.

“Then Moxin will definitely have the person that killed Big Sister Moxin die the death of a thousand cuts, then burn his ashes and scatter them!” vowed Chu Moxin with gritted teeth.

Yao Mowan stopped walking upon hearing this and turned to look towards him. There was no expression on her face, but inside, she was astonished. She didn’t remember having established such a deep friendship with this little demon king.

“You like Big Sister a lot?” Chu Moxin’s attitude sparked Yao Mowan’s curiosity.

“Since she had once made clothes for this prince, this prince won’t let her die with remaining grievances.” Chu Moxin quietly concealed the sorrow in his eyes and his tone became that of simply being charitable.

“Clothes…” Yao Mowan’s eyes flickered slightly as she continued walking forward slowly. She really had once made clothes for Chu Moxin.

At that time, Chu Moxin was threatening to spread the story about Ye Junqing’s blunder. In order to patch up the quarrel, she had visited Chu Moxin and his condition was that she had to personally sew him an outfit that he liked. She thought that he would deliberately make things hard for her, but unexpectedly he had accepted the first outfit that she made. After that, he had also kept his promise and didn’t mention Ye Junqing’s incident again.

“That Changle Palace is where Big Sister Moxin lived?” Yao Mowan’s thoughts were interrupted by Chu Moxin’s voice. Just as she was about to reply, Chu Moxin had already sped up to walk towards Changle Palace.

Yao Mowan continued to ponder over things as she watched Chu Moxin walk in front of her. He still remembered that incident even though she had already forgotten about it, so it was clear how much he cared about that garment.

Later, when Chu Moxin fearlessly vowed to help her hold off an army by himself, she finally understood how much Chu Moxin cared about her. Ever since she had made that garment for him, he had already started to think of her as his mother. Towards a child that had never experienced the love of a mother, this relationship was something he would treasure with his life.

Changle Palace was the same as always. It stood solitarily tall like an elderly person that was waiting silently for its end.

“Little Prince, you can’t go inside.” When Yao Mowan saw that Chu Moxin was about to step into Changle Palace, she immediately walked up to pull him back out.

“Why?” Chu Moxin looked towards Yao Moxin in confusion.

“This is forbidden grounds. Without His Majesty’s decree, no one is allowed to enter.” Sometimes Yao Mowan wondered why Ye Hongyi was leaving this palace here. To show the world how much he loved the deceased empress? Or to remind himself that there once existed a woman that he hated to the bones?

“His decree means nothing to this prince!” said Chu Moxin with a humph as he strode into Changle Palace. Yao Mowan wiped at her sweat. He was sure unbridled even though he was on someone else’s territory! If it had been someone else, Yao Mowan would definitely think they were just faking it, but this was Chu Moxin, so it wasn’t surprising.

After stepping into Changle Palace, Yao Mowan’s footsteps gradually became heavy. Her heart feels like the strings of a guqin that was gradually being tightened. As she looked at the familiar tables, the familiar decorations, she couldn’t remain unconcerned.

“Ye Hongyi definitely doesn’t love Big Sister Moxin.” This was the conclusion Chu Moxin arrived at after he took a walk around Changle Palace.

“How are you so sure?” Yao Mowan raise her brows as she looked towards Chu Moxin. She must’ve been unbelievable blind back then to have missed something that even a ten year old child could see.


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